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Tennis Tips

What are the markets for tennis tips?

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world in general. IT is one of the most favourite sports for bettors all around the globe, especially for the ones who prefer live betting because it offers markets with super fast outcomes, such as the player to win next point for example. We will focus on the most interesting markets for both pre-match tennis tips and live betting tennis tips.

One of the advantages tennis has over football is certainly the fact that you have two probable outcomes, instead of three in football. So, what can you bet on regarding tennis? The match winner is the most popular market, just like in football. Moving forward, you have the option to bet on the first set winner, or even to guess if a certain player will win the set at all in the entire match. To make the one-sided matches more interesting, the bookmakers will offer odds for handicap tennis tips or Over/Under games tennis tips, depending on how big of a favourite one of the players is.

What are the markets for live tennis tips?

Markets for live tennis tops are extended to literally markets which allow you to bet the winner of the following point. This obviously increases the variance of your tennis tips, but it certainly makes the betting as interesting as possible, especially for the punters who are chasing for some super fast cash. There are also markets which include the next game winner, the exact result in a particular game, tie-break winner, and the number of games in a particular set.

Where you can find tennis tips?

There is a special section on the bettingtips4you site dedicated to tennis tips. It’s positioned in the top right corner of the page. Our tennis expert has been more than successful since he joined us as you could have earned a real fortune following his tennis tips. We’ll surely miss him in December since there is no tennis action, but he’ll be back in January with brand new tips and previews ahead of the Australian Open!