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Sports Bet Offers: A Guide

In the very competitive world of online gambling the various sportsbooks offer special incentives in order to attract and keep customers. This is good news for the customer as there is usually some form of promotional or sports bet offer to be availed of. As is the case with most free offers in any field there are the good, the bad and the indifferent but any sports bet offer is always worth a second glance and especially if it can be used to your advantage.

Where Do I Find Sports Bet Offers?

The best sports bet offers are usually, but not always, presented to new account holders in order to attract business. These are, of course, useless to existing account holders although sometimes this is not the case. No matter how many gambling websites you are registered with, there will be sports bet offers from time to time and these can usually be found on the site’s home page under a tab called “Promotions” or something similar. The websites themselves will also usually inform their members of current sports bet offers by e-mail.

Are Sports Bet Offers Easy to Use?

They should be although some sportsbooks seem to take great delight in making even the simplest of offers as complicated as possible. All sports bet offers will have some terms and conditions attached and these should be read in full to avoid any disappointment or confusion later. Things such as maximum and minimum stakes, time restrictions and rollover requirements are important to know. If you don’t understand what you can and can’t do and how much it may cost it is better to ignore the sports bet offer entirely.

Do I Need to Open an Account to Avail of Sports Bet Offers?

Unless the particular offer is intended for existing account holders only then the answer would have to be yes! As previously stated, most sports bet offers are used as a marketing ploy to attract new business and new accounts. Very few online gambling websites are just going to throw out free sports bet and other promotional offers to the general public with no expectation of making a return on the deal.

How Do I Use Sports Bet Offers?

Each offer will have different terms and conditions attached. Some offers are simply a free bet for a set stake amount to reward customer loyalty but most are a little more complicated. There could be requirements to stake a set amount of money or specified odds limits so always read the T’s and C’s closely for the exact details.


Generally speaking, sports bet offers are good for the customers as they give some small return on your money or offer a chance to make a small profit on a bet. But there are some bad sports offers out there which are simply not worth the time and effort involved in understanding or using. If you find any of these offers too confusing or they seem a bit dubious then it would be best to ignore them and wait until a more suitable sports bet offer comes along which doesn’t usually take too long!