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Best NBA Betting Tips

If you love betting on the NBA you will love this section. Here you will find the best betting tips or picks as the Americans call them on the NBA made by our top experts. On this page, you will also find the most common answers in regards to how the key basketball betting markets work. 

Regular NBA Picks

Our experts are looking at the NBA matches and when they identify good betting opportunities will post their tips. You will find a link in this page. You will also find a complete analysis of the NBA match. Below are the latest NBA betting tips and analysis: 

Latest NBA Betting Tips

What NBA games do you cover with your picks?

We preview all NBA games that we believe can bring some value to our readers. We also give special attention to those matches that are either live stream by bookmakers or are live on TV in the UK. Those tend to be the most competitive ones, and you will be able to find better odds and sometimes even free bets offers. This is because the best betting sites are competing to secure as many players as possible. Our team of NBA betting experts are researching carefully all the games they tipped and this will be clear to you by reading the analysis. 

What time do tonight’s NBA tips get posted?

It depends as odds might suddenly change, and therefore our team of NBA betting experts decide to post a new game. We usually try to get the NBA betting preview live at least a day before but check this page regularly to avoid missing out on any great NBA predictions. 

NBA Free Bets

Betting on the NBA is great fun. Doing so with some free bets it is the best you can get. Check our free bets section where you will find plenty of NBA free bets to choose from. There are more than £500 in new account opening offers to choose from, and those are consistently updated by our betting offers team. 

NBA Betting Terms Explained

If you like NBA but haven’t been betting on it frequently, you might struggle to get the meaning of some Americans betting market names. Nothing to worry about as everything is pretty simple and we have provided a quick explanation here.

  • Money Line –  this is in American sports equal the term ‘To Win’. If you are backing a team on the money line it means that you predicting that team to win the match. 
  • Point Spread –  this is the American equivalent for handicaps in football betting. So if you are backing Miami Heat -2.5 point spread it means that Miami will have to win by 3 or more points margin to get a return from your bet. 
  • Game Totals – this indicated the total number of points scored by both teams. It is very similar to the Under / Over bet in Football. Let’s say you have a market that says Indiana Pacers @ Miami Heat – Under/Over 195. If you bet on the Over you need a total point from 196 and more and the other way around for Under.
  • Parlay – the parlay is just the American term to indicate an accumulator bet.

We hope you will love our free NBA betting tips and predictions. Remember to have fun and always gamble responsibly. See at the bottom of the page for more info on this. 

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