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Pro Tips: Follow Professional Tipsters

Pro Tipster Follow Professional Tipsters - Pro Tips: Follow Professional Tipsters

Are you looking for Professional Tipsters?

If you are looking for professional tipsters you are on the right page. BettingTips4You.com has been around since 2013 and since then we have come up with a huge number of individuals claiming to be professional tipsters. The reality was that only a few of them were true professionals while others were just trying to be. Since 2013 we have shaped and reshaped our team of experts and we now have a top team of professional tipsters that writes on the site regularly and that you can follow by being a Premium member. See at the bottom of this page for more details on the service.

Every day, at rotation one of our experts, will provide his tips that you can follow. This is to avoid conflicting tips and allow you to make the most of the service. If you don’t want to follow a particular tipster, just skip the day he is tipping and so on.

Who are the current Professional Tipsters available?

John Pentin – BettingTips4You.com Editor In ChiefClick Here To See John Pentin Dedicated Tipping Page

Mark Vighan – BettingTips4You.com Goals Markets SpecialistClick Here To See Mark Vighan Dedicated Tipping Page

Wolfgang Shotten – BettingTips4You.com International Football Markets ExpertClick Here To See Wolfgang Shotten Dedicated Tipping Page

Loris Di Lisio – BettingTips4You.com Italian, Spanish & South America Football Markets ExpertClick Here To See Loris Di Lisio Dedicated Tipping Page

Peter Latham – BettingTips4You.com Horse Racing & Golf Markets ExpertClick Here To See Peter Latham Dedicated Tipping Page

July Tipster Roster

Tuesday -> Wolfgang Shotten

Wednesday -> Loris Di Lisio

Thursday -> Peter Latham

Friday -> John Pentin

Saturday -> Mark Vighan

Sunday -> Wolfgang Shotten

Monday -> Loris Di Lisio

Tipster Performance Table Positions

*Updated every Sunday

TipsterProfit/LossTipsHit RateROI
Peter Latham£77.891485.71%37.63%
Wolfgang Shotten£66.463759.46%13.59%
Mark Vighan£41.052751.85%12.25%
John Pentin£6.242650.00%1.65%
Loris Di Lisio-£53.331241.67%-26.01%





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*DISCLAIMER: We’re legally required to state that all of our predictions are researched carefully and provided in good faith. The subscriptions costs are required to access restricted content on the site or to receive emails with content. We do not guarantee any profits. Please gamble responsibly, you should only ever gamble with money you can afford to lose.

What are Professional Tipsters bets?

All our top writers are professional gamblers and have years of experience behind them both as traders and punters in addition to be sports passionate. Ok, but what are the bets that they do personally make everyday in addition to advising other tips on the site? Today we give the opportunity to our Platinum subscribers to follow our top tipsters every single day. You will have complete access to their Profit and Losses and you will see how they go about in their profession.

How many Professional Tipsters can I follow?

With a Platinum subscription you can follow all our professional tipsters without limit. The number of professional tipsters might vary as we do shape and reshape the team to always offer you the best but those will be around 5 up to a maximum of 10. You won’t need to have multiple subscription to follow our tipsters. With the Platinum subscription you will be able to follow each of them, everyday without any limits.

How do I get to see the Professional Tipsters bets?

Everyone can see past results, current performance and overall performance. This to give full transparency so that users can decide if they want to follow or not and what to expect before making any commitment. When you have a Platinum subscription you account would be enabled to see restricted content on the site, including the latest tips that are posted by each of the professional tipsters on their respective pages. So, no need to worry about waiting for an email, etc. Simply access the pages of our professional tipsters after having logged into your account, and you will have all the tips at your fingertips, for everyone of our professional tipsters.

How frequently are the Professional Tipsters tips?

Our tipsters are normally bet everyday, normally more than once a day, so you will normally find several tips everyday for each Professional tipster. Obviously our professionals are only betting when they are confident about the value, so this might change and somedays, if the tipster is not satisfied with events or odds, they might decide not to bet. It is up to them, you will be able to see daily results and keep track of all their activity even before subscribing so you can make your own mind.