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Good afternoon to fellow BT4Y tipsters! We decided to write a short article to give you some basic suggestions on which field you should may the special attention to if you are browsing for betting tips on the Internet. Here is the short guidance, and please be very careful with each of the following lines.

Be careful with your betting tips provider

There are just tons of betting “experts” who will seek money for their “expert” betting tips. First of all, you need to know that it is not that simple to be a professional betting tipster. Initially, apart from the love for a particular sport in general, you need to be in the business for at least five years to call yourself a professional tipster. You obviously need to be well aware of what is ROI, how the bookmakers and the odds are functioning, and how you can take advantage of the odds and turn them in your favour to get the much needed edge over the bookmakers. If you have a verified place for obtaining your betting tips – fair enough. If you, however, do not have it, please feel free to reach out to us via our Twitter page and we will be happy to get back to you and help you with explanations on anything you are interested in.

You do not need to pay for betting tips

Most of successful betting sites will ask you to pay some sort of subscription to be able to get their betting tips. Whereas this can sometimes be profitable, we are more than happy to confirm that there is a place where you do not actually have to pay for successful betting tips! Bettingtips4you has been in the business for almost a decade, and we gathered the crew full of betting experience, which is why the positive results with the betting tips just must be there!

You can make money with betting tips

Finally, to sum it all up, we would just like to assure you that you can indeed be profitable with betting tips. This has been proven by the betting tips from our crew in the last couple of month, as well as on our twitter page where we were more than successful with live betting tips. The ultimate goal is to beat the bookies and stay profitable, which is exactly what we are doing, so feel free to join us and make one of the most profitable decisions in your life!