Football betting tips: Euro 2024 Player of the Tournament tips, predictions, best bets and preview

Euro 2024 is fast approaching, and the competition will not only be a battle for national pride but also an opportunity for individual players to shine. The Player of the Tournament award is a prestigious accolade, with past winners including some of the game’s greats.

In this article, we will analyse the top contenders for this award, delve into their performances, and ultimately make two predictions: one for the main bet and another as a dark horse with higher odds. Enhance your betting experience by exploring the specially selected betting offers below.

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Euro 2024 Player of the Tournament Predictions

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Euro 2024 Player of the Tournament: Top Contenders and Expert Predictions

Key Stats

Kylian Mbappe’s Impact: Scored a hat-trick in the 2022 World Cup final, highlighting his ability to perform in crucial matches.
Jude Bellingham’s Breakthrough: Contributed 23 goals and 12 assists in his debut season at Real Madrid, showcasing his all-around midfield prowess.
Bruno Fernandes’ Influence: Recorded 6 goals and 8 assists in Portugal’s Euro 2024 qualifying campaign, demonstrating his critical role in the team’s success.

Since its inception, the Player of the Tournament award has often favored midfielders and forwards, with the notable exceptions of defenders and goalkeepers like Matthias Sammer (1996) and Gianluigi Donnarumma (2020). Typically, the award is announced post-final, with Antoine Griezmann in 2016 being the only player to win without his team lifting the trophy.

Key Contenders for Euro 2024

1. Kylian Mbappe (France) @7-2

Mbappe is a star who thrives on the big stage, evidenced by his hat-trick in the 2022 World Cup final. After a disappointing Euro 2020, where France was knocked out by Switzerland, Mbappe will be determined to lead his team to glory and erase past memories. His explosive speed, clinical finishing, and leadership as the French captain make him a prime candidate.

Mbappe’s performance in high-stakes matches is unrivaled. His hat-trick in the World Cup final demonstrated his ability to perform when it matters most. At 6-1, his odds reflect his potential impact on the tournament. France’s chances hinge on Mbappe’s form, making him the front-runner for the award.

2. Jude Bellingham (England) @10-1

Bellingham has been a revelation since joining Real Madrid, scoring crucial goals and providing assists. His versatility allows him to excel in various midfield roles, making him indispensable for England. Bellingham’s ability to dominate matches and perform under pressure could see him become the tournament’s standout player.

Bellingham’s first season at Real Madrid has been nothing short of spectacular. With 23 goals and 12 assists, he has shown his ability to influence games from midfield. England’s reliance on his dynamism and creativity will be pivotal. His odds of 10-1 present a strong case for backing him, especially if England progresses to the finals.


3. Harry Kane (England) @11-1

Kane, now playing in Germany for Bayern Munich, has a point to prove after England’s near miss in Euro 2020. His consistent goal-scoring ability in major tournaments makes him a formidable contender.

Kane’s playmaking skills and experience will be crucial for England’s success. Kane’s move to Bayern Munich has seen him maintain his goal-scoring prowess. His record of 44 goals in 45 games speaks volumes. Kane’s leadership and goal-scoring are critical for England. At 11-1, he is a strong contender, particularly given his experience and current form.

4. Toni Kroos (Germany) @14-1

Tempted out of international retirement, Kroos will aim to cap his career with another major trophy. His vision, passing accuracy, and control in midfield are unmatched. Playing on home soil could provide the extra motivation needed to drive Germany to the latter stages. Kroos’ return adds depth to Germany’s midfield.

His tactical intelligence and ability to control the tempo of the game make him a standout player. At 14-1, Kroos is a solid bet, especially with Germany playing on home soil, which could provide a significant advantage.

5. Bruno Fernandes (Portugal) @33-1

Under Roberto Martinez, Fernandes has flourished, contributing significantly to Portugal’s qualifying campaign. His ability to score and assist makes him a valuable asset. With Portugal looking strong, Fernandes could be a key player if they advance deep into the tournament. Fernandes’ odds of 33-1 reflect his position as a dark horse.

However, his contributions to Portugal’s qualifiers and his form under Martinez make him a viable candidate. Fernandes’ ability to change the game with a goal or an assist makes him a worthy outsider pick.

Prediction for the Euro 2024 Player of the Tournament

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Main Bet: Kylian Mbappe to Win Player of the Tournament

Kylian Mbappe’s track record in high-pressure situations makes him the standout candidate for the Player of the Tournament award. His performances on the grandest stages of world football, such as the 2022 World Cup final where he netted a remarkable hat-trick, showcase his ability to rise to the occasion when it matters most. At 6-1, his odds reflect his potential to dominate the tournament, and betting on Mbappe offers a solid return given his calibre.

