Football betting tips: Euro 2024 Golden Boot tips, predictions, best bets and preview

As the Euro 2024 approaches, anticipation mounts around which player will clinch the coveted Golden Boot. Historical trends highlight the significance of performing well in the group stages to secure this title. Notably, Cristiano Ronaldo netted five goals during the initial matches in 2020, a feat mirrored by Patrik Schick, while David Villa scored four times in the group phase in 2008.

Interestingly, Fernando Torres stands out as the sole top scorer to net in the final over the past 36 years, having scored three goals in 2012 and winning due to the tie-breaker of minutes played. Since 2008, the player with the most assists or the fewest minutes played, if assists are tied, has been awarded the Golden Boot. Read on to find a complete preview of the Euro 2024 Golden Boot market, in addition to our two predictions for the winner: a main bet and a potential dark horse winner.

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Euro 2024 Golden Boot Prediction

Euro 2024 Golden Boot: A Comprehensive Preview and Predictions

Key Stats

Harry Kane’s Prowess: Harry Kane netted 44 goals in 45 appearances for Bayern Munich last season and has scored in eight of his last ten competitive matches for England.
Romelu Lukaku’s Dominance: Romelu Lukaku scored a staggering 14 goals in Belgium’s qualifying campaign, bringing his international tally to 83 goals in 114 appearances.
Golden Boot Threshold: Over the past five European Championships, the average number of goals required to win the Golden Boot has been 4.6, with scoring four goals often being enough to secure the award.

Goals Needed for the Golden Boot

Over the last five European Championships, the average number of goals required to win the Golden Boot has been 4.6. In 2020, four goals sufficed for a place finish, with similar trends in 2016, 2012, and 2008. Consequently, aiming for a player likely to score at least four goals provides a solid betting strategy.

Shortlist of Contenders for the Golden Boot

Harry Kane: A Strong Favourite

Harry Kane stands out as a prime contender for the Golden Boot, with current odds of 11/2 reflecting his potential. His credentials are robust, having previously secured the Golden Boot at the 2018 World Cup. More recently, Kane achieved the milestone of becoming England’s all-time top scorer during the qualifiers, netting a crucial penalty against Italy. This record underscores his consistent goal-scoring ability on the international stage.

Kane’s impressive club performance further bolsters his case. At Bayern Munich, he scored an astounding 44 goals in 45 appearances across all competitions, demonstrating his exceptional finishing skills. Additionally, his 12 assists highlight his ability to contribute to team play, an important factor given the tie-breaker criteria for the Golden Boot.

As England’s designated penalty taker, Kane’s chances of scoring are further enhanced. His proficiency in converting spot-kicks has been a significant asset for both his club and country. This role, combined with his knack for scoring in crucial moments, makes Kane a reliable bet for the top scorer accolade. His consistent performances in competitive matches underline his reliability and goal-scoring prowess.

Romelu Lukaku: A Valuable Option

Romelu Lukaku, priced at 18/1, offers substantial value as a Golden Boot contender. The Belgian striker’s remarkable qualifying campaign saw him net 14 goals, highlighting his lethal finishing ability. Lukaku’s overall international record is equally impressive, with 83 goals in 114 appearances for Belgium, underscoring his prolific nature.

Belgium’s group stage draw provides Lukaku with a favourable platform to accumulate goals. Facing Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine, Lukaku will have ample opportunities to add to his tally early in the tournament. His recent form has been stellar, scoring in seven out of eight qualifying matches, demonstrating his consistent ability to find the net.

Lukaku’s role as Belgium’s primary striker and penalty taker further enhances his goal-scoring potential. His physical presence and goal-poaching instincts make him a constant threat in the box. Given Belgium’s reliance on him for goals, Lukaku is well-positioned to make a significant impact and challenge for the Golden Boot.


Hakan Calhanoglu: An Interesting Outsider

At odds of 150/1, Hakan Calhanoglu emerges as an intriguing outsider for the Golden Boot. Although not a traditional forward, Calhanoglu’s role for Turkey is pivotal, particularly in set-piece situations. He is responsible for taking penalties and free kicks, which provides him with numerous scoring opportunities.

