NAC Breda vs Emmen Predictions

NAC Breda vs Emmen predictions ahead of this Eredivisie Promotion Playoffs clash. NAC Breda and Emmen meet in the first leg of their semi-final tie on Tuesday night, continuing their bid for Eredivisie promotion. Read on for our free betting tips and predictions.


Eredivisie Promotion Playoffs | Second Round | 1st Leg – May 21, 2024 at 7pm UK at Rat Verlegh Stadion

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NAC Breda vs Emmen Predictions

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NAC Breda’s Tactical Edge to Challenge Emmen’s Resilience in Promotion Playoff Clash

Key Stats

– NAC Breda have scored 63 goals this season, averaging 1.7 goals per game.

– FC Emmen have conceded 60 goals, highlighting their defensive struggles.

– Sigurd Haugen has been a pivotal figure for NAC Breda, consistently finding the net.

In the semi-finals of the Eerste Divisie promotion playoffs, NAC Breda face FC Emmen in a highly anticipated clash. Both teams aim to secure a spot in the Eredivisie, making this encounter critical. NAC Breda’s recent form has been impressive, while FC Emmen have shown resilience. This analysis will delve into the offensive and defensive strategies of both teams, key player performances, managerial impacts, expected goals averages, and will conclude with detailed match predictions.

Offensive and Defensive Strategies

NAC Breda:

NAC Breda’s tactical approach under Jean-Paul van Gastel has been a blend of solid defensive organisation and potent offensive play. Defensively, they utilise a 4-2-3-1 formation that ensures a compact backline and midfield shield. This structure has helped them maintain a relatively strong defensive record, conceding an average of 1.5 goals per game. Key defenders like Cuco Martina and Jan van den Bergh have been instrumental in this setup, providing experience and stability.

Offensively, NAC Breda are dynamic, with their attacking play focused on exploiting the flanks and quick transitions. They have averaged 1.7 goals per game, thanks to the creativity of players like Dominik Janosek and the finishing prowess of Sigurd Haugen. Their strategy often involves high pressing to recover possession quickly and launch counter-attacks, making them a threat to any defence.

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FC Emmen:

FC Emmen, managed by Fred Grim, employ a more balanced approach, typically setting up in a 4-2-3-1 formation as well. Their defensive strategy has been somewhat inconsistent, reflected in their average of 1.6 goals conceded per game. The defensive unit, led by Mike te Wierik and Jeff Hardeveld, has struggled at times to maintain cohesion and prevent opposition attacks.

Offensively, Emmen are slightly more conservative but effective, focusing on structured build-up play and capitalising on set-pieces. They average 1.6 goals per game, with Vicente Besuijen and Piotr Parzyszek being key figures in their attack. Besuijen’s ability to create chances and Parzyszek’s finishing skills have been crucial for their goal-scoring efforts.

Key Player Performances

NAC Breda:

Sigurd Haugen has been a standout performer for NAC Breda, leading the line with efficiency and scoring crucial goals. His ability to hold up play and bring others into the game has been vital. Dominik Janosek, with his vision and passing ability, has provided the creative spark needed to unlock defences. Cuco Martina’s experience at the back has ensured defensive stability, making him a cornerstone of their defensive efforts.

FC Emmen:

Vicente Besuijen has been FC Emmen’s talisman, consistently creating opportunities and scoring important goals. His pace and dribbling ability make him a constant threat. Piotr Parzyszek, with his aerial prowess and finishing, complements Besuijen well, providing a focal point in attack. Defensively, Mike te Wierik has been crucial, although his performances have been marred by occasional lapses in concentration.

Managerial Impact

Jean-Paul van Gastel has instilled a sense of resilience and tactical discipline in NAC Breda. His ability to adapt tactics to different opponents has been evident in their recent run of form, including the emphatic 8-1 aggregate victory over Roda JC. Van Gastel’s emphasis on a balanced approach, ensuring both defensive solidity and offensive potency, has been key to their success.

Fred Grim, on the other hand, has brought a pragmatic approach to FC Emmen. His focus on structured play and utilising set-pieces has paid off, particularly in tight matches. However, Grim’s inability to solidify the defence consistently has been a drawback, often leaving Emmen vulnerable to quick transitions.

