Championship Outright Predictions: Who Will Clinch The Title In This Epic Race?

This Saturday marks the final simultaneous showdown for the top three Championship contenders before the season’s climax, setting the stage for a potentially historic title clash in the league’s annals.

You can find our weekend’s Championship predictions here, while on this page we have looked at the three candidates for the title, and provided our best bet at this late stage of the season.

Championship Title Outright Tip

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The Pinnacle of Championship Football: A Battle for the Ages

The Stage Is Set

In the vibrant theatre of English football, where dreams are nurtured and legends born, the Championship this season has unfolded like a gripping novel, each chapter more compelling than the last. At the heart of this saga are three protagonists – Leicester, Leeds, and Ipswich – each with their own tale of triumphs, tribulations, and an unwavering quest for glory.

Leicester City, with a tenure of 31 weeks at the pinnacle, have shown the tenacity and resilience emblematic of champions. Yet, as the season draws to a climactic close, they find themselves in a precarious dance with destiny, their once unassailable lead now a fragile veneer, one point shy of the summit.

Leeds United, a name synonymous with English footballing heritage, have rekindled their historic flame. Positioned just a whisper behind the leaders, their campaign has been a testament to consistency and an indomitable spirit.

Ipswich, the dark horses, have galloped into contention, defying odds and expectations. Their ascent to the top is not just a tale of success but a statement of intent, laying claim to a legacy long awaited.

The Tactical Tapestry

The narrative of this season is intricately woven with tactical masterstrokes, individual brilliance, and moments of sheer fortitude. Leicester’s early dominance, built on a bedrock of defensive solidity and clinical finishing, set the tone for a campaign of high stakes.

However, the recent form has eluded them, with a mere seven points from seven games, an anomaly in their otherwise stellar campaign. This juxtaposition of their early form with recent struggles highlights the unpredictable nature of football, where fortunes can pivot on the turn of a dime.


Leeds, under the stewardship of Daniel Farke, have embodied a blend of tactical acumen and relentless drive. Their momentum, particularly in 2024, has been nothing short of spectacular, bridging the gap to the summit with every match.

Ipswich’s journey, meanwhile, has been underscored by a blend of luck and sheer will. Their ability to outperform statistical expectations, scoring more and conceding fewer than the numbers predicted, speaks volumes of their resilience and perhaps, destiny’s gentle nudge.

The Statistical Symphony

The cold numbers, when brought to life, sing a compelling tale. Ipswich leads the overperformance, their reality outshining the forecasts. Leeds, while more grounded in their achievements, carry the momentum, a force as intangible as it is powerful.

Leicester’s goalkeeping prowess, conceding fewer than expected, has been a cornerstone of their campaign. Yet, as the matches wane, the question looms – can they recapture their early-season magic, or has the tide turned?

The Final Frontier

As we gaze upon the horizon, the final fixtures unfold like a chessboard, each move critical, each day a battle. Leicester’s path, though marred by recent stumbles, is theirs to lose. Their destiny, intertwined with the fates of Leeds and Ipswich, sets the stage for a denouement of epic proportions.

Leeds, with the toughest schedule, faces a challenge befitting their storied legacy. Their resolve, tested against the anvil of adversity, will be their greatest ally.

Ipswich, buoyed by a fortuitous wind, sails into the tempest, their eyes set on a prize that has eluded them, yet now seems within grasp.

The Verdict: Leeds to Claim the Crown


As the Championship season nears its zenith, the title race has narrowed to a thrilling three-way contest. Among the frontrunners, Leeds United emerges as a compelling candidate for the crown. Drawing upon a rich tapestry of data, performances, and strategic nuances, this analysis ventures to illuminate why Leeds, against the backdrop of stiff competition, stands out as the team to back for the Championship title.

The Foundations of Success

Leeds United, currently second in the standings, finds itself in a potent position to challenge for the top spot. With a formidable record of 26 wins, 8 draws, and 6 losses, their consistency is undeniable. The team has amassed an impressive 86 points, showcasing not only their capability to secure victories but also their resilience in drawing matches that might have otherwise been lost. Their goal difference of +44 is a testament to their balanced approach, underpining a solid defence while maintaining a prolific scoring record.

The Statistical Edge

Leeds’ journey to the upper echelons of the Championship is underscored by a remarkable blend of tactical intelligence and execution on the field. They have outperformed their expected points (xPts), a metric that hints at not just luck but a sustainable model of success, propelled by an efficient conversion of chances and robust defensive strategies. This overperformance is crucial, especially when juxtaposed with their rivals’, indicating a potentially decisive edge as the season concludes.

Notably, Leeds has shown an exceptional ability to maintain high performance levels across various match situations. Their attacking unit, boasting 75 goals, demonstrates versatility and depth, crucial for navigating the intense final stretch of the season. Defensively, the team has conceded the fewest goals among the title contenders, with just 31 goals allowed, underscoring a disciplined and effective defensive setup.

Momentum and Morale

Leeds United’s recent form—captured in their last five matches (WWWDW)—embodies a team peaking at the right moment. This stretch includes crucial victories and a notable resilience in drawing matches that could tilt the balance in a tight title race. Such momentum is invaluable, fostering a psychological advantage and boosting team morale as the finish line approaches.

Key Fixtures and Tactical Acumen

A closer examination of Leeds’ remaining fixtures, compared with their title rivals, suggests a favourable path ahead. Despite facing potentially challenging encounters, Leeds has demonstrated a commendable ability to secure points against top and bottom-half teams alike, a versatility that will be critical in the final games. Their performance against direct rivals, with Leeds winning all four matches against Ipswich and Leicester, speaks volumes of their readiness for high-stake matches, a factor that could decisively influence the title race outcome.

Moreover, Leeds’ tactical flexibility, a hallmark of Daniel Farke’s tenure, allows them to adapt and overcome varied opposition strategies. This tactical acumen, combined with the squad’s depth and the individual brilliance of key players like Crysencio Summerville and Luis Sinisterra, equips Leeds with the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of the Championship’s concluding phase.

The Verdict: Leeds to Triumph

In synthesising the array of statistical insights, performance trends, and strategic dimensions, the case for Leeds United as the Championship title winners is compelling. Their blend of attacking prowess, defensive solidity, and tactical flexibility, coupled with the favourable trajectory of their campaign, positions them uniquely for ultimate success.

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