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Get Here The Best Free Accumulator Betting Tips

On this page, you will find some of the best free accumulator betting tips. There are a lot of accumulators to be placed and in this section, we will give you a quick overview of the different types available and also how to best use our daily accumulator betting tips.

We have dedicated experts that look at the different games available every day and provide the best possible acca with the clear aim of finding the best possible value.


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What is an Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator bet is a bet that combines four or more selections into a single bet that only gets a return when all of his parts win. The reason why accumulators are so popular is that potential wins are significantly higher despite the increase in risk. It only takes a selection to lose that the entire bet will lose. 

If there are non-runners then the returns are calculated as if the accumulator didn’t include the selection. For instance, a fivefold will become a fourfold. You can bet on accumulators on any sports, but bookmakers will have different rules in the way you can combine the selections. For instance, you cannot combine selections from the same event into the same accumulator. All the selections have to be mutually independent to be accepted. 

The reason why accumulators have become so popular is that they allow punters to win big amounts despite staking low amounts. Some accumulators can return in the region of thousands of pounds upfront of investment of just a few quids. Despite this is an attractive proposition, you need to understand that statistically winning accumulators is more difficult than winning single bets. The bookmaker margin increases significantly for every selection that you add in your acca bet. 

What are the most common Accumulator Tips

As mentioned above there are a number of different accumulators you can place. The most common is a win accumulator. This is a simple bet where you select the teams that you believe will win their matches.

In order to get a return, you need all the selected teams to win their respective matches. There are many bookmakers that offer some accumulator promotion where you can get your money back if certain conditions are met: for example, if only one team will let you down then you can get your money back.

Why Accumulators can turn a small bet into big profit?

Surely winning with accumulators is more difficult however if you do then the profit will be surely bigger than a single bet. Some lives have been changed in just 90 minutes. This is why people like to bet on accumulators as with a small risk you can win really big. Imagine that with £1 or £2 you can make a return of over £20,000 if things go in the right way. We like to provide daily accumulator betting tips to our users.

Someday we provide some rather safe bets but others we go much more aggressive and hope for the best. Similarly to a single bet, the more information you have on the teams involved the bigger are the possibilities that you can get a big return.

Why our accumulator betting tips so good?

Well, as mentioned previously there is not a secret. It is just hard working. We take particular care in selecting the teams that have better chances of winning a game and we always do that mixing our football experience with statistics and form. The advantage is that every bookie accepts mixed accumulators which means you are not limited in picking teams in the same league.

Generally, there are a number of strategies that you can deploy when creating an accumulator. You can look at teams that are particularly strong at home or away or teams that are in desperate need of a win. If you are after a decent profit but you don’t want to risk too much then you can go for a form acca.

Different strategies

In this case, you simply need to select the favourites that are likely to win their match. More often than not big teams like Man City, Chelsea, Bayern Munich and so on tend to win comfortably their games so the likelihood that you get a decent return is good.

Another strategy is to mix some draws. You can even create what is called draw accumulators. In this case, the difficulty increase as picking draws is more difficult than picking winners but if you only get 3 or 4 right then you will celebrate with Champagne.

What kind of accumulator do you post?

We tend to vary our accumulator tips so that everyone is satisfied. Some days we go more on the safe side but others we go more aggressive. We have a variety of football accumulator tips on a number of markets: both teams to score, both teams to score and win, Premier League accumulators, Champions League accas, Europa League accas and so on.

What is a Win Accumulator?

A win accumulator is the most popular type of multiple bet. As the name suggests, in the win accumulator you are picking teams who you believe are going to win their respective matches. You can then put them into a football accumulator. To win the football accumulator, you need all the teams you have selected to win their respective matches. If even one of those doesn’t win, you will lose your bet.

