The Top Darts Betting Sites 2024

Dive into our comprehensive guide to darts betting in the UK. We have looked at the darts betting services of plenty of bookmakers across the nation, comparing their offerings in detail, and, after a thorough analysis, we have come up with a top 10 list. The top 10 list highlights the frontrunners in this sport. Discover the ideal bookmaker for your darts betting requirements.


The Ultimate Guide to Darts Betting Sites in the UK

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just starting out in the world of darts betting, selecting the best betting site is really important.

On this page you will find the result of our extensive review of the top bookmakers to curate a list of our favourites, tailored to meet your needs for darts betting. Read on to explore our top recommendations for the best darts bookmakers.

The Best Darts Betting Sites and Why

These are the best bookmakers in the country for darts betting. We’ve thoroughly evaluated each option, ensuring you don’t have to after tests carried out by our experts.

1 – Bet365

Bet365 Group Ltd, a British online gambling company established by Denise Coates, is renowned as a leading bookmaker for darts betting, thanks to its extensive market offerings, innovative betting features, and attractive bonuses.

The platform offers abundant markets, featuring excellent in-play and live betting options, and superior live streaming for numerous darts events throughout the year. While Bet365’s odds may not always top those of other bookmakers, the breadth of event coverage and market options significantly compensates for this. Bet365 stands out particularly for its darts betting service.

Here are some reasons why our team prefers Bet365 for darts betting:

  • Bet365 covers a vast array of notable darts competitions.
  • The site is well-established and highly reliable.
  • Customer support is robust, and Bet365 holds a UK license.
  • The sportsbook includes betting lines on premier PDC events such as the World Matchplay, Grand Slam of Darts, Premier League of Darts, and many others. Bet365 allows you to place bets on top darts players like Peter Wright, Michael Van Gerwen, and Gary Anderson directly from its platform.

2 – Unibet

Unibet Review: A Premier Choice for Darts Betting Enthusiasts

Unibet has emerged as a leading destination for darts betting, especially for in-play betting enthusiasts. As the proud sponsor of the Premier League of Darts, Unibet backs up its involvement in the sport with extensive coverage, particularly strong in live betting scenarios.

Both their website and mobile app are designed for quick responsiveness to live sports dynamics, ensuring bettors can act swiftly as the game unfolds. With high-quality live streaming and a broad selection of real-time betting markets, Unibet stands out in the digital betting landscape.

Unibet Review Summary The expert team from the BettingTips4You has thoroughly examined Unibet’s online gambling platform, covering essential aspects such as the welcome bonus, features, and overall product offerings.

Although Unibet might not carry the historical weight of some long-standing sportsbooks, it excels in providing a contemporary betting experience that caters to today’s dynamic sports betting needs, especially when darts is concerned. The team’s findings confirm that Unibet operates as a legal, trustworthy, and transparent bookmaker, ensuring your personal information is kept secure and private.

From the analysis, it’s clear that not all bookmakers are deserving of patronage, but Unibet stands out for its commendable services and areas where there is room for enhancement. If you’re convinced that Unibet meets your betting needs, below you will find a banner where you can secure the welcome bonus when you sign up.

Unibet’s Mobile and Web Experience Unibet’s mobile app provides a seamless and efficient betting experience, allowing users to place bets swiftly and with ease. The app supports all the features available on the website but is optimised for speed and ease of use.

Conversely, the Unibet website offers a more in-depth exploration of betting options. It is ideal for those who prefer to immerse themselves in detailed research before placing bets. The website also provides an enhanced live streaming experience thanks to the larger display size compared to mobile devices.

John Pentin’s Prediction on Darts Betting John Pentin, the darts betting expert at, offers his insights specifically on darts betting at Unibet: “When it comes to darts, you can’t overlook Unibet’s offerings. The live streaming quality and the array of in-play betting markets make it a top choice for any darts enthusiast.”

Quote from John Pentin: “Darts betting at Unibet is unparalleled, especially during major events like the Premier League of Darts. Their quick-response platform and comprehensive market coverage provide everything a darts bettor needs for an engaging betting experience,” said John Pentin.

Unibet Offer Image

3 – Betfred

For those deeply engaged in the darts betting community, Betfred stands out as a cornerstone of the gambling world. Founded in 1967 by Fred Done, who remains chairman, Betfred has evolved into a multi-billion pound entity, continuously innovating while maintaining a strong legacy in the UK and Irish markets.

