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Boxing Betting Odds

Betting has always been linked with boxing but in the past illegally. Now there are lots of bookmakers that are offering several betting markets on the most popular boxing contests. In this page, you will find the latest odds on the next bout, boxing betting tips and more information about boxing betting in general.

Upcoming Boxing Odds

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British Boxing Betting

The main concept of boxing is two people that are fighting following specific rules in a ring. Boxing is highly regulated, so you must learn more about the sport before going and place boxing bets. Every division has different belts that are assigned by the boxing federations. The World Heavyweight Boxing division is the most popular amongst fans and therefore punters. Over the last few years, it has captured more and more fans thanks to the excellent performance of British boxers. 

If you are interested in betting on any boxing match, simply go to the bookmaker’s section on this site and pick a bookmaker that you would like to open an account with. After registering you will be able to get a Free Boxing Sport Bet as long as you follow the terms and conditions of the offers (that you will find close to the offer and on the bookmakers’ sites). 

Popular Boxing Bets

Win-Draw-Win Market

The most popular bet in boxing terms is to predict the boxer that you think it will win the fight. The odds are showing three outcomes. You can have boxer A to win, boxer B or a draw (unlikely). The odds tend to be very short when there is a clear favourite, and this tends to happen the majority of times in boxing. 

Round Betting

In this case, you will need to predict how many rounds the fight will last. The betting sites will set up a line as to many rounds they think there will be and you can bet either on over or under. In professional boxing, there are usually 12 rounds, but double-check as this might vary depending on the bout. 

Method of Victory Odds

Another popular way of betting is predicting how the fight will be won. Bookmakers will put up odds on whether the fight will be won by points or knockout or by technical knockout. If you are looking for good value odds and willing to risk a bit more, this is a fun bet to place. Before doing so, check the records of the boxers as you might discover some pretty insightful trends.

Latest Boxing Betting Tips

How To Bet On Boxing And Win

When betting on Boxing, similarly to other sports, you need to have a proper strategy. Surely having a good knowledge of the sport is helpful and will enhance the possibilities that the strategy will be successful. As far as Boxing is concerned, it is clear that more a bettor knows about the boxers going into the ring, more will be the opportunities to win the bet. 

Creating a Betting Strategy For Boxing

Doing a betting strategy for Boxing is not as complicated as it might seem. In fact, picking the Winner of a boxing bout is a lot easier than deciding which team is going to win in a football match. This is because football teams are made up of eleven players, and many variants can come into play.

In a boxing fight, there are only two participants. If both turn up in the best conditions, the victory will be decided by skills, motivation and maybe a bit of luck. On the flip side, surprises tend to be rare in Boxing and whey they do happen, they are paid with big odds. Below we have summarised some of the things to consider when creating your betting strategy.

Is it a Boxer or Puncher?

Always take a look at fighter’s record. If they have lots of KO in their wins, they have aggressive punches and tend to win as fast as they can. If a fighter has a low percentage of KO’s, it means they have a strategy to go to the distance.

Study Recent Form

It is important to always check the form of the fighters before betting on Boxing. Hot streaks and recent defeats can give valuable insights.

Assess Strenght and Physical Size

Always check the physical size and strength of fighters. Remember in Boxing big men are likely to defeat smaller ones, despite some limited exceptions. 

What are their focus and motivation like?

In every sport, motivation and focus are critical, and you should always assess how those are like for the fighters involved before betting. 

Pick Reputable Boxing Sportsbook

You must have accounts with reputable bookmakers that have Boxing as one of their most important sports. Lots of bookmakers tend to cover just main fights. You should avoid those as it is a sign that they don’t see Boxing as a core for their business and therefore, odds and offers are like to be average. We suggest you don’t always bet with the same bookmaker, but you open at least three or four accounts.

In this way, you will be able to compare the odds and ensure that every bet you place is at the best possible price. Getting valuable odds is important to maximise the returns over time. Check our free bets page to take advantage of the many boxing free bets available.