Boxing betting tips: Vasyl Lomachenko v George Kambosos Jr predictions, best bets and preview live

Steve Harrington provides a detailed analysis and best bets for the upcoming showdown between Vasyl Lomachenko and George Kambosos Jr., set to take place at the RAC Arena in Perth, Australia. As these two seasoned fighters vie for the IBF lightweight title, this bout promises not only to be a tactical encounter but also a pivotal moment in their careers.

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Vasyl Lomachenko v George Kambosos Jr Predictions And Tips

Key Stats

Dominance in Defence: Devin Haney has successfully defended his lightweight title four times before unifying the division, showcasing unparalleled ring management and defensive skills.
Knockout Power: Ryan Garcia boasts an impressive 83% knockout rate with 20 KOs in 24 wins, underlining his lethal striking ability.
Youthful Resilience: Both fighters, at the age of 25, have already faced and overcome significant challenges in their careers, demonstrating maturity and resilience beyond their years.

Veteran Pugilist: Vasyl Lomachenko

Vasyl Lomachenko, known for his technical brilliance and strategic acumen, enters this match following a series of challenging bouts. Despite a controversial loss to Teofimo Lopez in 2020 and a narrow defeat against Devin Haney, where many believed Lomachenko deserved the victory, his determination remains unshaken at 36. Lomachenko’s ambition to reclaim the lightweight crown is palpable, and his performance against Kambosos could very well be the springboard back to the top.


Lomachenko’s history as a three-weight world champion achieved in a record 12 fights illustrates his exceptional skill and adaptability in the ring. His unmatched amateur record of 396-1 underpins his profound boxing intelligence and experience. Despite facing younger and possibly stronger opponents, Lomachenko’s dedication to the sport and desire to continue making history are evident.

Challenger Profile: George Kambosos Jr.

George Kambosos Jr., on the other hand, comes into this fight with much to prove. After a surprise victory over Lopez, which he won by a narrow margin, Kambosos failed to defend his titles against Devin Haney, losing twice by unanimous decision. His last fight, a contentious decision win against Britain’s Maxi Hughes, did little to solidify his standing. At this stage, Kambosos is determined to demonstrate that his win over Lopez was not just a fleeting highlight but a testament to his capabilities.

Kambosos’s aggressive style and resilience make him a formidable opponent. However, his tactical approach, often seen as one-dimensional, may not suffice against a fighter with the depth and versatility of Lomachenko. As he fights in front of a home crowd, the pressure to perform and redeem his legacy adds another layer of intensity to the bout.

Tactical Breakdown and Fight Dynamics

The upcoming clash between Lomachenko and Kambosos is more than just a fight for the IBF title; it’s a strategic battle that will require both fighters to leverage their strengths while mitigating their weaknesses. Lomachenko’s ability to outmaneuver opponents with his intricate footwork and rapid combinations, earning him the nickname ‘The Matrix’, will be crucial. His propensity for bamboozling rivals could be the key to neutralising Kambosos’s straightforward attack strategy.

Conversely, Kambosos will need to harness his tenacity and willingness to engage aggressively from the outset to disrupt Lomachenko’s rhythm. His challenge will be to impose his physicality without becoming predictable, which Lomachenko could exploit.

Betting Analysis and Predictions For Vasyl Lomachenko v George Kambosos Jr


Prediction: Lomachenko to Prevail in the Later Rounds

As we delve deeper into the anticipated clash between Vasyl Lomachenko and George Kambosos Jr., the analysis points towards a likely victory for Lomachenko, not just on points, but specifically in the later rounds, between rounds 10 to 12. This forecast is based on a comprehensive review of both boxers’ historical performances, their stylistic match-up, and the tactical dynamics expected to unfold in the ring.

Analyzing Fighter Performances and Recent Outcomes

Vasyl Lomachenko, a seasoned veteran and former three-weight world champion, has demonstrated resilience and a high level of technical skill throughout his career. Despite a couple of recent setbacks, his performances against top-tier opponents like Teofimo Lopez and Devin Haney were notable for their strategic depth and near-victories, suggesting that Lomachenko’s capabilities remain formidable. His decision losses were controversial and highlighted more about scoring inconsistencies than any decline in his own abilities.

George Kambosos Jr., while a spirited and tenacious fighter, has shown vulnerabilities in his game, particularly when facing technically superior opponents. His victories, most notably against Lopez, showcased his determination but also relied heavily on moments of tactical advantage rather than consistent dominance. Subsequent losses to Devin Haney demonstrated difficulties in adapting to a more nuanced boxing style, which Lomachenko is known to excel in.

Stylistic Match-up and Tactical Analysis

Lomachenko’s style, often described as ‘The Matrix’ due to his exceptional ability to manoeuvre and counteract his opponents’ strategies, sets him apart. His footwork, speed, and angular attacks are likely to challenge Kambosos, who tends to adopt a more straightforward, aggressive approach. Lomachenko’s capability to navigate and control the pace and rhythm of the fight will be crucial, especially as the bout progresses into the later rounds.

Kambosos’s strategy often involves pressing the action and looking for big, impactful moments. However, this approach might play into Lomachenko’s hands, as the latter excels in turning his opponents’ aggressiveness against them. Over the course of the fight, as Kambosos potentially tires from his high-energy style, Lomachenko’s more measured and strategic approach is expected to begin dominating the proceedings.

Anticipation of Fight Dynamics and Conclusion

As the fight progresses into the later rounds, the wear and tear of Kambosos’s aggressive style might become more apparent. Lomachenko’s stamina and ability to maintain a high level of technical precision are likely to see him taking control in the crucial final rounds. His history of closing fights strongly when he senses an advantage will be a significant factor.

The culmination of these factors leads to the prediction that Lomachenko will not only win but is likely to secure his victory through a decisive move in the rounds 10 to 12. This part of the fight will be critical, as Lomachenko’s experience and ring craft outshine Kambosos’s will and power. It is here that Lomachenko, with his back against the wall and the clock ticking down, will demonstrate why he remains at the pinnacle of boxing, utilising his superior tactical prowess and ring management to clinch the win.

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