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Here at we provide the best snooker betting tips in the UK. We have a team of passionate and expert tipsters that are following all the most important professional snooker tournaments throughout the season.

The World Championships is undoubtedly the most popular, but other majors do attract lots of interests from fans, punters and therefore bookmakers.

Regardless of the tournament, you are interested in, our snooker tipsters will have researched and suggested the best bets for you. Before you place your next snooker bet, make sure you have checked what they have recommended for you.

Latest Snooker Tips

£20 returns £120

Who are the best snooker tipsters?

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for. Some of our tipsters have the highest profit record according to their level stakes, while others are more consistent. Some other tipsters are good at analysing data. At, we make sure our team of snooker tipsters is mixed with all different types of profiles.

With our snooker tips, we are making your life easy. Not only we do provide a full analysis of the most prestigious tournaments for free, but we also give you the best bets and flag what are the bookmakers with the best odds. When there are free bets offers we will flag them too. If you like betting on snooker make sure you are bookmarking this page so to avoid missing out on the best betting tips and predictions.

When will you have World Snooker betting tips?

The World Snooker Championships take place in May every year. We will be providing snooker tips and predictions on the outright of this tournament in addition to World Snooker Championship tips on most matches. All the tips for this event will also be published on this page where you will find a link to the different articles.

Frame Betting Tips

You will notice that different tournaments have different amounts of frames in every match. Even though, for most games, frame betting will be available with the majority of the bookmakers. Punters are therefore able to predict the frame score of each game. Our snooker tipsters will be providing suggestions and tips also in this exciting betting market.

Match Betting Tips

Most snooker televised matches and even some non televised ones will have odds available for each player to win their respective games each round. If you like more than one player, you can also consider placing a snooker accumulator bet or any other type of multiple bets.

Handicap Betting Tips

Handicap betting has been growing in popularity in recent times with snooker betting. As in other sports, handicap betting will allow punters to get decent odds even on those matches that might not be perceived as close ones. The way it works is that a player will start with some frames in advantage (called handicap allowance). This will generally be in the region of +1.5 or +2.5 frames etc.

Let’s do an example

To make things easier, let’s do an example. Let’s say John Higgings is the top favourite to beat Matthew Stevens. To make things more balanced, a bookmaker might give Matthew Stevens a handicap start of let’s say +1.5 frames. If Matthew Stevens wins the match or if John Higgins wins by only one frame, then the bet on Matthew Stevens +1.5 would be a winning one. If you believe the snooker match will be close, then backing the underdog on the handicap can be the right decision.

Highest Break Tips

Our experts are also providing tips and predictions on those snooker players that are likely to make the highest break in a tournament. Not only that, we do even predict how big that break is going to be. This is getting more and more popular with snooker punters as it does enhance the viewing pleasure. There are great opportunities to be also found in those betting markets.

In Running Snooker Markets

You can also bet in-play on snooker. Most matches are televised, and others can be watched in live streaming directly on most bookmakers sites. Betting live on snooker can be an entertaining and rewarding experience. Always remember that odds are going to move at every shot. To be successful, you would need to read the situation just a bit before it happens to gain an edge on the odds compilers. There are several in running markets available, especially in major snooker tournaments like next frame, highest brake in next frame and so on.

Live Snooker Match Betting

If you want to bet on the winner of a snooker match, you don’t have to limit yourself on when the game starts. Odds for a player to win a match will be presented live with one player that is going to shorten and the other that is going to increase as the game progresses. A good strategy is to look out for slow starters and back them before during the match instead than before. In this way, you will be able to secure better odds, especially if you are placing the bet when they are a few frames behind.

Live Frame Betting

Another exciting way to bet is to back the winner of each frame while in-play. If a player is known to be a quick or a slow starter, you can take advantage of many in running wagering opportunities. It happens rather frequently that the underdogs are winning the first frame, and this would be a value bet. Another interesting opportunity is when players are building a substantial lead. Some of them tend to become complacent so that they might give away some frames.

Outright Winners Predictions

It might seem that in snooker there are only a few dominant players, but in reality, surprises do also happen on outright winners markets. One thing to look out is that there is always a slight advantage to any home town players that have the crowd supporting them.

Why is it important to take note of snooker match lengths?

The number of frames will change depending on the tournaments. Smaller events will have only a maximum of nine frames, and this facilitates upsets, especially when favourite players are slow starters. In the World Championships and similar major snooker events, there are a maximum of nineteen frames which makes an upset rather unlikely.

Other Snooker Formats

The snooker Premier League has a different set up compared with regular tournaments. It is initially as a league table where draws are possible. Two points are assigned for a win while 1 point is given for a tie. Quicker players have an advantage as there is a shot clock of 25 seconds.

Best Snooker Tipsters

Here at we are continually looking for the best snooker tipsters to join our team. Our team of snooker tipsters is made of experts in the sport that have been betting professionally for years. Some of them have also worked as traders with the best bookmakers in the UK. This is the reason why you should take a look at their advises regardless if you are a seasoned snooker punter looking for extra inspiration or if you are starting to bet on this fascinating sport. 

Find out our tipsters’ reasons behind their tip

Give our tipsters a try as in addition to the best bets selections they will also write up full rationales of why they have gone that way with supporting stats. Even if you decide not to follow their snooker tips, you will be able to use the analysis to make up your own mind. There are so many betting markets in snooker that opportunities are endless.

We want you to get the maximum value when betting on snooker. In our tipping articles, you will also find the bookmaker where you will find the best odds for the selection we have picked. In this way, if the bet is a winning one, you will secure the best possible return. 

What is the best bookmaker to bet on snooker?

There are many top betting sites for snooker in the UK. Even though most will cover the sport, only a few will excel. Our experts have been writing detailed bookmakers reviews, so check out our dedicated section to find out what are the best bookies to bet on snooker. As always, we advise having several betting accounts with different firms to take advantage of price fluctuations between the markets. In our free bets page, you will find plenty of free bets and bonus sign up deals. Make sure you take advantage of those deals when opening new betting accounts. If you have any questions also check our betting guide to find out more general information.

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