Take advantage of accumulator insurance promotions

The good news is that some bookmakers are offering a refund if one of the teams in your accumulator will let you down. Those types of promotions are called accumulator insurance promotions. Usually though, for the accumulator to be eligible, it would need to have at least 5 selections. This can significantly ease the pain of losing an accumulator bet for just one team. Find this and other promotions on our free bets page.

What Is An Acca Insurance Offer?

An acca insurance is a promotion that some bookmakers offer to those customers that like to place accumulator bets. Punters can use this promotion to get a refund or a free bet when only one of your selections let you down. 

Especially if you bet regularly on accumulators, those types of promotions can add significant value to your betting activity. Depending on the operator, punters should secure this offer when they add a minimum number of selections to their bet. For most bookmakers, the acca insurance is available when you place a multiple with at least 5 selections, while some others only require 4 selections. So, if you place regularly acca bets, we strongly suggest you to take full advantage of this opportunity. 

How Do Acca Insurance Offers Work?

Each bookmaker offer is slightly different from the other, so you should always carefully read the terms and conditions before betting. The first thing to look at is how many selections you need to qualify for the offer. Usually, it is 4 or 5, but there might be differences with some operators. Another important thing to consider is what are the minimum odds requirements that are needed. Each selection has to meet a certain price, and also the total odds has to be equal to or higher than a set amount. You also need to check the maximum amount you can get as a refund or free bet: usually, it is between £10 and £50, but this tends to change significantly depending on the bookmaker you select. 

What are the key advantages of a Win Accumulator?

The main reason why accumulator bets are so popular is that allow you potentially to turn a minimal amount of cash into considerable amounts in just 90 minutes. So let’s say you have a £5 or £10 budget for your weekly bets, placing a couple of £1 or £2 acca makes complete sense. This will allow you to get a decent return if even one will land. So not only accumulators are great value for money, but they are also fun. Watching games with just £1 or £2 bet on makes the whole thing a lot more exciting, and this is why lots of punters and football experts love them.

How do I select good win Accumulator Tips?

The first thing to do when looking at accumulator tips is to check what is the past performance. Our team of experts have been able to produce some fantastic results in the last few years and this is why our accumulator tips as so popular, especially the ones on football. The reason why we are delivering well above the average is that we have teams members with years of knowledge and experience in creating accumulator tips. This allows them to be very efficient in picking selections from different leagues around the world. Before placing an accumulator bet, always check what our experts are suggesting.

We do love transparency. For this reason, in every of our accumulator tips articles, you will find information on past results.

What are the best strategies to pick good accumulator betting tips?

There are different strategies to use when looking for good accumulator tips. The one we prefer is to look for teams that have outstanding home form. By combining those teams, you can get excellent odds for your accumulator bet.

If you are looking to get a bigger return and willing to take a bit more risks, you can always pick teams that are performing well away from home. For instance, teams like Manchester City are good to have in your acca when they are playing away. They are reliable and still have decent odds.

Value is on the draws

The final popular strategy is to back a draw accumulator. Odds for draws are very high, and you can get excellent payouts if you are capable of predicting 3 or 4 games that will end in a stalemate. Usually, the return would be in the region of 50/1, so worth considering.

Which bookmaker should I use to back your Win Accumulator Tips?

This is up to you. We try to select the bookmakers that have the best odds for the selections we pick. We suggest that you sign up to more bookmakers, so you are ready to take advantage, bet by bet, of best odds. Feel free to visit our free bets page where you will find very lucrative sign-up offers.

Where can I get Accumulator free bets?

Our free bets section has around £500’s worth of free bets from all the top bookmakers on the internet. The majority of names you will recognise as they are massive betting brands and some also present in most high streets.

Do you offer different types of Accumulator Tips?

Yes, we do. Our team are offering different types of accumulator betting tips, mostly daily. See below.

Are accumulator bets worth it?

Surely when you land an accumulator bet the return that you will get is significantly higher than the risk. People like placing acca bets as even if you stake a small amount, you can hope to get a big return. Winning an accumulator bet is not easy, though, and you will find you ‘go close’ many times. Even if you pick all selections that have incredibly short odds, the chances of one of those slipping is high and the more selections, the more is the risk of this happening. 