Expected Goals Analysis

NAC Breda’s expected goals (xG) average reflects their attacking efficiency, with their 63 goals in the regular season indicating a strong xG figure. They create numerous high-quality chances, averaging 1.5 big chances per game, highlighting their offensive capabilities.

FC Emmen’s xG is slightly lower but still respectable, mirroring their balanced approach. They have scored 59 goals, with an average of 1.6 big chances per game, showing their ability to create and convert opportunities, albeit with less consistency than NAC Breda.

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Areas Where the Match Could Be Decided

The midfield battle will be pivotal, with NAC Breda’s Fredrik Jensen and Casper Staring facing off against Emmen’s Lucas Bernadou and Maikel Kieftenbeld. Control of the midfield will likely determine which team can impose their style on the game. Another key area will be the flanks, where NAC Breda’s wing play, spearheaded by Roy Kuijpers and Aime Omgba, could exploit any weaknesses in Emmen’s wide defensive positions.

Gameplay Prediction

Given both teams’ strategies and form, NAC Breda are likely to adopt a high-pressing game to disrupt Emmen’s build-up play. Emmen might focus on structured defence and look to exploit set-pieces and counter-attacks. NAC Breda’s home advantage and recent form suggest they will dominate possession and create more scoring opportunities.

Suggestions for Improvement

NAC Breda:

To enhance their chances, NAC Breda should focus on maintaining high pressing intensity and ensuring quick transitions. Improving their conversion rate from set-pieces could also add an extra dimension to their attack.

FC Emmen:

Emmen need to shore up their defence, ensuring better coordination and positioning to prevent quick counter-attacks. Enhancing their midfield creativity to support their forwards could improve their goal-scoring opportunities.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Managers

Jean-Paul van Gastel’s strength lies in his tactical adaptability and ability to motivate his players. However, he can be criticised for sometimes being too cautious, potentially limiting his team’s attacking potential. Fred Grim’s pragmatic approach has its merits, but his failure to consistently solidify Emmen’s defence is a glaring weakness that has cost his team crucial points.

The expected lineups for the two teams are as follows:

NAC Breda: Van de Merbel; Lucassen, Martina, Van den Bergh, Royo; Jensen, Staring; Kuipers, Omgba, Janosek; Haugen

FC Emmen: Oelschlagel; Te Wierik, Vos, Dirksen, Hardeveld; Bernadou, Kieftenbeld; Van Hoeven, Besuijen, Ubbink; Parzyszek

These lineups suggest an intriguing tactical battle, with NAC Breda likely to press high and Emmen focusing on structured defence and set-pieces. This analysis and the subsequent predictions offer a comprehensive view of what to expect in this critical promotion playoff encounter.

Match Predictions


Best Bet: NAC Breda to Win

NAC Breda’s superior form and tactical discipline make them favourites. Their recent performances, particularly the 8-1 aggregate win over Roda JC, highlight their attacking prowess and defensive solidity. Playing at home further boosts their chances.

Correct Score: NAC Breda 3-1 FC Emmen

Considering NAC Breda’s offensive capabilities and Emmen’s defensive vulnerabilities, a 3-1 scoreline in favour of NAC Breda seems plausible. Emmen might score through Besuijen or Parzyszek, but Breda’s overall quality should see them secure a comfortable victory.

Goalscorer: Sigurd Haugen

Haugen’s form and his role as the focal point of NAC Breda’s attack make him a strong candidate to score. His ability to exploit defensive lapses and his finishing skills should see him find the net.

First Half Result: NAC Breda Leading

Given NAC Breda’s high pressing and attacking intensity, they are likely to score early and lead at half-time. Emmen’s defensive frailties in the opening stages could be exploited by Breda’s dynamic forward play.

Innovative Market: Total Team Shots on Target – NAC Breda Over 5.5

NAC Breda’s attacking play generates numerous shooting opportunities. With players like Janosek and Haugen in form, Breda are likely to have over 5.5 shots on target, especially considering Emmen’s defensive issues.

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