Despite not scoring in the qualifiers, Calhanoglu’s club form has been impressive, netting 13 goals in Serie A for Inter Milan this season. His ability to score from midfield positions and long-range efforts makes him a unique candidate. Turkey’s fixture against Georgia presents a key opportunity for Calhanoglu to open his account, but he is also capable of scoring against stronger opponents like Czechia and Portugal.

Calhanoglu’s versatility and proficiency in set-pieces could see him surprise many by finishing among the top scorers. His knack for scoring from range and his integral role in Turkey’s attack provide a compelling case for considering him as a long-shot bet for the Golden Boot.

Xherdan Shaqiri: A Potential Surprise

Xherdan Shaqiri, available at 250/1, represents another long-shot worth considering for the Golden Boot. Shaqiri’s previous performance at the European Championship, where he scored three goals, and his recent form in the qualifiers, with two goals in Switzerland’s final four matches, underscore his potential.

Shaqiri’s role as a set-piece taker and penalty scorer for Switzerland increases his chances of finding the net. Despite being in a challenging group with Germany, matches against Hungary and Scotland provide opportunities for Shaqiri to score. His experience and ability to perform in major tournaments make him a dark horse candidate.

Shaqiri’s propensity to score in crucial moments and his involvement in Switzerland’s set-pieces make him a viable outsider. His history of performing at the highest level, combined with favourable group stage fixtures, provides a reasonable argument for his inclusion as a potential surprise contender for the Golden Boot.

Prediction for the Euro 2024 Golden Boot

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Harry Kane: The Leading Contender

Based on a thorough analysis of player performances and the available data, Harry Kane stands out as the frontrunner for the Golden Boot at Euro 2024. Kane’s remarkable consistency in front of goal, both for his club and country, underscores his potential to secure this prestigious award. At Bayern Munich, Kane demonstrated his scoring prowess by netting an impressive 44 goals in just 45 appearances across all competitions. This form is mirrored in his international career, where he recently became England’s all-time leading scorer, highlighting his enduring quality and reliability.

Kane’s role as England’s primary penalty taker further enhances his appeal. His proficiency from the spot has been a significant factor in his goal-scoring tally, providing him with additional opportunities to score. In major tournaments, where penalties often play a crucial role, Kane’s ability to convert these chances can make a decisive difference. His consistent scoring in competitive matches also indicates his capability to perform under pressure, a critical attribute for anyone vying for the Golden Boot.

Moreover, Kane’s tactical importance to the England team cannot be overstated. He not only leads the line but also contributes significantly to the build-up play, often dropping deep to link up with midfielders and wingers. This dual role increases his involvement in the game, thereby creating more scoring opportunities for himself and assisting in key moments. Given England’s strong attacking setup and their likelihood of progressing deep into the tournament, Kane’s chances of emerging as the top scorer are substantial.

Hakan Calhanoglu: A High-Value Outsider

For those seeking higher odds and a potentially lucrative alternative, Hakan Calhanoglu represents a fascinating option. Although not a traditional striker, Calhanoglu’s integral role in Turkey’s attack makes him a compelling dark horse for the Golden Boot. Calhanoglu’s ability to score from various positions on the field, combined with his exceptional set-piece delivery, provides him with multiple avenues to find the back of the net.

Calhanoglu’s performance for Inter Milan this season has been nothing short of outstanding. Scoring 13 goals from a deeper midfield role in Serie A demonstrates his versatility and goal-scoring prowess. This form is expected to carry over to the international stage, where he will be crucial to Turkey’s attacking ambitions. As the primary penalty taker and free-kick specialist for his national team, Calhanoglu will have numerous opportunities to add to his goal tally, particularly in key group stage matches against opponents like Georgia, Czechia, and Portugal.

Turkey’s tactical setup often revolves around Calhanoglu’s creative playmaking and goal-scoring abilities. His knack for scoring from long range and set pieces adds a unique dimension to Turkey’s attack, making him a constant threat. Furthermore, his experience and composure in high-stakes matches equip him well to seize opportunities at critical moments. Given the relatively higher odds on Calhanoglu, he presents a valuable bet for those looking to capitalise on his underdog status.

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