Snooker betting tips: World Championship 2024 outright preview and best bets

John Pentin brings you the best bets, predictions, and a comprehensive preview for the 2024 World Snooker Championship set to unfold at the prestigious Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.

As the snooker world turns its eyes to this marquee event, find out John’s predictions for the tournament and how to leverage selected betting offers to enhance your betting value.

Snooker betting tips: World Championship 2024

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The Crucible Theatre: A Stage Set for Drama

Over the past year and a half, the snooker landscape has witnessed a series of upheavals that have challenged the integrity and the image of the sport. The snooker community has been rocked by significant controversies, most notably the life bans handed down to two Chinese players found guilty of match-fixing. This scandal exposed a darker underbelly of the sport, raising serious questions about fairness and transparency in professional snooker. The repercussions were immediate and significant, affecting players, sponsors, and fans alike.

Further complicating matters have been the clashes between some of the sport’s most prominent figures and the World Snooker Tour’s governing body. A group of top players attempted to organise a lucrative exhibition match in China, which would have directly conflicted with the scheduled Home Nations series. This move laid bare the growing tensions between players seeking greater autonomy and a governing body striving to maintain control over professional engagements.

Additionally, the sport’s foray into new territories has also stirred controversy. The decision to host tournaments in Saudi Arabia has been met with mixed reactions. Critics argue that the choice of venue is problematic given Saudi Arabia’s widely criticised human rights record, accusing the sport of being complicit in ‘sportswashing’—a practice where countries use sport to improve their tarnished reputations internationally. Despite these criticisms, the partnerships continue, with major events planned that further integrate snooker into the Saudi sporting calendar.

In the midst of these swirling controversies stands Ronnie O’Sullivan—a beacon of excellence in snooker. O’Sullivan, often referred to as “The Rocket,” has not only dominated the sport through his skill but has also become its face during times of turmoil. As he vies for an unprecedented eighth World Championship at the Crucible Theatre, his journey is nothing short of spectacular. With a career that spans over three decades, O’Sullivan has been a paragon of brilliance, resilience, and spectacle in snooker. His ongoing presence and performance at the highest levels of the sport provide a stabilising influence and a draw for fans around the world.

The Crucible Theatre itself, with its intimate setting and rich history, adds another layer of drama to the proceedings. Known for its intense atmosphere and the psychological battles it hosts, the Crucible is more than just a venue; it is a crucible of emotions and ambitions where legends are made and dreams are either realised or shattered. The theatre has witnessed many of snooker’s most memorable moments, from dramatic comebacks to heartbreaking losses, making it the perfect backdrop for the unfolding dramas of today’s snooker world.

As the 2024 World Snooker Championship approaches, all eyes will be on Sheffield. The stage is set not only for a showcase of top-tier snooker but also as a critical moment for the sport as it navigates through its current challenges. Amidst the ongoing controversies and the shadows they cast, the Crucible Theatre remains a beacon of tradition and high-stakes competition in the world of snooker.

O’Sullivan’s Unyielding Dominance

As Ronnie O’Sullivan approaches his fifth decade, his dominance over the world of snooker remains undiminished, a testament to his enduring skill and passion for the sport. At 48, he continues to defy the typical constraints associated with age, blending a wealth of experience with a skill set that is unmatched on the snooker circuit. His performances are not merely exercises in competition; they are exhibitions of mastery, each frame and match a chapter in the legacy of one of snooker’s all-time greats.

The current season has been particularly illustrative of O’Sullivan’s relentless pursuit of excellence. He has conquered the snooker table time and again, securing victories that many younger players could only aspire to. His triumphs at the UK Championship and the World Grand Prix were marked by a flair that seemed almost effortless, yet behind each shot lay decades of practice, strategic acumen, and psychological warfare.

O’Sullivan’s approach to the game combines a cerebral understanding of snooker’s intricacies with a physical execution that is both precise and artistic. His ability to read the table, to anticipate his opponent’s moves while crafting his own narrative on the baize, continues to set him apart. His victories are more than mere additions to his trophy cabinet; they are affirmations of a standard he sets for himself and for the sport.

Such was the case in his recent UK Championship win, where his strategy and shot selection left spectators and competitors alike in awe. His performance in the final stages of the World Grand Prix was another highlight, where he dispatched his opponents with a series of breaks that underscored his status not just as a competitor, but as a connoisseur of the sport. Commentators, including the renowned Ken Doherty, have often been left marvelling at his prowess, with Doherty remarking on the sheer quality and consistency of O’Sullivan’s play, describing it as some of the best snooker he has ever witnessed.

