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Watch greyhound races LIVE. Simply place a bet of at least £0.50 win or £0.25 each-way on your selection and enjoy the race! 18+ | T&C's Apply | In some stadium streaming might not always be available | Gamble Responsibly

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*Significant terms – Watch EVERY greyhound race LIVE. Simply place a bet of at least £0.50 win or £0.25 each-way on your selection and enjoy the race! 18+ |T&C’s Apply. 18+| Gamble Responsibly visit

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This page is dedicated to providing you with the latest betting news on greyhound racing. We have a team of greyhound experts that every day are providing you with the best betting opportunities and betting tips across the greyhound tracks in the UK and Ireland. We recommend that you bookmark this page and below you will find links to the most important races. In the dedicated pages, you will also find the best odds and the verdicts of our experts. Not only that, but you will also find the best betting offers from leading bookmakers.

How To Bet On Greyhound?

Below you will find some suggestions on how you can bet on greyhound to increase your chances of being successful. Always remember that greyhound betting is always gambling so do it responsibly and check the information at the bottom of the page for more details on this crucial topic.

Check conditions

Track conditions can affect greyhound racing, especially when we have wet weather. It is suggested that you watch the first couple of races on a card to figure out the situation. Normally when there is wet weather, wide runners are favourited. This is because, with the contours of all tracks, the inside rail can be a lot more challenging. Also, being in front can be an advantage during wet weather. During winter when conditions in the evening are often freezing, lots of tracks get compacted and inside runners can have a substantial advantage.

Look for well drawn dogs

Many dogs are starting with very short prices after suffering unlucky defeats. Usually, those dogs have lower odds as people have seen what happened and bookmakers are covering their back. It is, therefore, it is better to look for those dogs that are well-drawn. Most greyhound races are won by those dogs that can get the cleanest run. After all the first 100 yards out of the traps are normally very significant to the result of the race.

Keep a close eye on the young pup that can improve

Go for the youngsters. Even if they are inexperienced. Any greyhound that has not yet been competing over 20 runs or more still have a room for improvement, to learn how to trap better and run more smoothly. They have a lot more pace, and more motivations and prices are usually more valuable on them.

Find value in early prices

Once you have got a good understanding of the form at a track, you will also feel where are the better values. Some bookmakers might price dogs incorrectly, and if you can get the feeling of where the value odds are, you can get great results out of your betting activity.

Specialise at one or two tracks

Some punters make the mistake of betting everywhere and on everything. Dog betting can be dangerous if done like this as there are lots of meetings every day. If you want to have a chance to be successful, you should focus on only one or two tracks and become an expert. Lots of stadium have very good websites where you can watch past races, so you can really become a well-informed punter that will increase your chance of spotting value overtime.

Look for the run style that might be effective in some races

Some races might be more suitable for some dogs than others. Look also for the race composition and the field as the type of dogs that will take part can also affect how the race will pan out.

Study how trainers are operating

Some trainers are better than others, and some are better with young puts. Certain trainers also have better results in some tracks than others. All those are important information that you should take into account, and that can help you understand if there is value on certain prices.

Do not take too many risks in one race or chase your losses

There is so much dog racing that there are plenty of opportunities for clever punters. For this reason, there is no reason in taking any big risks on a single race but it is better to limit your staking to a level that is not damaging for your betting budget. You will not always win, the important is the long term scenario. Avoid betting more just because the price is shorter as you need to look at the value when assessing odds if you want to have a better chance of success

Is it possible to Each-way betting on greyhounds?

Even if a greyhound field is made up to six dogs, there are still opportunities for each-way betting in greyhound. If you back a greyhound for £10 each way, it means that your total stake is £20. That will be split in the following way: £10 will be bet on the dog to win, while £10 will be on the dog to place at a quarter of the win odds. To place the dog has to finish in the top two. 

Similarly to horse racing, betting each-way has many potentials. For instance, you could back each-way a long-odds underdog and get some good returns if it can get a place. Similarly, it will help you limiting your losses if the greyhound you have picked, doesn’t win but still manages to make it into the top two. 

How to win greyhound bets?

Well, this is an eternal question, and nobody has the answer. But, there are some rules you can follow that will give you the best chance when betting on greyhounds. 

Study the form carefully

Our experts are studying the past form of the greyhounds to identify potentials opportunities. For instance, it is essential to check the speed of their recent runs and compare it with the opponents. That would give you some reasonable indications on how they could potentially fare. Also, check for any potential problems they had in previous races to see if something has gone wrong or if they are consistent performers. 

Learn about trainers

Checking the trainers’ form is also suggested when it comes to betting on greyhounds, especially when betting ante-post. Some trainers might be going through a particularly positive or negative spell, while others might prefer a course or a period of the year to others. All those information will help you in your decision-making process when betting on greyhounds.

Where can I watch greyhound racing online?

Not all greyhound races will be available for streaming, but the majority will. The sport itself has had a revival since the arrival of online betting and streaming. This is because it makes it more exciting for punters to see the race they are betting on, even if they are at home. In most cases, punters just to need to place a small bet with that bookmaker to have the opportunity to watch the race. Either way, read the streaming terms and conditions of each bookmaker thoroughly if you are interested in watching greyhound racing online. 

What is the best way to bet on greyhounds?

The most popular way of betting on greyhound racing is to decide which selection will win a particular race. Once you have picked the greyhound that you believe has the best chances of winning, you can either decide to be paid out at the starting price, or you can take the price the greyhound is available at the time of placing your bet. Normally your dog will compete with other five rivals.

To have an improved chance of getting a return from your greyhound betting, you can also back your dog to be placed. In this scenario, if the dog you have picked finishes in the first two, you will get a return. Clearly, your returns will be lower than if you back the dog to win the race, but if you are not looking for big winnings, it can be satisfactorily anyway.

If you are interested in trying to increase your winnings in greyhound racing, you can also place an accumulator bet. In this instance, you will pick more than one dog to win, and if they all do so, you will accumulator will win. The more dogs you add in your accumulator, the higher will be the potential return but also the smaller will be the probability that you will win.

Difference Between Greyhound Early Prices and Starting Prices

Bookmakers are keen to get you to bet with them, and this is the reason why they are offering, in some cases, enhanced odds if you place your bet with them early. If you took an early price in the early days of online betting, you would risk that the dog price will drift, making your bet an unfortunate one. Those days, most bookmakers offer ‘best odds guarantee’ also called ‘best price’. With those deals, if the starting price is better than the odds you took earlier, the operator will honour the higher price. This takes away the risk of placing the bet early, but you should always make sure that you are betting at the highest price possible, so it is worth comparing the early prices with different bookmakers.

What are the online betting strategy for Win and Each-Way on Greyhounds? 

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is only worth placing an each-way betting on greyhounds if the odds are exceptionally high to justify it. Some bookmakers also offer ‘place only betting’, which is a good strategy if you believe a greyhound has a chance of finishing 2nd or 3rd but might not win the race. We usually use each-way betting as a strategy when betting on outsiders instead of fancied greyhounds. 

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