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Special Betting Odds

For lots of time betting has been seen as only available for sports fanatic. Horse racing and football have always lead the way, but things have started to change in recent times. The huge popularity achieved by reality TV has attracted millions of fans and bookmakers have tried to capitalise by offering more and more betting opportunities.

Regardless if you are stockbroker interesting in gambling on the state of the UK Economy or a film fan that thinks to know who is going to win the Oscars, there will be something for you. 

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X Factor Betting

Starting in September until Christmas it is X Factor who is taking over on Saturday night television. This very popular program is followed closely by bettors who are trying to take advantage of the moving odds that react depending on how the public is voting. If you love X Factor placing bets on it will make it even more entertaining.

Big Brother & Celebrity Big Brother Odds

The Big Daddy of Reality TV is still Big Brother. Every summer a group of wannabe celebrities move into the Big Brother house hoping to win the favour of the public and the cash price. There is also a Celebrity version fo the competition that takes place earlier in the year. 

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Betting

I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here is another TV program that is extremely popular both with viewers and punters. It takes place every year in the Australian outback. In addition to the winning market, you will also be able to back the next person to be evicted, top male, female etc. The program is usually screened in November. 

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Betting

Strictly Come Dancing Odds

Another top programme is Strictly Come Dancing. Celebrities are dance their socks off every Saturday night hoping to win the final price. This is another very popular betting event with punters that are predicting on the next to leave and also on the sex of the winner. The show is screened from September to December. 

Strictly Come Dancing Betting

The Jump

The Jump is growing fast in popularity with lots of celebrities that are competing in several snow sports every Sunday. Lots of betting options available and we will keep you updated with the latest best odds.

Dancing On Ice Odds

ITV’s Dancing On Ice is the competitor of Strictly Come Dancing. In this show, the celebrities are battling out on the ice together with professional skaters. Similarly to Strictly Come Dancing it does attract lots of bets from viewers. 

The Voice Betting

The Voice is a BBC1 singing competition which is similar to X Factor. Also, in this case, lots of betting opportunity throughout the season. 

Britain’s Got Talent Odds

Britain’s Got Talent is another popular format created by Simon Cowell. It is very similar to X Factor, and three judges are trying to pick up the most talented artist. It is filmed in May every year, and everyone can win from an opera singer to a dog to a dance group. 

TV Soap Opera Odds

In addition to entertainment shows, betting sites also provide odds for the most popular soap operas. The fast-changing storylines offer lots of opportunities for betting and punters can bet on the dramas in Coronation Street, Eastenders and Emmerdale. We will provide all the latest odds in our dedicated pages.

Sports Personality of the Year Odds

The Sports Personality of the Year awards are given just before Christmas. The top sportsman in Great Britan is getting one, and there are also other awards for top team, top youngster, top overseas sportsman and so on. There are lots of betting opportunities with punters that are placing bets throughout the year on this market. We will keep you updated with the latest betting news and odds in our dedicated page. 

Sports Personality of the Year Betting

Awards Betting

Every year there are plenty of film awards and music awards that are handed out. You can bet on The Grammys, The Golden Globes, The Baftas, The Oscars, The Brits and many more.

Other Specials Betting Markets

Betting sites are offering odds on almost everything. For instance, you can bet on who will be the Christmas Number One in the UK chart or who will be the General Election. You can also bet if there will be a white Christmas. As long as there is a measurable event, it is possible to find a betting site that will offer a price for it.

You can still bet on things like Miss World and the Eurovision Song Contest: many might think why those show still exist. The audience, though, is substantial and lots of people like to place a flutter while watching those events. Bookmakers try to capitalise on this captive audience while offering the opportunity to have extra fun while watching. 

Specials Tips

When there are Specials tips will display those here.

What Are Novelty & Special Bets?

Special betting, also known as Novelty betting, is a very modern betting phenomenon that has been rising in popularity, especially since the explosion of online betting. Nowadays you will find almost every bookmaker that is offering special bets. Some betting markets are so popular to attract millions of pounds in bets. For instance, betting markets on mainstream TV shows or politics. 

A less serious way of betting?

Usually special bets are seen to be a more fun type of wagering compared with sports betting. This is normally true as professional gamblers tend to focus on other mainstream sports like football and horse racing.

How To Place Novelty & Specials Bets

Novelty and special bets are very similar to other sports bets. All you need to do is predicting an outcome and this means you can normally bet with a single or with a multiple. The only restriction is that with special bets the line provided are limited compared with mainstream sports markets. This is because the competition is lower and also bookmakers are taking higher risks given the volatility and unpredictability of some specials bets.