Chesterfield vs Boreham Wood Predictions

Chesterfield vs Boreham Wood predictions for this clash in the National League. Chesterfield aims to win the National League title in their match against Boreham Wood at SMH Group Stadium this Saturday. Read on for all our free National League predictions and betting tips.

Boreham Wood

National League | Gameweek 41 – Mar 23, 2024 at 3pm UK at Technique Stadium

Chesterfield vs Boreham Wood Predictions

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A Clash of Destinies: Chesterfield’s Title Quest Meets Boreham Wood’s Survival Fight

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Key Stats

– Chesterfield is on the verge of scoring 100 league goals this season.

– Boreham Wood has lost their last four away matches.

– Both teams have scored in nine of Chesterfield’s last 11 matches.

As Chesterfield stands on the brink of clinching the National League title, they face a Boreham Wood side desperate to escape the clutches of relegation. This matchup at the SMH Group Stadium is not just a game; it’s a narrative of triumph, struggle, and survival. Let’s delve deep into the mechanics of this upcoming fixture, exploring the dynamics that could sway the outcome of this critical encounter.


A Tale of Two Teams

Chesterfield’s Remarkable Journey

Chesterfield’s season has been nothing short of phenomenal. With 29 wins from 40 matches, they’ve not only dominated the league but have also showcased an incredible home record—remaining undefeated at the SMH Group Stadium. Their attacking prowess is evident, with 97 goals scored so far, nearing the century mark. However, their recent defeat to Halifax Town indicates a slight vulnerability, adding an intriguing twist to their quest for the title.

Boreham Wood’s Battle for Survival

Boreham Wood’s campaign contrasts starkly with their opponents. Positioned 20th and teetering above the relegation zone, they’ve struggled to find consistency. Their away form has been particularly concerning, with the fifth-worst record in the division. The team’s immediate challenge is to overturn a series of losses and secure crucial points to avoid the drop.

Tactical Analysis and Expected Lineups

Chesterfield’s strategy has revolved around an aggressive attacking setup, led by Will Grigg, who boasts 25 league goals this season. Their formation likely features Grigg spearheaded by a creative midfield including Banks, Naylor, and Dobra, aiming to exploit Boreham Wood’s defensive gaps.

Boreham Wood, expected to start without Chris Bush due to suspension, will rely on Coxe, Agbontohoma, and Fyfield in defense. The absence of Bush might prompt a more cautious approach, focusing on counterattacks and set-piece opportunities to surprise Chesterfield.

Expected Lineups:

  • Chesterfield: Tyrer; Clements, Grimes, Williams, Mandeville; Banks, Naylor; Colclough, Hobson, Dobra; Grigg
  • Boreham Wood: Ashmore; Coxe, Agbontohoma, Fyfield; Sousa, Balanta, Payne, Sagaf, Ilesanmi; Tshimanga, Ndlovu
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Key Battles and Strategic Outlook

The central area of the pitch will be critical, with Chesterfield’s midfield quartet pitted against Boreham Wood’s resilience. Key duels, particularly between Grigg and Boreham Wood’s central defenders, could decisively impact the game’s flow. Chesterfield’s high-possession style, coupled with Boreham Wood’s potential for swift counter-attacks, sets the stage for a captivating tactical showdown.

Opinionated Insights

Chesterfield: Their strength lies in their formidable attack, but recent matches have exposed a certain complacency. A more disciplined defensive approach could fortify their title aspirations.

Boreham Wood: The team’s inconsistency and poor away form have been their undoing. A more aggressive, risk-taking strategy might be their best chance against a team of Chesterfield’s calibre.

Managerial Critique: Paul Cook’s strategic acumen has been central to Chesterfield’s success. However, Luke Garrard faces criticism for Boreham Wood’s predicaments. His reliance on a conservative game plan, especially in crucial matches, has been a point of contention.

Predictions and Analysis

Best Bet: Chesterfield -1 to Win

The rationale behind backing Chesterfield to emerge victorious in this encounter lies in their phenomenal home record and their overall dominance in the National League this season. Chesterfield stands as the only team in the league undefeated at home, a testament to their formidable strength at the SMH Group Stadium. Their attacking flair, having nearly reached the 100-goal milestone, further accentuates their capability to dismantle any defence.

Although Boreham Wood will undoubtedly fight with everything they have, given their precarious position near the relegation zone, Chesterfield’s quality and consistency over the season should see them through, with a win that should be of a decent margin. This match represents not just another fixture but a defining moment for Chesterfield to seal their title claim with a demonstration of their league superiority.

Correct Score Prediction: Chesterfield 3-1 Boreham Wood

Projecting a 3-1 victory for Chesterfield aligns with several key factors. Firstly, Chesterfield’s attacking statistics suggest they are more than capable of breaching Boreham Wood’s defence multiple times. Their average of 2.4 goals per game is a testament to their offensive prowess. Secondly, despite their struggles, Boreham Wood has managed to find the net with some consistency, averaging over a goal per game.

Given the high stakes of the match for both teams—with Chesterfield eyeing the title and Boreham Wood fighting for survival—a tightly contested match with goals from both sides seems plausible. Chesterfield’s slightly relaxed defence in recent games, coupled with Boreham Wood’s desperation to score, sets the stage for a 3-1 scoreline, reflecting both Chesterfield’s superiority and Boreham Wood’s resilience.

Goalscorer Prediction: Will Grigg to Score

Selecting Will Grigg as a likely goalscorer is based on his outstanding record this season, having netted 25 league goals. Grigg’s role as Chesterfield’s leading striker, combined with his proficiency in finding the back of the net, makes him the prime candidate to score. His ability to exploit gaps in opposition defences, coupled with the support from a creative midfield, positions him perfectly to add to his tally against Boreham Wood.


Considering Boreham Wood’s defensive challenges, especially on the road, and Chesterfield’s attacking mindset, Grigg’s chances of scoring are significantly high. His knack for being in the right place at the right time further bolsters the likelihood of him contributing to Chesterfield’s scoreboard.

Corner Prediction: Chesterfield to Have More Corners; Total Corners to Exceed 10

This prediction stems from the anticipated gameplay dynamics, where Chesterfield, with their attacking style, is expected to press forward, resulting in more corner opportunities. Their average of 6.4 corners per game evidences their ability to push opponents back and win set-pieces. Boreham Wood, likely to adopt a more defensive posture to stave off Chesterfield’s attacks, might inadvertently concede corners.

Furthermore, the total number of corners exceeding 10 is projected based on both teams’ styles of play. Chesterfield’s offensive thrust is met with Boreham Wood’s need to capitalise on every scoring opportunity, possibly through set-pieces, leading to a game rich in corner kicks as both sides strive to assert dominance in crucial moments.

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