Belgium vs Romania Predictions


Belgium vs Romania Predictions for Saturday’s Euro 2024 Group E clash. Belgium aims to recover from their opening defeat against confident Romania, who are buoyed by an impressive win. Read on for all our free predictions and betting tips.


European Championship | Group Stage – Jun 22, 2024 at 8pm UK at Cologne Stadium

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Belgium vs Romania Predictions

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Key Stats

– Belgium have scored 22 goals in their last eight European Championship qualifying matches.

– Romania have kept six clean sheets in their last ten matches.

– Romelu Lukaku has netted 14 goals in Belgium’s recent qualification campaign.

Can Belgium Bounce Back Against Romania in a High-Stakes Clash?

Belgium, after a disheartening loss to Slovakia in their opening fixture, are set to face Romania in a crucial Group E clash. Romania, buoyed by a resounding victory over Ukraine, will be looking to maintain their momentum. This match, played on neutral ground in Germany, promises to be a thrilling encounter as both teams vie for a significant win in Euro 2024.

Expected Lineups and Tactical Approaches

Belgium: Casteels; Carrasco, Faes, Debast, Castagne; Onana, Tielemans, De Bruyne; Trossard, Openda, Lukaku

Romania: Nita; Banciu, Burca, Dragusin, Ratiu; Marin, Coman, Stanciu; Marin, Man, Dragus

Belgium are likely to adopt an attacking 4-3-3 formation, with a focus on high pressing and quick transitions. With Kevin De Bruyne orchestrating the play from midfield and Romelu Lukaku leading the line, the Belgians will aim to dominate possession and create numerous scoring opportunities. Their wide players, Carrasco and Castagne, will be essential in providing width and crossing opportunities for Lukaku.

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Romania, on the other hand, are expected to stick to a more conservative approach, likely lining up in a 4-2-3-1 formation. Their strategy will revolve around solid defensive organisation and quick counter-attacks, utilising the pace and creativity of Nicolae Stanciu and Dennis Man. The Romanians will focus on absorbing pressure and exploiting spaces left by Belgium’s attacking advances.

Team Performance Analysis

Belgium’s defeat to Slovakia was a setback, but their overall performance indicated potential. They created several high-quality chances, which were nullified by VAR decisions and stout defending from Slovakia. Domenico Tedesco’s side boasts an impressive group stage record, having won five of their last six matches across previous tournaments. Belgium’s offensive prowess is evident from their qualification statistics, averaging 2.8 goals per game and maintaining a ball possession rate of 61.4%.

Romania’s 3-0 triumph over Ukraine marked their first group stage win since 2000. Despite a shaky buildup to the tournament, Edward Iordanescu’s men showed clinical finishing, particularly through Denis Dragus and Razvan Marin. Romania’s defensive solidity was notable, with six clean sheets in their last ten matches, highlighting their capability to frustrate opponents.

Tactical Analysis: Deep-Dive

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Offensive and Defensive Strategies

Belgium’s offensive strategy revolves around maintaining high possession and creating numerous chances through quick transitions and intricate play. Under Domenico Tedesco, Belgium have averaged 2.8 goals per game in their qualifiers, emphasising their attacking depth. Key players like Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku are central to this approach. De Bruyne’s vision and passing ability make him the primary playmaker, while Lukaku’s positioning and finishing skills provide a constant goal threat. Belgium also utilise their full-backs, Carrasco and Castagne, to provide width and crossing opportunities, aiming to stretch the opposition defence.

Defensively, Belgium have shown solidity, conceding only 0.5 goals per game and keeping five clean sheets during the qualifiers. Their defensive unit, led by Faes and Debast, focuses on maintaining a high line to support their pressing game, while Casteels has been reliable between the posts.

Romania, managed by Edward Iordanescu, employ a more conservative strategy, relying on a solid defensive foundation and quick counter-attacks. Their 4-2-3-1 formation is designed to absorb pressure and exploit spaces left by attacking teams. Key players like Nicolae Stanciu and Dennis Man are vital for transitioning from defence to attack. Romania’s defensive record, with six clean sheets in ten matches, underscores their ability to frustrate opponents. They focus on compactness and discipline, making it difficult for teams to break them down.

