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UK Politics Betting: Is There Value In Backing Sunak?

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Is There Value In Backing Sunak?

Rishi Sunak, despite being in the office for only a few weeks, has responded strongly and decisively to the current crisis and it is not surprising to see that he has emerged as an early front-runner to succeed Boris Johnson.

It is clear that politics, especially during those times, is moving very fast. The reputation of Rishi Sunak has grown impressively. Only six months ago, the 39-year-old MP for Richmond was hardly known to the public. Boris Johnson, however, decided to give him the job of Chancellor of the Exchequer after the resignation of Sajid Javid. Now Sunak’s rise is continuing, and he can be backed at odds of just 2/1 to be Next Conservative Leader. But is this a gamble we should be involved with, or it is not worth a punt yet? One thing is sure, if he has to be backed, it has to be now, or the odds are likely to shrink even further.

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Chancellors are nearly always worth backing

Surely he has very strong credentials. All Chancellors has to be considered with respect. Three of the last eight Prime Ministers have seen the next-door neighbours moving from Number 11. Sunak has made an impressive start. He didn’t hesitate to respond firmly to the current economic crisis and, in doing so, he has appeared to be competent and clear on what needs to be done.

Backing Sunak might be right but do not get carried away

Reputation can grow fast but can be destroyed just as quickly. Brown and Major are the proofs of this, and the same has happened to Theresa May. We cannot predict how this grave crisis will eventually end. The same can be said of the effects of the recent bold government’s measures on both the economy and people’s incomes. We have seen in the past that some policies, which might seem reasonable at the beginning, might ultimately reveal themselves as mistakes.

Many will consider that this is an unprecedented situation when judging the government decisions, yet an awful outcome will necessarily damage the reputation of any government and his Chancellor.

Too early days for these markets

Considering that Johnson should stay until 2024 or even later, it is very early to get involved, at such low odds, with Sunak. To place a bet at this moment in time, with so much uncertainty around, you should be looking for significantly either odds. Some candidates do fit that profile in the betting market at this moment. Let’s look at who they are.

Patel and Raad are more valuable options

Other senior Ministers make a lot more appeal at the moment. Priti Patel fits perfectly the role of the dream Home Secretary of the Tory. She should be a top candidate and backing her at 16/1 looks intriguing.

Dominic Raab, another ‘pure Brexiter’, is currently in the perfect job. The Foreign Secretary is a lot less exposed than the Chancellor who can be vulnerable to a recession or errors in the Budget. In case of a war or overseas crisis, it is the PM who takes control and the blame, so Raab is not risking much at the moment and at 16/1 is a good option as well.

Matt Hancock is at 25/1. He is a decent communicator and has emerged recently as a frontline figure in the government also for his role. So even if Sunak has made a great start, the odds are simply too short to get involved with so much uncertainty and so far away from the elections. Better to go for ministers with bigger odds with the view of cashing out in a few months.

Our Verdict: Back Dominic Raab To Be Next Conservative Leaders

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