How do you win an accumulator bet?

Unfortunately, nobody is capable of winning accumulator bets all the time. There are, however, strategies that can help achieve a higher winning rate and below, we have summarised some key points to follow.

Step One: Do your research

The first thing you should do before venturing yourself into creating the acca is to do some research to see what are the selections that are worth including in your acca bet. Take a look at league tables, form, odds, lineups, fixtures, and so on. Our team of experts do that daily for all the acca we publish on our site. Do not over-analyse, but the data is important.

Step Two: Find the value selections

Once you have the data available, the next step is to digest it and find those opportunities where the odds are particularly good. This part requires some experience and the best way is to draw a preliminary list of the games available and narrow it down using data, experience and odds value. 

Step Three: Ensure you are winning the maximum possible from your bet

Even the best bookmakers might have significantly different views on some events, and therefore odds tend to vary from one operator to another. You must maximise your return, so only bet with the bookmakers that are offering the best odds for your acca bets. Here at bettingtips4you.com we already do this work on your behalf and suggest the bookmaker that has the best price for the selections we are tipping. This saves lots of time as you don’t have to go and compare several bookies. 

What are the top 3 tips when placing accumulators bets?

Tip #1 – Don’t be distracted by the potential return

When you add more selections in your betting tips, it is great to see that the potential return is getting larger and larger as the odds get multiplied together. Don’t let this distract you when placing an accumulator bet. This is because to win an accumulator you need all the selections to be correct, and if the odds are increasing, the risk is also going in this way. It is advisable to keep the number of legs in a betting slip to a reasonable level. We have found that if you add more than 5 different selections, your chances of winning would be extremely low.

Tip #2 – Always keep your stake low

As we have mentioned before, accumulator betting is the riskiest form of betting out there. When you win an accumulator bet the reward is therefore significant, so it doesn’t make sense to risk too much capital when placing such bets. 

Tip #3 – Combine favourites into the same slip

Since the odds would be anyway relatively high, when placing an accumulator it makes sense to combine several favourites. Surely, everything can happen in football so you would still need to ensure that the favourites you are adding have a chance of delivering on expectations. To make things more interesting, you should then add one riskier selection, without going too wild as you need to keep in mind that if the ‘riskier’ selection loses, your entire bet will lose, regardless if the favourites have done their job. 

How to place an accumulator bet

Placing an accumulator is very simple, and with the vast majority of bookmakers can be done in just a few minutes. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to place an accumulator bet: 

  • Firstly you need to choose the sport (for instance football)
  • Then you need to type the bet you want to place (ie. team to win)
  • Make your selection you want for your acca
  • Add your selections to your bet slip
  • In the ‘multiples’ section, you will see that there will be ‘Accumulator’
  • Enter the amount of money you want to stake
  • Check your selections and then click on ‘place bets’

What is an each-way accumulator bet?

Accumulators are great fun, but let’s not forget that the risk is very high as if only one leg will fail you, the whole accumulator will lose. One way to alleviate some of the risks is to place an each-way accumulator bet, which is possible on some sports like horse racing. 

Basically, an each-way accumulator bet come as two separate bets, which means that the stake you place is then doubled. For instance, if we were to place a £1 bet on an accumulator, the stake would become £2 as you would need to cover two bets. This allows the punter to see a return if their horses will not win but would still manage to place. The first outcome is the ‘to win’ part of the bet, in which you would need all four horses to win their respective races for the accumulator to win. The second part of the bet is the ‘to place’ part, which means you would need the horses to finish in the top places to win. It is important to check with bookmakers how many top places they are paying in a race, but usually, those are three or four. For instance, in some cases, it is possible to place an each-way accumulator on football, especially if you are placing bets on winners of events or competitions and the operators are offering ‘to place’ odds.

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