Moreover, O’Sullivan’s impact extends beyond his individual matches. He raises the bar for professional snooker, pushing his peers to elevate their own games in order to compete. His presence at a tournament guarantees a higher level of competition and excitement, drawing fans and media attention alike. This influence is crucial in a sport where the calibre of play can vary significantly; O’Sullivan’s consistent excellence serves as a beacon, promoting higher standards and greater viewership.

As the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible Theatre looms, O’Sullivan’s preparations are not just about defending titles or breaking records. They are about continuing to prove that age is but a number when compared to talent and determination. With each frame, he not only competes to win but also to demonstrate that the zenith of his career is defined not by time, but by his ongoing contributions to the sport he dominates.

In this light, Ronnie O’Sullivan’s narrative is not simply one of personal achievement but also of shaping the future of snooker—a sport he has both defined and been defined by over the course of his illustrious career. His unyielding dominance at the table is matched only by his impact off it, ensuring that his legacy will resonate far beyond the records he has set and the titles he has won.

The Threats to the Throne

While Ronnie O’Sullivan continues to set the standard in professional snooker, the field he faces at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield is packed with formidable competitors, each capable of orchestrating major upsets. This year’s World Snooker Championship promises a fierce contest, with several players demonstrating they have the pedigree and form to challenge O’Sullivan’s reign.

Judd Trump, often seen as the heir apparent to O’Sullivan’s throne, stands out as one of the primary contenders. This season, Trump has been in exceptional form, securing five prestigious titles, and displaying a formidability that makes him a formidable adversary. His game is characterised by a potent blend of aggressive shot-making and strategic nous, which allows him to dominate matches and demoralise opponents. Trump’s resilience under pressure is particularly noteworthy; he thrives in high-stakes situations, often producing his best snooker when the tension is highest. A potential semi-final matchup between him and O’Sullivan is eagerly anticipated by fans and pundits alike, promising a clash of snooker titans with both style and substance.

Another significant challenge to O’Sullivan comes from Northern Ireland’s Mark Allen. Known for his robust tactical acumen, Allen has consistently proven his ability to dissect and dismantle the strategies of the world’s best. His performance in last year’s championship, where he reached the semi-finals, was a testament to his mental fortitude and strategic depth. Over the past season, Allen has adopted a more measured and patient approach to his game. This evolution has paid dividends, enabling him to secure several key titles and enhance his reputation as a player who can maintain his composure and tactical discipline under pressure. Allen’s game is now a blend of aggressive scoring and strategic defence, making him a dual threat in the crucible of competition.


The challenges posed by Trump and Allen are emblematic of the broader competitive environment in professional snooker. The sport has seen a marked increase in the depth of talent, with younger players emerging and veterans refining their strategies to keep up with the evolving game. This has led to a more dynamic and unpredictable competitive landscape, where any lapse in form can be exploited and no victory is guaranteed.

In addition to Trump and Allen, the field at the Crucible includes a mix of seasoned veterans and rising stars, each bringing their own unique strengths to the table. Players like Neil Robertson, Ding Junhui, and Shaun Murphy, though inconsistent at times this season, possess the skill and experience to mount significant challenges. Their ability to produce mesmerising snooker, coupled with their experience on snooker’s biggest stages, means they cannot be overlooked.

As the championship unfolds, the blend of experience and emerging talent will surely produce a spectacle of high-quality snooker. Each match will be a critical test of skill, strategy, and nerve for all contenders, and while O’Sullivan remains the man to beat, the array of talent at the Crucible ensures that his path to another title will be fraught with challenges. The anticipation of these clashes not only heightens the excitement for the fans but also underscores the evolving narrative of snooker, where the old guard is continually challenged by new and improving talent, each eager to leave their mark on the sport’s grandest stage.

The Crucible’s Crucial Battles

The World Snooker Championship at the Crucible Theatre is not merely a contest of skill but a theatre of high drama, where the unique format and the intense atmosphere contribute to making it the pinnacle of the snooker season. Each match is a crucial battle, with the potential to shape the careers of its participants and influence the trajectory of the championship.

The tournament format is a rigorous test of endurance, concentration, and skill. Players must navigate through multiple rounds of long-frame matches, each a marathon rather than a sprint. This format can favour the more experienced players who are accustomed to the pressures of the Crucible and understand the stamina and mental fortitude required to succeed over two weeks of intense competition. It also leaves room for dramatic turnarounds and unexpected upsets, as the longer matches provide opportunities for comebacks that are rarely seen in shorter formats.

The intensity of the Crucible Theatre itself adds another layer of complexity to the championship. Known for its close, almost claustrophobic atmosphere, the Crucible places the audience in close proximity to the players, amplifying the pressure and heightening the emotional temperature of the matches. This unique setting can elevate players who thrive under pressure while proving overwhelming for those unaccustomed to such an environment. The theatre has witnessed countless memorable moments, from stunning breaks to heart-wrenching errors, often influenced as much by the atmosphere as by the skill of the players.

