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Rugby Union Betting Odds

Betting on Rugby Union has become very popular in latest years with most Rugby matches being screened live on TV. Similarly to other sports, betting interest is huge, especially around top international rugby games. Following the links in this page, you will get all the latest Rugby odds related to the different Rugby Union competitions.

International Rugby

Six Nations

The Six Nations tournament is played every year. It is very popular in Europe amongst fans and punters. It takes place between February and March and the teams involved are the likes of England, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Here at BettingTips4You.com we will cover this event extensively with the latest betting news, fixtures, odds and tips. 

World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is the most important event in Rugby. It takes place every four years and we have a dedicated section on the next Rugby World Cup. Here you will get the latest odds, news, betting offers, betting tips and markets suggestions.

World Cup Dedicated Section

Other International Rugby Betting

In addition to the Six Nations and World Cup there is also the Rugby Championship to look forward to and the British Lions. We will be covering those events here at BettingTips4You.com.

Domestic Rugby

Since Sky Sports have started to cover matches of the English Premiership every single week, the betting on domestic Rugby has increased in popularity. There is also the Pro 12 League to enjoy and the equivalent of the football’s Champions League, the European Champions Cup. 

Free Rugby Union Bets

Every single bookmaker that we have listed on this site do cover rugby fantastically well. You will find several betting market on any Rugby Union matches. Make sure you check our Rugby Union Free Bets page to secure the best sign up offers if you are looking to open new betting accounts.

Popular Rugby Union Bets

Match Betting

As you can guess from the title, this is where you are predicting which team is going to win the match. Even though there is a draw option, this outcome is only happening very rarely on Rugby. You must check the latest betting news and form before placing your bets to enhance your chances of being successful. Also, ensure you are betting at the best possible odds to secure a bigger return if your bet is a winning one. For all the latest Rugby betting tips check our dedicated section.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting on Rugby Union is popular and a valid alternative to match betting. The betting site will give the favourite team a handicap so that the odds are more even with the underdog. The idea is to make matches more interesting from a betting perspective when there is a strong favourite. 

Tryscorer Bets

Similarly to football where you can place bets on a player to score first, on Rugby Union, you can back a player to score the first try in the match or a try in the match. This is a very popular betting market, especially amongst those punters that are watching the rugby match in question. 

Rugby Union Betting Live In-Running

Every betting site that we have listed on Betting Tips 4 You are offering live in-running bets on Rugby Union markets. In this case, odds are changing as the drama develops. Betting live on Rugby is particularly fun if you are watching the match live on TV. There are lots of betting opportunities in-running like the method of next points scored, next try scorer, next try and so on.

How to bet on rugby?

Rugby betting is slightly different when it comes to match betting compared with other sports, like football, for instance. At the most basic level, though, it is very straightforward. For instance, you can back a team to with the Premiership or a team to get relegated. In that case, you take a decision usually before the season starts and sit back and wait for the result. The advantage of doing so is that you can normally get better prices if you can spot trends earlier. Club rugby usually offers more value than international rugby tournaments because the margins in quality between the different teams are closer compared with international rugby. 

Why There Isn’t Always Lots Of Value In Betting On Match Rugby?

Rugby isn’t like football where an underdog can score a lucky goal and defend for the rest of the match and win. In rugby, it is unlikely that a significantly weaker team will get away with a performance like that. This is because the strongest sides have lots more opportunities like goal kicking, tries, and so on. Let’s say for instance than an underdog manages to get an early converted try. That will give them a seven points lead. The favourite has all the time to chip away at that and get back in a leading position. It is not like defending a one-goal lead like in football. 

Handicap markets are very popular

This is why, in rugby, handicap betting markets are very popular. These types of bets allow punters not just to back which team will win, but also to predict by how much they will win. If a favourite team is getting 10 or 20 points handicaps, things are more even and odds, as a consequence a lot more interesting for punters in any given game. Popular markets are also First Try Scorer, Last Try Scorer and Total points as we have seen above.