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At, we pride ourselves on a diverse team of experts who not only have a deep love for sports but also bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in sports betting. Each of our experts brings something unique to the table, combining years of experience with a passion that drives their success. Let’s dive into the world of our Premium Tips experts, where experience meets passion and success is a shared journey.

Meet Our Premium Tips Experts

John Pentin – The Architect of Winning Strategies

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  • More Details on John: John’s roots in London’s vibrant sports culture have fostered a profound understanding of football from grassroots to the professional level. His journey from blogging to collaborating with betting operators as a sports trader has equipped him with a rare blend of narrative skill and analytical prowess. John’s ability to dissect game strategies and predict outcomes has made him a cornerstone of’s content team. Under his leadership, the site has flourished, offering insights that blend deep statistical analysis with an understanding of the ever-changing dynamics of football. John Pentin is the editorial head of since 2013.

Herrin Kendrick – The Jack-of-All-Trades in Sports Betting

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  • More Details on Herrin: With a decade of sports journalism under his belt, Herrin has developed an uncanny ability to sift through data, trends, and news to find betting gold. His experience extends beyond football into the realms of horse racing and darts, making him a versatile and invaluable asset. Herrin’s knack for crafting winning strategies on a tight schedule resonates with bettors who juggle their passion for sports with busy lives, offering them a pathway to success that is both practical and profitable.

Tyler Morris – The Analyst with a Golden Touch

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  • More Details on Tyler: Tyler’s broad expertise, spanning football to US sports, is built on a foundation of rigorous analysis and a keen understanding of the sports’ dynamics. His role as head of football content is testament to his ability to provide incisive commentary and predictions that resonate with a global audience. Tyler’s successful track record is not just a product of his knowledge but of his ability to translate that knowledge into actionable betting strategies that lead to success.

Luca Semproni – The Maestro of Italian Football

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  • More Details on Luca: Luca’s passion for Italian football is unmatched. His insights are grounded in a deep love for the game’s history and tactics, particularly the nuances that make Serie A and European competitions so captivating. As a content creator, Luca has a unique talent for breaking down complex strategies into understandable tips that resonate with both seasoned bettors and newcomers. His focus on goalscorer markets and match outcomes is backed by meticulous research and a keen sense of where the game is headed.

Gram Dodd – The Endless Winning Streak

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  • More Details on Gram: Gram’s extensive experience in sports writing across NFL, golf, football, racing, and tennis has honed his ability to predict outcomes with remarkable accuracy. His historical perspective on sports events, like the Miracle of Istanbul, informs a deep understanding of the psychological and physical factors that can turn the tide in sports. Gram’s insights are not just about the stats but about the stories and moments that define games, making his predictions as compelling as they are accurate.

Gerard Gabasa – The Spanish Football Connoisseur

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  • More Details on Gerard: Gerard’s firsthand experience in Málaga’s youth system has imbued him with an intimate knowledge of Spanish football’s inner workings. This background, combined with his analytical skills, allows him to offer predictions and insights that are deeply rooted in the sport’s technical and tactical aspects. Gerard’s match analyses and player evaluations are more than just tips; they are lessons in football philosophy, taught by someone who has lived the game from the inside.

Graham Hartshorn – The Betting Strategist

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  • More Details on Graham: With a decade of business and betting expertise, Graham has become a master at developing winning strategies that cater to a diverse audience of football fans. His role as a betting coordinator has seen him merge analytical skills with a genuine love for the game, creating content that not only informs but also entertains. Graham’s advice is built on a foundation of thorough research and a successful track record, making him a trusted guide for those looking to navigate the complex world of sports betting.

Robin Bylund – The Premier League Enthusiast

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  • More Details on Robin: Robin’s dedication to the Premier League is evident in his comprehensive coverage of England’s top flight. His ability to combine work for BettingTips4You with his podcast and freelance projects speaks to his deep engagement with the sport. Robin’s insights are fuelled by a passion that catches every minute of action, offering subscribers not just tips but a narrative of the league’s unfolding drama, informed by years of attentive watching.

Steve Harrington – The Storytelling Analyst

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  • More Details on Steve: Steve’s journey from grassroots football to covering major stadiums worldwide has endowed him with a unique perspective on the game. His passion for Burnley Football Club and his broader love for the sport inform a betting strategy that values narrative as much as numbers. Steve’s expertise in tennis and cricket, alongside football, showcases his versatile analytical skills, capable of identifying winning opportunities across a broad spectrum of sports.

Emmanuel Nwankwo – The Voice of Passionate Reason

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  • More Details on Emmanuel: Emmanuel’s dedication to Huddersfield Town and his deep dive into the intricacies of football, especially French football, highlight his comprehensive approach to sports writing and betting. His ability to weave together detailed analyses with the emotional highs and lows of the game makes his content both informative and relatable. Emmanuel’s work invites readers into the world of football, offering insights that are as heartfelt as they are statistically sound.

Wolfgang Shotten – The Bundesliga Expert with Real Madrid Heart

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  • More Details on Wolfgang: Wolfgang’s enduring support for Hertha Berlin and Real Madrid reflects a passion for football that transcends leagues and borders. His coverage of the Bundesliga is enriched by more than a decade of following Germany’s top-flight, offering insights that are as detailed as they are driven by a love for the game. Wolfgang’s work is a blend of statistical analysis and a deep understanding of football’s finer details, providing readers with a comprehensive view of what to expect on and off the pitch.

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John Pentin
Born and raised in London, John has always been in love with sport. He started successfully his own blog back in 2006, while writing for football in several newspaper. John has also worked with several betting operators as sports trader and has joined since the start in 2013. John is now head of the content team at