Specials betting tips: 2024 Eurovision Song Contest predictions, preview and best bets

Gareth Hartshorn is in Malmö to provide the best bets, predictions, and a comprehensive preview for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, set to be an enthralling event at the Malmö Arena. Keep reading to uncover his insights and predictions for this year’s competition. To enhance your betting prospects, do consider the carefully chosen betting offers highlighted below.

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Eurovision Song Contest betting tips

Key Stats

Over 6 Million Views: Croatia’s entry, “Rim Tim Tagi Dim,” has already captivated a vast audience, racking up over six million views on YouTube before the final event, signaling strong public support.
Top Betting Odds: Market confidence in Croatia is high, with betting odds reflecting a 52.4% chance of winning, showcasing their status as the clear favourites for the title.
Strategic Performance Slot: Positioned 23rd out of 26 acts, Croatia benefits from one of the most advantageous slots in the competition, enhancing their visibility and recall among voters—12 of the last 20 Eurovision winners were 15th or later in the running order.

The Dynamics of Eurovision Betting This Year

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest presents a fascinating betting landscape, with several countries showing potential for a win. Traditionally a haven for music enthusiasts and punters alike, Eurovision 2024 is no exception with its dramatic shifts in betting odds and standout performances that could potentially sway public and jury votes.

Croatia: The Strong Contender

Croatia, represented by the rock act Baby Lasagna, has consistently led the betting markets. Their song “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” has captured the public’s imagination, mirroring the impact of past winners like Lordi in 2006. Initially priced at odds-on in some places, Croatia’s entry has not only received a significant amount of online traction but also demonstrated compelling stage presence during the semi-finals.

The Rising Star: Israel

However, Israel has emerged as a noteworthy contender. Eden Golan’s stirring performance in the semi-finals catapulted her from a 35-1 outsider to a 2-1 second favourite. This surge is not merely a reflection of her vocal prowess but also indicative of shifting public sentiment and potential geopolitical undercurrents influencing viewer votes.

Italy: The Dark Horse

Amid these market leaders, Italy’s Angelina Mango stands out with “La Noia,” a melodious track blending contemporary charm with wide appeal. Italy’s historical success at Eurovision and consistent top-six finishes in recent years underscore its potential to surprise the odds. Positioned 15th in the lineup, Italy’s slot is historically favourable, aligning closely with the average position of past winners.

Strategic Betting Opportunities

Apart from the front runners, there are compelling bets elsewhere. The Netherlands’ Joost Klein with “Europapa,” an avant-garde and memorable performance, provides a potential each-way value at 50-1. Similarly, Cyprus, with Silia Kapsis, offers a tempting top-ten finish bet, especially given her favourable final draw.

Market Movements and Odds

The fluctuating odds provide a snapshot of the evolving sentiments towards the participants. While Croatia remains a favourite, the odds for other countries like Switzerland, France, and Ukraine suggest they are also in contention, albeit as underdogs. The betting odds are crucial not only for predicting the winner but also for understanding the public and jury’s perception as the event unfolds.

Predictions and Betting Tips for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024


As we delve deeper into the dynamics of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Croatia emerges as a compelling favourite to clinch the title. The following analysis underscores why Croatia, with its unique blend of musicality, performance, and public engagement, is poised for victory in Malmö.

1. Catchy Lyrics and Musical Appeal

Croatia’s entry, performed by Baby Lasagna, titled “Rim Tim Tagi Dim,” has captivated the audience with its infectious rhythm and memorable lyrics. The track exhibits a blend of traditional rock elements with a modern twist, making it accessible and appealing to a diverse audience.

Historically, songs that manage to strike a balance between uniqueness and mass appeal tend to perform well at Eurovision, as seen with past winners like Loreen’s “Euphoria” and Netta’s “Toy.” The lyrical hook of Croatia’s entry, combined with its rhythmic undertones, plays a pivotal role in its memorability—a crucial factor in a competition where the immediate impact on the audience can significantly influence voting patterns.

Eurovision Baby Lasagna

2. Robust Stage Performance

A significant component of Eurovision’s appeal lies in the visual and performative impact of the entries. Croatia has excelled not only in musicality but also in staging and performance. Their semi-final showcase was not just a vocal presentation; it was a comprehensive entertainment spectacle.

The energetic and engaging stage dynamics, coupled with effective use of visuals, lighting, and choreography, contribute to a strong live show that leaves a lasting impression on both the audience and the jury. This aspect of their entry mirrors the success of previous winners like Lordi and Mans Zelmerlöw, who combined vocal talent with compelling stage presentations to secure their victories.

3. Significant Public Engagement and Online Presence

Public engagement is another critical factor in forecasting Eurovision success. Baby Lasagna’s song has not only been a favourite among the audience in the arena but has also amassed over six million views on YouTube, indicating a broad and active online support base. This level of engagement is indicative of a strong televote potential, which is vital under the current Eurovision voting system where public votes have considerable weight.

The enthusiastic response from the Eurovision community and the viral spread of their performance highlight the widespread appeal of Croatia’s entry, bolstering its chances of securing high televote scores.

4. Favourable Betting Odds and Market Trends

The betting odds are a reflection of both public sentiment and expert analyses. For Croatia, the odds have been consistently strong, with bookmakers listing them as favourites with a probability exceeding 50% for a victory. These odds are not merely speculative; they are based on tangible factors including betting patterns, historical precedents, and comparative analysis of the competition.

The favourable odds underscore a broader consensus on Croatia’s potential to win, which is supported by both seasoned bettors and casual observers.

5. Strategic Draw in the Running Order

Finally, Croatia’s position in the running order further enhances their prospects. Positioned 23rd out of 26 acts, they benefit from a late performance slot, which is traditionally advantageous in Eurovision. Performing later in the lineup tends to keep the act fresh in the minds of voters, a strategic advantage that has been validated by the success of many past winners who also performed towards the end of the show.

This placement minimises the risk of being overshadowed by subsequent performances and maximises viewer recall during the voting phase.

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