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US Election Betting: Trump Is Struggling In Polls And Needs A Strong Third-Party Challenge

Mark Cuban - US Election Betting: Trump Is Struggling In Polls And Needs A Strong Third-Party Challenge

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Trump Is Struggling In Polls And Needs A Third-Party Challenge 

Pools for November’s election are not good news for Donald Trump, but surely the battle is not over as we saw in 2016. One peculiarity of the 2016 US Elections was that both Trump and Hillary Clinton were the two least popular candidates in the presidential election history. This is because the combined share of the Republican and Democrats reached only 94.3% vs 98.3% of four years before. The likes of Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and Jill Stein (Green) doubled their vote share in 2012 and almost certainly took the votes away from Clinton.

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Trumps in needs of more votes

Looking at the polls, it is improbable that Trump will be able to improve his 46.1% vote share. The latest polls signal that he is at 44.5%. To retain his presidency, he needs independent candidates to take votes away from Joe Biden. Surely there will be extra candidates. Justin Amash, for instance, is an ex-Republican who is running for the Libertarian candidacy. Amash has been one of the first to call for Trump’s impeachment and surely could steal votes to Biden.

Mark Cuban could play a big role

Mark Cuban is a more interesting figure. He is the Dallas Mavericks owner and is also the star of TV show ‘Shark Tank’. He has been a critic of Trump even before the businessman entered the office and has always flirted with the idea of taking part in the presidential election. With the Republican nomination being out of the question this year, he might decide to give it a go as an independent. Amash and Cuban might attack Trump and expose his corruption and failures, but we believe that they are unlikely to gain many supporters as Trump’s base is too solid.

It is likely to get votes away from Republicans who are unhappy with Joe Biden as president. Cuban could have crossover appeal though as he is a billionaire sports investor and could potentially get some votes away from Trump. In reality, though, he would appeal mostly to independents who are, at the moment, breaking strongly for Biden. He will also get younger voters which the Democrats so desperately need.

The Green Party is a threat to Biden

Green will surely damage Biden as they are likely to attract some Sanders’ supporters. But can the trio just mentioned, do to Biden what Stein and others did to Clinton? Unlikely, but there are lots of doubts about Biden. He hasn’t been able to excite important sections of the Democrat base, but still, he is not as toxic as Clinton who spent 2016 under FBI investigation.

One thing many of us missed in 2016 is the influence of third parties and independents in the final vote results. In the next few months, we would have to estimate the independent candidates’ effect carefully to see how those can swing the vote in one or the other side like they did in 2016.

Our Verdict: Back Biden To Win 2020 US Elections

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