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Tote Betting Guide

The majority of people who are used to go to the races will be familiar with the Tote. Merely speaking the Tote is a pool of all the money bet from which winners get paid. This works differently from fixed odds bookmakers who are pricing specific outcomes of events.

Tote has excellent popularity as it can deliver great payouts upfront of a limited stake. In many ways, it is similar to the lottery, but it is based on horse racing. There are several different types of Tote Betting which we will go through in this article. Even though Betfred currently owns ToteBetting, you can play the Tote with most UK bookmakers as they have been acquiring the license to do so.

Tote Betting Types

There are several types of tote pool bets that can be placed. All of those bets are multiple type bets that require the punter to pick the winning horses in several races. 

It is important to remember that you can bet for a win and a place also on the tote. 

Tote Scoop6

The Scoop6 is a hugely popular type of tote which is played on a Saturday. It features 6 live races, and you need to predict correctly the winner of every one of those races to win. What is appealing most punters is that for just £2 you have the opportunity to secure a lifetime amount. If nobody is winning the scoop6 then the jackpot is rollover to the following week. If there are no winners for several weeks, the amount quickly reaches six figures. Back in 2006, it was Agnes Haddock who become the first totescoop6 millionaire after she guessed all the six winners of the scoop6 correctly and landed the jackpot. 

Tote Jackpot

The Tote Jackpot is one of the most popular tote bets. All is required is for you to pick the winner of all 6 totejackpot races. The tote select one race meeting every day, seven days a week. To win you will have to pick the winner of every of the first six races on the card. Similarly to the scoop6 when the jackpot is not won, it does roll over to the next day. When there are top racing festivals like Cheltenham and Royal Ascot the jackpot can reach millions.  

Tote Placepot

To win the Tote Placepot you have to pick a placed horse in every of the 6 placepot legs. This is available in every UK race meeting. The popularity is that winning is a lot easier than other forms of jackpot and can deliver great returns (usually in the range of £460 per £1 staked). It also gives you an interest in all of the races and the risks are low since the stake amount is just a pound. 

Tote Quadpot

The Tote Quadpot is a variation of the tote placepot as it only applies to legs 3 to 6 of the race meeting. This provides you with the chance of playing of the last couple of races in case your tote placepot bet is lost earlier. All you need to do is selecting a horse to place in every of the selected races. 

Tote Trifecta

Differently from the Tote bets we have seen, the Tote Trifecta is only focusing on one race. To win, you have to predict the 1st, 2nd and 3rd correctly in the right order in a race with 8 or more runners. The totesport decides the race. Totesport will provide several races where you can play the Tote Trifecta. This type of bet is very popular when there is a very strong favourite in the field, and you are looking to get more value from your bet. 

Tote Exacta

The Tote Exacta is similar to the previous type of Tote, but easier as you are only picking the first and second in the race. Again, this is very popular, especially when there is a very strong favourite in a race. This race is the same as the straight forecast, but the difference is that in this case, the payout will not be determined by the odds but by how big is the pool. 

Tote Swinger

The Tote Swinger is one of the newest types of totepool bets. Here you can pick two horses to end in the first three places. This is particularly popular amongst punters who can make their minds on who is going to win between two horses. By using Tote Swinger you are hedging your bets and back both to end in the top three.