Mbappe’s role as the French captain adds another layer to his candidacy. Leadership on and off the pitch is crucial in these tournaments, and Mbappe’s ability to inspire and galvanise his teammates will be invaluable as France strives for their third European Championship title. His explosive speed, clinical finishing, and sheer presence on the field make him a nightmare for defenders, and his knack for scoring crucial goals can turn the tide in France’s favour during tight matches.

France’s squad depth and overall strength also play into Mbappe’s favour. With a team brimming with talent in every position, France is widely tipped to progress deep into the tournament, increasing the likelihood of Mbappe showcasing his skills in the latter stages. The further France advances, the more opportunities Mbappe will have to leave his mark on the tournament, making him an even more compelling choice for the Player of the Tournament award.

Furthermore, Mbappe’s personal motivation will be at an all-time high. After the heartache of missing the decisive penalty in the shootout against Switzerland in Euro 2020, Mbappe will be driven by a desire for redemption. This personal narrative of overcoming past disappointment and leading his team to glory adds an emotional weight to his campaign, which can often resonate with the judging panel when it comes to individual awards.

Mbappe’s versatility on the field allows him to impact the game in various ways. Whether playing as a central striker or on the wings, his adaptability and football intelligence enable him to exploit defences and create scoring opportunities, not just for himself but for his teammates as well. His ability to link up play, drop deep to collect the ball, and his vision in providing assists add another dimension to his game, making him a complete forward.

In conclusion, Kylian Mbappe is the clear frontrunner for the Player of the Tournament award at Euro 2024. His proven track record, leadership qualities, and personal drive, coupled with France’s strong squad, make him the most likely candidate to take home this prestigious accolade. Betting on Mbappe at 6-1 is a prudent choice given his potential to dominate the tournament and his unparalleled ability to perform under pressure.

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Dark Horse Bet: Bruno Fernandes to Win Player of the Tournament

Bruno Fernandes at 33-1 presents an intriguing and high-value bet for the Player of the Tournament award. His form and influence within the Portugal national team under Roberto Martinez’s management have been nothing short of exceptional. Fernandes has thrived in his role, becoming a pivotal figure in Portugal’s successful qualifying campaign. His ability to score goals and provide assists makes him a significant threat and a key player to watch in the tournament.

Fernandes’ versatility and tactical intelligence are central to his potential impact. He can operate effectively in various midfield roles, whether as an attacking midfielder, a deep-lying playmaker, or even in a more advanced role. This flexibility allows him to adapt to different game situations and opponents, providing Portugal with a dynamic and unpredictable element in their play. His vision and passing accuracy enable him to unlock defences and create numerous scoring opportunities for his teammates.

The recent form of Fernandes has been remarkable, and his performances for Manchester United further highlight his capabilities. His knack for scoring crucial goals, combined with his excellent work rate and defensive contributions, make him a complete midfielder. Fernandes’ ability to influence games consistently sets him apart, and this form is likely to carry over into the international stage.

Portugal’s strong squad depth and potential to progress deep into the tournament bolster Fernandes’ chances. With talented players surrounding him, Fernandes will have the support he needs to excel. Portugal’s blend of experienced veterans and young talents creates a balanced team capable of challenging for the title. If Portugal can navigate through the knockout stages, Fernandes will undoubtedly play a crucial role, enhancing his prospects for the Player of the Tournament award.

Moreover, Fernandes’ leadership on the pitch is another factor that cannot be overlooked. Although Cristiano Ronaldo remains a prominent figure in the team, Fernandes’ influence and ability to lead by example have grown significantly. His composure, determination, and strategic thinking make him a natural leader, and his performances often inspire his teammates to raise their game.

Fernandes’ high-risk, high-reward nature makes him a fascinating dark horse pick. At 33-1, the odds reflect the potential value in betting on a player of his calibre. His propensity for producing match-winning moments, whether through goals or assists, means that he has the ability to stand out in key matches, which is crucial for gaining recognition in individual awards.

In summary, Bruno Fernandes is a compelling dark horse candidate for the Player of the Tournament award at Euro 2024. His exceptional form, tactical intelligence, and influence within the Portugal team make him a significant contender. While the odds may be long, the potential payoff is substantial, making Fernandes a worthwhile bet for those looking for a high-value option. If Portugal can progress deep into the tournament, Fernandes’ contributions will be pivotal, enhancing his chances of claiming this prestigious accolade.

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