Betfred is not just a historical name; it’s a trusted platform where punters can manage their darts betting with confidence. Known for offering competitive odds and distinctive promotions, Betfred keeps its rivals on their toes, ensuring that it remains a top choice for both novice and seasoned bettors.

Betfred Review Summary: A Premier Choice for Darts Betting

For those deeply engaged in the darts betting community, Betfred stands out as a cornerstone of the gambling world. Founded in 1967 by Fred Done, who remains chairman, Betfred has evolved into a multi-billion pound entity, continuously innovating while maintaining a strong legacy in the UK and Irish markets.

Betfred is not just a historical name; it’s a trusted platform where punters can manage their darts betting with confidence. Known for offering competitive odds and distinctive promotions, Betfred keeps its rivals on their toes, ensuring that it remains a top choice for both novice and seasoned bettors.

Key Features of Betfred for Darts Enthusiasts

Betfred excels not just in traditional sports betting but shines brightly in its coverage of darts tournaments. From major championships like the PDC World Darts Championship to regional contests, Betfred offers comprehensive betting options. Here are some standout features:

  1. Live Streaming: Experience darts matches through HD live streaming, complete with expert commentary and instant betting options, available both on desktop and via the mobile app.
  2. Promotions: Betfred is known as ‘The Bonus King’ for good reason. Expect darts-specific promotions that enhance betting excitement and potential returns, such as odds boosts on selected matches and players.
  3. Customer Care: Dedication to customer satisfaction has been a pillar since Betfred’s inception. Their commitment extends to providing darts bettors with knowledgeable support and advantageous odds.
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Which darts betting site offers the best odds?

Determining which bookmaker offers the best odds for darts is not straightforward, as it varies by the market you choose to bet on. Each of the top bookmakers we’ve highlighted provides competitive odds, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, while bet365 might offer the most attractive odds on one player, Unibet could be the go-to for superior odds on another.

To ensure you’re getting the best value, it’s beneficial to use as many betting apps as possible. This approach allows you to leverage the unique offerings of each provider, securing the most advantageous darts betting odds. Moreover, joining multiple bookies not only enhances your betting experience but also allows you to take advantage of welcome bonuses and free bets specific to darts.

The importance of selecting a bookmaker with the best odds cannot be overstated, as your potential winnings are directly influenced by these odds. Most punters may not realise that better odds significantly boost their potential payout on successful bets.

When considering where to place your bets, remember that odds can vary widely, especially in popular tournaments like the PDC World Championship and UK Open, which draw large audiences and highly competitive markets. For bets on underdogs or favourites, the odds can differ greatly, so considering options like handicaps or spread bets might be more profitable.

For ease of use, select an odds format you’re familiar with—whether it’s European, American, Hong Kong, or Decimal. Always compare the odds with the best bookmakers before placing your bets to ensure you’re getting the best possible value. In our preview articles,we also suggest the best bookmaker that has the best price at the time of posting.

Our recommendations for top UK bookmakers with competitive darts betting odds include bet365, Unibet and Betfred, but always check the latest odds and compare across platforms to maximise your betting strategy.

Which bookmakers provide in-play darts betting?

The Excitement of In-Play Betting on Darts

Darts has become a major hit with TV audiences, especially during events like the PDC World Championship and the Premier League. Consequently, all major online bookmakers offer extensive in-play betting options for this thrilling sport.

Bet365 has long been renowned for its comprehensive range of in-play betting markets, but all the bookmakers on this page are worth considering for live darts betting.

Key Points for In-Play Darts Betting

One crucial aspect to remember when betting on darts in-play is to ensure your bet corresponds to the correct leg or set odds being offered. The dynamic nature of darts means that in-play bets can be placed or closed at any point during a leg or set. This flexibility allows you to secure profits or mitigate losses by closing your bets early.

How to Place In-Play Darts Bets

If you’ve never placed an in-play darts bet before, it’s straightforward. Simply visit any of the bookmaker websites on this page on your computer, tablet, or phone while watching a live match. You’ll see how the odds and prices change throughout the contest, reflecting the real-time action.

Trusting Your Instincts

In-play betting provides a unique opportunity to test your judgment against the bookmaker’s predictions. If you disagree with a trader’s prediction on a particular market at any time, that’s your chance to place an in-play bet and back your own insight. Whether you think a player is about to make a comeback or secure a decisive win, your in-play bet can capitalise on those moments.

By staying engaged with the match and keeping an eye on the odds, you can make informed decisions that enhance your betting experience. The fluid nature of darts means opportunities can arise quickly, so being prepared to act on your instincts is key to successful in-play betting.

