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NFL Predictions, Picks & Betting Tips

The Best NFL Predictions, Picks & Betting Tips

More and more UK punters are falling in love with the NFL, and this is not surprising. It is a great sport, it has fantastic betting opportunities and, in the UK, it is broadcasted mostly on Sunday evening when domestic football is over. For this reason here at BettingTips4You.com we have ramped up coverage of the NFL and will be providing every week some great NFL betting tips. 

Our team of NFL tipsters are working hard every week to research and provide the best values opportunities. More and more bookmakers are taking American Football and the NFL very seriously and here you can take advantage of top quality NFL predictions completely free of charge. 

Latest NFL Betting Tips

Weekly NFL Tips & Predictions

Our NFL tipsters are covering all the most important games of the season. Not only you will get their best bets but also a comprehensive analysis of every fixture. If you are watching Red Zone or a match on Sky Sports you want to have all your NFL picks at your disposals. For this reason, bookmark this page to avoid losing on any action. When the regular season is over our NFL betting experts will also provide complete coverage with the best NFL playoff predictions available.

Of course, we will give special attention to the Super Bowl that will finish off the NFL season with a massive bang. That event is so huge that bookmakers are going the extra mile by offering great betting offers. We will bring them all for you here so you can take advantage.

NFL Accumulators

When there are the right opportunities, we will also provide you with some great NFL accumulators. Many NFL games are playing at the same time, so this sport lends itself very well to the excitement of multiples. 

Best NFL Picks On The Spread & Totals

Regardless of what week of the NFL season it is, our top tipsters experts will be here to help you out with their top NFL betting tips. In our previews, you will find a comprehensive analysis of the NFL matches, and also NFL picks against the spread and totals for all the best games. 

BettingTips4You.com is the house of the betting tips since 2013. The reason for our success is that we are not only providing readers with great and free tips. We do also provide reasons as to why we are backing a certain selection. On the NFL predictions, we are doing exactly the same. In this way, you can decide to follow our tips or to use the data and the reasoning to make your own NFL betting decisions. 

More and more UK punters are getting involved in the NFL. If you are new to this sport, take a look at the quick NFL betting guide we have prepared for you below: 

NFL Handicap Betting

Betting against the spread is the equivalent of the handicap betting in football. So if our NFL tipsters are backing New England Patriots -2.5 point spread that means that to win the bet the Patriots have to win by 3 or more points margin. 

If you go for New England Patriots -3 point spread and the Patriots win by 3 points, your bet will be void, and you will get your money credited back into your betting account. 

NFL Totals Betting

This type of bet is similar to betting against the spread with the main difference that instead of the handicaps will be looking at the total match points. So let’s say our NFL tipsters have tipped over 57 match points in New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons. For us to get a return, there have to be more than 57 points during the match. If the points are exactly 57, we will get our money back. 

Get Advantage of Our NFL Free Bets

Especially if you are a beginner NFL bettor, take advantage of one of our NFL free bets to get you going. You will be able to enjoy our NFL betting tips while taking advantage of those great offers from the best betting sites.

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