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Snooker Betting Guide

Snooker has increased significantly in popularity over the years, and so has snooker betting. The best betting sites are not offering a huge range of betting markets, most of those even in-running. You can, therefore, bet not only on who will win the game or the tournament but also on who will get the highest break, who will win the next frame and so on. Snooker lends itself very well to betting also because it has plenty of twists and turns during a match. 

The first big snooker tournament of the year is always the Masters that takes place at Wembley Arena. Even if the Masters is not a ranking tournament, the top 16 players are present, which makes a great event. You will find plenty of ante-post betting markets available with the best bookmakers in the UK. If you are considering betting on any snooker event, make sure you check our free bets offer section first. Here you will find more than £500 worth of free bets and bonus offers reserved to new customers.

2019 Major Snooker Tournaments

Below is a list of the most important snooker tournament in 2019. By clicking on any link you will find the latest betting news, odds comparison, betting tips and other key info to help your snooker betting activity. 

26th Nov – 8th Dec 2019UK Snooker ChampionshipBarbican
13th – 20th January 2020The Masters SnookerAlexandra Palace
22nd – 26th January 2020European Masters SnookerDombirn

Popular Snooker Bets

Match Betting

With this snooker bet you are predicting who is going to win the match. It is important to do some research first to find out what is the recent form of the snooker player you want to back and also what is the head to head between the different players before going ahead and placing your bet. When there is a massive favourite, some bookmaker will also offer handicap betting to keep the attention up on the game with better odds. 

Outright Betting

If you want to predict who is going to win a snooker tournament, then you can place an outright bet. By placing bets quite ahead of the event, you can find sometimes very good odds value. 

Frame Betting

If you love betting while watching snooker, then frame betting would be the market for you. Despite you can bet on the frame score before the match starts, the frame betting is a lot more popular in-running. If you can spot trends while watching a snooker game, give this market a go as you can grab some valuable odds.

Live Snooker In-Running Bets

All the markets above will be available also in-running with the top bookmakers. With plenty of television coverage, in-play betting has increased significantly in popularity. The speed of play of snooker lends itself perfectly for live betting. 

How To Bet On Snooker?

Snooker is one of the most popular sports in the UK, and it has great popularity across Europe and in the world. Placing a bet on snooker is very simple, but to master it, you need some great snooker betting tips, especially for the most complex markets.

Snooker Betting Is Getting More Popular

Even if Snooker is not one of the most traditional as far as betting is concerned, the best bookmakers are covering all the events with plenty of markets both pre-event and in-running. The biggest bookmakers are sponsoring the key events and are trying to make the most of those investments by providing great odds and offers. Snooker betting is booming also thanks to TV live coverage as the sport lends itself very well for live betting.

Always Check There Is Value On The Odds

More and more punters are getting closer to snooker as the sport is fairly easy to understand, and it is entertaining with games that can turn in a matter of seconds. There are no draws, so you will have to decide between one player or another. You can either bet match by match or place a wager on the winner of a tournament and then sit back and enjoy the spectacle. Even if snooker is getting more and more popular, it is not at the level of football and horse racing when it comes to betting. For this reason, it is very important always to double-check that the odds a bookmaker is offering you are as valuable as they can be. This is because we find a significant difference between the different operators when it comes to snooker.

Snooker Tips

Here you will find the latest snooker betting tips from our team of experts.