Which Bookmaker Have the Best Darts Markets?

When it comes to darts betting, not all bookmakers are created equal. The depth and variety of markets available can vary significantly. Here’s a closer look at which bookmakers offer the best darts markets and what sets them apart.

Top Bookmakers for Darts Markets

Bet365 is a standout choice for darts betting. Known for its extensive market offerings, bet365 covers a wide array of options for both casual and dedicated bettors. For instance, during the PDC Premier League, bet365 provides over 40 markets on tournament specials alone, including:

  • Game with Highest Checkout of the Week
  • Match with Most 180s
  • Player to Score Most 180s
  • Total 180s
  • Total Legs
  • Handicap Legs Won

Additionally, for major events like the PDC World Championship, bet365 offers the Correct Set Score market, which is popular among darts fans.

Unibet also offers a strong selection of darts markets. Their platform is user-friendly and they provide competitive odds on a range of events, including the PDC Tour and other major tournaments.

Betfred is another reliable bookmaker for darts. They offer a variety of markets similar to bet365 and Unibet, ensuring that bettors have plenty of options to choose from when placing their bets.

Why Bet365 Stands Out for Darts Betting

Bet365 is often considered the best bookmaker for darts markets due to several key reasons:

  • Extensive Market Variety: Bet365 offers a broader range of betting options compared to other bookmakers, covering everything from match outcomes to detailed stats like total 180s and handicap legs won.
  • User-Friendly Platform: The interface is intuitive, making it easy to find and place bets.
  • Generous Welcome Bonus: New users can benefit from a welcome bonus, which provides extra bet credits to use on various darts events.
  • Live Streaming: Bet365 allows you to watch live darts through their streaming services, enhancing the overall betting experience.

Popular Darts Bets on Bet365

For those new to darts betting or looking to expand their options, here are some popular types of darts bets available on bet365:

  • Outright Tournament Winner Bet: Predict which player will win a tournament.
  • Match Win Bet: Bet on the player who will win a specific match.
  • Set Win Bet: Wager on who will win the next set, the total number of sets, or over/under a certain number of sets.
  • Nine-Darter Bet: Bet on a player achieving the highest possible checkout of 501, similar to a 147 break in snooker.
  • Most 180s: Bet on a player to score the most 180s in a particular game, leg, or set.
  • Handicap Betting: Apply a handicap to level the playing field between competitors, aiming to make the bet more balanced and potentially more rewarding.

For the best darts markets, bet365 emerges as the top choice, offering an unparalleled variety of betting options and user-friendly features. Unibet and Betfred also provide strong alternatives with competitive markets and odds. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to the sport, these bookmakers ensure a comprehensive and enjoyable darts betting experience.

Which bookmaker offers the best darts odds?

When it comes to finding the best odds for darts betting, it’s essential to compare across various bookmakers, especially for major tournaments like the PDC World Championship, PDC Premier League, and UK Open. These events attract a large TV audience, leading to highly competitive betting markets. From our odds analysis, we can say that the top darts bookmakers when it comes to the best darts odds are the following: Bet365, BetVictor, Parimatch, Betfred, Unibet, and Fitzdares. BetVictor and Betfred stand out particularly in this area for these reasons:

BetVictor: Consistent Odds and Promotions

Best Features: BetVictor is known for its competitive odds and regular promotions across various sports, including darts.

Biggest Negatives: Limited unique darts-specific offers compared to others.

Alternative: Betfred

Our View: BetVictor remains a strong contender for darts betting due to its consistent odds and attractive promotions. It’s a solid choice for bettors looking for reliability.

Betfred: Known for Special Odds Offers

Best Features: Betfred frequently offers special promotions for major darts events, enhancing the betting experience.

Biggest Negatives: The user interface can be less intuitive than some competitors.

Alternative: Bet365

Our View: Betfred excels in providing special offers and promotions for big darts events. Despite a less sleek interface, its promotions make it a worthwhile choice.

To ensure you get the best darts betting odds, it’s crucial to compare the offerings of at least these top bookmakers: Bet365, BetVictor, Parimatch, Betfred, Unibet, and Fitzdares. Each bookmaker has its strengths, so consider what features are most important to you, whether it’s unique promotions, live streaming, or competitive odds. Always check odds comparisons before placing your bets to maximise your potential returns. In our darts preview articles, our experts will also suggest the bookmakers that have the best odds specifically for the selections picked, at the time of posting. This will make it easier for readers who want to follow our tips to get the best prices.

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