Burnley vs Wolverhampton Predictions

Burnley vs Wolverhampton predictions for this Premier League affair. Burnley aims to build on their impressive result against Chelsea as they host Wolverhampton Wanderers in their Premier League campaign on Tuesday night. Read on for all our free predictions and betting tips.


Premier League | Gameweek 31 – Apr 2, 2024 at 7.45pm UK at Turf Moor

Burnley vs Wolverhampton Predictions

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A Glimpse into the Heat of the Battle: Clarets vs Wolves

Key Stats

– Burnley are unbeaten in their last three Premier League fixtures, signalling a resurgence at a crucial stage of the season.

– Wolverhampton Wanderers have struggled on the road, a concern that Burnley will look to exploit.

– David Datro Fofana has scored four goals since his arrival in January, becoming a pivotal figure for Burnley’s attack.

In the crucible of Premier League survival, Burnley and Wolverhampton Wanderers are set to clash in a match that could dictate the course of their seasons. The Clarets, buoyed by a resilient draw against Chelsea, face a Wolves side licking its wounds after a defeat by Aston Villa. This encounter promises not just a battle for points but a showcase of tactical acumen, resilience, and the sheer will to outdo the relegation scare.

Team Form and Tactical Overview

Burnley’s recent form is a beacon of hope in their fight for survival. Vincent Kompany’s side has displayed remarkable tenacity, securing five points from their last three fixtures. Their draw against Chelsea, especially with ten men on the field, speaks volumes of their resilience and tactical discipline. However, the absence of Kompany on the touchline in the upcoming match adds an intriguing subplot to their tactical setup.

Wolverhampton Wanderers, on the other hand, find themselves in a tumultuous phase. Gary O’Neil’s team has faltered recently, with injuries to key attackers adding salt to their wounds. Their away form has been a concern, and they will be keen to address this against a spirited Burnley side.

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Key Player Battles

The match’s outcome could hinge on several key battles across the pitch. David Datro Fofana, returning for Burnley, poses a significant threat upfront. His ability to find the net, coupled with Lyle Foster’s potential to cause problems, could be pivotal. Wolves’ depleted attack, missing influential figures like Matheus Cunha and Pedro Neto, places additional pressure on Pablo Sarabia and Mario Lemina to step up.

Tactical Dynamics and Managerial Strategies

Both teams present contrasting styles. Burnley’s determination and direct approach have been effective, especially against top-tier teams. Wolves, with a more possession-based style, will look to control the game’s tempo and exploit spaces behind Burnley’s defensive line. The clash of these philosophies will be fascinating, with the midfield battle likely determining the flow of the game.

Kompany’s absence might influence Burnley’s tactical flexibility, potentially offering Wolves an edge. However, O’Neil faces his challenges, with his team’s form and confidence seemingly waning at a crucial juncture. This match provides an opportunity for both managers to make a statement, but it’s Kompany’s resilience through adversity that has truly shone this season.

Predictions and Analysis

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Best Bet: Burnley to Win

The Clarets’ aspiration for survival has ignited a flame of resilience and determination within the squad, characteristics that are quintessential in the dog days of the Premier League. Their recent performances, particularly the commendable draw against Chelsea, highlight a team that refuses to buckle under pressure.

This spirit, coupled with Wolverhampton Wanderers’ struggles, particularly on the road, sets the stage for a Burnley victory. Wolves’ recent form, marred by injuries to key players, suggests a vulnerability that Burnley, with their backs against the wall and fighting for every point, are well-placed to exploit. The atmosphere at Turf Moor, notoriously challenging for visiting teams, coupled with Burnley’s enhanced performance levels, suggests a clear pathway to victory for the home side.

Correct Score: Burnley 2-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers

This prediction leans heavily on the premise that Burnley’s defence will stand firm against a Wolves attack missing several key figures. With the likes of Matheus Cunha and Pedro Neto sidelined, Wolves’ offensive threat is notably diminished.

Burnley, meanwhile, have found a newfound solidity at the back, complemented by a threat upfront through players like David Datro Fofana. Given Wolves’ evident struggles in front of goal away from home, and Burnley’s pressing need for points, a 2-0 victory for the Clarets seems a plausible outcome. This scoreline also reflects the expectation that Burnley will capitalise on their opportunities, leveraging their recent uptick in confidence and form.

Goalscorer Prediction: David Datro Fofana to Score

David Datro Fofana’s arrival at Burnley has been nothing short of a revelation. His goal-scoring prowess, evidenced by four goals since his January move, positions him as a significant threat to any defence.

Against a Wolves side that has been inconsistent at the back, Fofana’s ability to find space, his physical presence, and clinical finishing make him the prime candidate to score. His recent performances, marked by crucial goals and dynamic play, have not only endeared him to the Clarets’ faithful but also marked him as the player likely to make a decisive impact. As Burnley push for survival, Fofana’s role becomes ever more critical, making him the logical choice to find the back of the net in this encounter.

First Half Result: Burnley to Lead

The urgency of Burnley’s situation cannot be overstated. With the season winding down and points at a premium, the Clarets’ approach to this match will likely be one of immediate intensity. This sense of urgency, combined with the strategic acumen of Vincent Kompany, suggests that Burnley will aim to assert dominance early on.

Wolverhampton Wanderers, on the other hand, have shown susceptibility to early pressure, particularly in away fixtures. Burnley’s approach, likely featuring high pressing and quick transitions, is designed to unsettle Wolves from the outset. Given these dynamics, it’s reasonable to expect Burnley to lead at the half, setting the tone for the remainder of the match and positioning themselves advantageously in their quest for Premier League survival.

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