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Soccer Prediction

Soccer Prediction

How does Soccer Prediction Looks Like Across Different Markets?

Since football, or as Americans like to call it soccer, is the most popular sport worldwide, it is logical to expect that the bookmakers are going to offer the widest range of betting markets for soccer prediction. We’ll just cover the most prominent ones, which will allow you to have a deeper look at why we introduces all these new sections after all in the recent period.

Soccer Prediction on the Outcome

This is the core of any soccer prediction. You basically have three possible outcomes, and you choose which of the two teams will take the victory. Alternatively, you can go with the draw option as well. The bookmakers will also have DNB (draw no bet) options where they narrow your choice to only two options, either home or away win. In case of the draw, they will return your stakes.

Soccer Prediction on the Number of Goals

This market has been more and more popular in the recent period as there are plenty of soccer predictions which focus on Over/Under goals bets rather than the outcome bets. Many bettors argue that it is probably easier to figure whether the two teams will play a high or low scoring match, rather than to pick the probable winner of the match. The line is 2.5 goals in most occasions, as the odds for this type of soccer prediction go between 1/2 and 6/4 in normal circumstances.

Soccer Prediction on Handicap Betting

The main purpose of handicap bets is to make matches where you have heavy favourites more interesting because you will not get attractive odds for any outcome soccer predictions in these games. For example, you have Barcelona facing Osasuna in Primera Division at Nou Camp. You won’t get anything higher than 1/5 on home win, while you can get 4/5 on Barcelona to win with at least three goals difference for example, which is yet decent soccer prediction if you know that Neymar, Messi and Suarez are all featuring the match.