Among the contenders this year, the absence of Neil Robertson, who failed to qualify, is a notable storyline. As a former world champion and one of the top players in the sport, Robertson’s absence shifts the dynamics of the tournament, opening up the field and providing a chance for other players to make their mark. His absence is felt not just in the matches he might have played but also in the overall competitiveness of the field, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the tournament where even the best can falter.

Meanwhile, seasoned campaigners like Mark Selby have shown signs of revival that could impact the outcomes at the Crucible. Selby, known for his tactical brilliance and mental resilience, has had a mixed season but remains a formidable presence in any tournament. His ability to navigate the complexities of Crucible matches, where psychological warfare is often as important as technical skill, makes him a potential dark horse, capable of disrupting the ambitions of other top contenders.

Other seasoned players also add to the rich tapestry of potential Crucible stories. Former champions and seasoned competitors bring not only their skill but also their experience and personal histories to the table, each adding depth to the unfolding drama. These players, familiar with the highs and lows of Crucible campaigns, are often able to summon their best performances when it matters most, inspired by the setting and driven by the knowledge that another chance may not come.

As the tournament progresses, each match at the Crucible will be crucial, not just for determining the champion but for defining the legacies of the competitors involved. The mix of experienced champions, resilient competitors, and ambitious newcomers ensures a thrilling spectacle, rich in narrative and uncertainty. In the end, the Crucible’s crucial battles will not only decide a champion but will also weave new stories into the fabric of snooker’s most prestigious championship.

The World Championship 2024 Outright Predictions

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Prediction: Mark Allen to Triumph

The anticipation and meticulous analysis of players’ form, strategic acumen, and historical performances at the Crucible Theatre lead to a compelling prediction for this year’s World Snooker Championship. The focus is on Northern Ireland’s Mark Allen, a player whose recent trajectory and refined skill set position him as a strong contender for the title. Here’s a detailed breakdown of why Mark Allen is poised to capture his first World Championship crown:

1. Adaptability and Strategic Prowess

Mark Allen’s game is distinguished by its adaptability—a critical factor in the unpredictable environment of the Crucible. Allen has consistently demonstrated his ability to adjust his tactics according to the demands of the match and the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents. His strategic mind allows him to navigate through complex frames where tactical nous is as important as potting ability. This adaptability will be crucial in a tournament that demands versatility and resilience across different playing styles and situations.

Furthermore, Allen’s strategic prowess means he is well-prepared to exploit any lapses in his opponents’ play. His capacity to construct and dominate frames, especially in crucial moments, gives him an edge, turning tight matches in his favour. This skill is particularly valuable at the Crucible, where the pressure can lead even the most seasoned players to make uncharacteristic mistakes.

2. Recent Form and Momentum

Mark Allen’s form leading into the championship has been impressive. His recent tournament victories and consistent performances have showcased his readiness and confidence. Winning several important titles this season, Allen has beaten some of the top players in high-pressure situations, proving his capability to compete at the highest level. His momentum coming into the Crucible is a significant advantage, as confidence and form are often as critical as skill in snooker.

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Allen’s recent successes are not just about the titles but also about the quality of snooker he has played. His break-building has been efficient, and his safety play has improved, making him a well-rounded threat. This form suggests he is peaking at the right time, an essential factor for enduring the gruelling two-week competition at the Crucible.

3. Manageable Route Through the Tournament

Analysis of the tournament draw indicates that Mark Allen has a relatively manageable path through the early and middle rounds. While no match at the World Championship can be taken for granted, Allen’s section of the draw avoids immediate clashes with the likes of O’Sullivan and Trump, allowing him a chance to build into the tournament without facing the highest seeds until the later stages.

This manageable route is beneficial for conserving mental and physical energy, crucial in the latter stages of the tournament. It also allows Allen to fine-tune his game against formidable, yet slightly lesser-ranked opponents, setting the stage for peak performance when he meets top-seeded players in critical matches.

4. Crucible Pressure and Experience

Mark Allen’s experience and his ability to elevate his game under the intense pressure of the Crucible Theatre are perhaps his most significant advantages. Having reached the semi-finals previously, he understands the unique challenges posed by the venue and the tournament. Allen’s ability to thrive under pressure, combined with his increased patience and tactical discipline, make him exceptionally well-suited to the long, often draining matches that define the Crucible experience.

In conclusion, considering Mark Allen’s strategic acumen, recent form, manageable tournament path, and proven ability to handle pressure at the Crucible, he stands out as a prime candidate to win his first World Snooker Championship. This prediction is based on a comprehensive analysis of his capabilities and circumstances, suggesting that he could indeed outlast titans like O’Sullivan and Trump in the quest for snooker’s most prestigious title.

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