Individual Performances of Key Players

Romelu Lukaku is Belgium’s standout performer, despite having two goals ruled out by VAR in their opener. His physicality and sharpness in front of goal make him a constant threat. Kevin De Bruyne, with his ability to create scoring opportunities, remains crucial to Belgium’s attacking play. Leandro Trossard, who has scored four goals in his last eight appearances, provides additional firepower.

For Romania, Nicolae Stanciu has been pivotal, not only in scoring but also in linking play. Denis Dragus, who scored in their win against Ukraine, has shown his potential as a reliable forward. Razvan Marin’s ability to control the midfield and provide key passes is another significant aspect of Romania’s play.

Managerial Impact on Style of Play and Performance

Domenico Tedesco’s approach with Belgium is heavily influenced by his preference for high pressing and quick transitions. His tactics revolve around maximising the attacking potential of players like De Bruyne and Lukaku. However, his decision-making has come under scrutiny, especially after the unexpected loss to Slovakia. Critics argue that Tedesco needs to adjust his strategies more flexibly to counter different styles of play.

Edward Iordanescu, on the other hand, has brought stability to Romania’s defensive setup. His emphasis on a strong defensive foundation and swift counter-attacks has been effective, particularly against higher-ranked teams. However, some critics suggest that his conservative approach could limit Romania’s offensive potential against more aggressive teams like Belgium.

Expected Goals (xG) Analysis

Belgium’s expected goals (xG) in their opening match were significantly higher than Slovakia’s, indicating that they created more high-quality chances despite failing to score. This reflects their ability to generate scoring opportunities, which bodes well for their chances against Romania.

Romania’s xG against Ukraine was consistent with their clinical finishing, indicating they made the most of their opportunities. However, maintaining this efficiency against a robust Belgian defence will be challenging.

Tactical and Player Performance Comparison

Tactically, Belgium’s emphasis on possession and quick transitions contrasts with Romania’s defensive solidity and counter-attacking approach. Belgium’s attacking stats, with an average of 15 shots per game and 5.5 on target, highlight their aggressive style. In comparison, Romania’s focus on compact defence is evident in their higher number of tackles and interceptions per game.

Player performance-wise, Belgium’s stars like De Bruyne and Lukaku have demonstrated consistent high-level play, contributing to their team’s attacking threat. Romania’s key players, such as Stanciu and Dragus, have shown they can rise to the occasion, particularly in high-pressure situations.

Suggestions for Improvement

For Belgium, improving their finishing efficiency is crucial. Despite creating numerous chances, they struggled to convert them against Slovakia. Greater composure in front of goal and a more clinical edge will be vital. Defensively, maintaining concentration to avoid errors will be key to their success.

Romania could benefit from adopting a more balanced approach, integrating more offensive strategies without compromising their defensive solidity. Encouraging players like Stanciu to push forward and support the attack more frequently could enhance their goal-scoring potential.

Pros and Cons of Team Strategies

Belgium’s offensive strategy is potent, leveraging their players’ technical skills and attacking prowess. However, their reliance on high pressing can leave them vulnerable to counter-attacks, a potential weakness that Romania could exploit. The defensive high line, while effective in maintaining pressure, can be risky against fast counter-attacking teams.

Romania’s defensive discipline is a significant strength, allowing them to absorb pressure and strike on the counter. However, their conservative approach might hinder their ability to dominate possession and create chances against stronger teams like Belgium.

Managerial Strengths and Weaknesses

Domenico Tedesco’s tactical flexibility is often questioned. While his attacking philosophy suits Belgium’s squad, his inability to adapt against different opponents has been a point of criticism. The loss to Slovakia highlighted a need for more strategic versatility.

Edward Iordanescu’s defensive organisation is commendable, but his reluctance to adopt a more attacking approach could be limiting Romania’s potential. Critics argue that his tactics are too risk-averse, potentially stifling the team’s creativity and offensive output.



1. Best Bet: Belgium to Win and Over 2.5 Goals

Belgium’s quest to reassert their dominance following the unexpected loss to Slovakia is a critical factor in this prediction. Their potent attacking line-up, featuring the likes of Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne, promises a high-scoring affair. Belgium have consistently demonstrated their ability to score multiple goals in a match, evidenced by their average of 2.8 goals per game during the qualifiers.

