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Virtual Horse Racing

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Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual Horse Racing is a popular feature on several betting sites. Even though it is not anywhere close to the real thing, Virtual racing can be an attractive proposition when there are not live events. As you can gauge from the name, ‘Virtual’ means that it is an animated simulation of a real horse race. Everything is recreated so that it looks familiar: the Racecourses have their own names, horses and jockeys have names and at everyone is assigned odds. In reality, though the virtual racing is ultimately a game of luck similar to any other casino games. 

Place your bets and hope for the best

As soon as you have made your decisions and placed your bets, you can watch the virtual race unfolding. As mentioned earlier, this type of bet is popular amongst punters that are willing to bet on horses when there are no live actions, for instance, in the mornings and the evenings. The number of horses in every race will change depending on the race. You can also see the form of your horse but winning at Virtual Racing is not a matter of skill, it is just luck. It is undoubtedly a fun pass time even if it is a different thing from betting on live horse races. 

Virtual Horse Racing With BetVictor

If you wish to bet on Virtual Horse Racing you should try Bet Victor. They have a dedicated section called Chandler Park where you can experience some of the thrills of the racetrack directly from your PC or mobile device. The number of horses that are in each race at Chandler Park is six. For every horse, you will be able to see the owner and trainer and different jockeys will ride horses from race to race. After you have made your choice and picked the horse you like, you can watch the race that will simulate the thrill you can experience at a real racetrack. 

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William Hill Virtual Racing

William Hill also has a Virtual Racetrack that is called Hilltop gardens. Races there will take place every three minutes every day and night. With this product, you can watch all the action in live stream even if you haven’t placed a bet like if you were at a racetrack. 

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