Additionally, Romania, despite their impressive win against Ukraine, have shown defensive frailties that Belgium can exploit. The combination of Belgium’s attacking prowess and Romania’s defensive vulnerabilities makes a win for Belgium with over 2.5 goals a strong prediction.

2. Correct Score Prediction: Belgium 3-1 Romania

Analysing both teams’ recent performances and statistical data leads to the conclusion that Belgium are likely to secure a 3-1 victory. Belgium’s offensive statistics are formidable, with 15 shots per game on average and 5.5 shots on target.

This offensive firepower suggests they can score multiple goals against Romania. While Romania have a solid defence, having conceded only five goals in their qualifiers, they are up against a higher calibre of opposition in Belgium. Romania’s ability to score, particularly through players like Denis Dragus, suggests they might grab a consolation goal, resulting in a final score of 3-1.

3. Goalscorer Prediction: Romelu Lukaku to Score

Romelu Lukaku’s goal-scoring credentials are well-established. Despite the setback of having two goals disallowed in the previous match, his form remains impressive. Lukaku’s physicality, positioning, and finishing make him a constant threat in the opposition box. During the qualifiers, he scored 14 goals, showcasing his lethal touch.

Against a Romanian defence that, while sturdy, has shown lapses, Lukaku is poised to capitalise on any opportunities. His ability to convert chances created by De Bruyne and other playmakers strengthens the prediction of him finding the net.

4. Corner Prediction: Belgium to Win More Corners

Belgium’s attacking style inevitably leads to a high number of corners. With an average of 7.6 corners per game during the qualifiers, they are well-positioned to dominate this aspect of the match. Their wide play, involving frequent crosses and overlapping full-backs, increases the likelihood of winning corners.

Romania, averaging 4.9 corners per game, will likely be on the defensive for much of the match, further enhancing Belgium’s chances of accumulating more corners. The strategic play down the flanks and the involvement of players like Carrasco and Castagne will be crucial in this regard.

5. Shot on Target Prediction: Kevin De Bruyne to Have 1 or More Shots on Target

Kevin De Bruyne’s role as Belgium’s primary playmaker ensures he will be at the heart of their attacking moves. His ability to strike from distance and position himself in goal-scoring opportunities is vital. De Bruyne averages a significant number of shots per game, with many on target, underscoring his importance to Belgium’s attacking efforts.

Given Romania’s defensive strategy, De Bruyne is likely to find himself in positions to test the goalkeeper from range. His precision and ability to take shots from various positions make him a strong candidate for registering at least one shot on target.

6. Yellow Card Prediction: Amadou Onana to Receive a Yellow Card

Amadou Onana’s combative style in midfield often places him at the centre of physical duels. His role in breaking up opposition play and initiating counters is crucial for Belgium, but it also comes with a propensity for fouls.

Onana’s aggressive approach has seen him booked frequently, and against a Romanian side that will look to disrupt Belgium’s rhythm, he is likely to be involved in numerous tackles. This prediction is supported by his disciplinary record and the nature of his role, making him a likely candidate to receive a yellow card during this high-stakes match.

7. Assist Prediction: Kevin De Bruyne to Provide an Assist

Kevin De Bruyne’s vision and passing ability are unparalleled. As Belgium’s chief creator, he is responsible for orchestrating attacks and delivering key passes. De Bruyne’s record of assists in the qualifiers highlights his importance in setting up goals. With forwards like Lukaku and Openda benefiting from his precise deliveries, the likelihood of De Bruyne providing an assist is high.

His ability to unlock defences with through balls and crosses makes him the prime candidate to assist at least one goal in this match, further bolstered by Belgium’s attacking intent.

8. Innovative Market Prediction: Total Team Shots on Goal Over 10

Belgium’s offensive statistics suggest a high number of attempts on goal. With an average of 15 shots per game in the qualifiers, betting on Belgium to have over 10 shots on goal is well-founded. Their strategy involves relentless attacking and maintaining pressure on the opposition defence.

This approach, combined with the need for a decisive victory, will likely see Belgium peppering the Romanian goal with numerous shots. The involvement of key attackers and the team’s overall offensive mindset support this prediction, making it a valuable betting angle for the match.

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