Georgia vs Czech Republic Predictions


Georgia vs Czech Republic Predictions for this Euro 2024 clash. Both pointless at the bottom of Group F, Georgia and the Czech Republic aim to get off the mark at Euro 2024 on Saturday evening. Read on for all our free predictions and betting tips.

Czech Republic

European Championship | Group Stage – Jun 22, 2024 at 2pm UK at Volksparkstadion

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Georgia vs Czech Republic Predictions

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Key Stats

– Georgia have conceded in each of their last five matches, highlighting potential defensive vulnerabilities.

– The Czech Republic have scored in their previous six fixtures, underlining their attacking prowess.

– Kvaratskhelia has registered the most shots on target for Georgia in their recent games, showcasing his offensive threat.

Can Georgia Defend Their Fortress Against the Czech Republic?

The upcoming clash between Georgia and the Czech Republic promises to be an intriguing battle, with both teams eager to assert their dominance on neutral ground in Germany. This match, part of the Euro 2024 fixtures, holds significant importance as both teams look to advance from the group stages. An in-depth analysis of the teams’ current form, strategies, and key players provides a comprehensive outlook on what to expect from this encounter.

Team Analysis


Georgia come into this match with a blend of experienced players and youthful talent. Their recent performances have shown resilience and tactical discipline, which could be pivotal against a well-organised Czech side. The expected lineup for Georgia includes Loria in goal, with a defensive line featuring Kverkvelia, Kashia, and Dvali. In midfield, the likes of Kankava and Aburjania are expected to provide stability, while the attacking threat is likely to come from players such as Kvaratskhelia and Lobzhanidze.

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The Georgian team have demonstrated a solid defensive structure in recent matches, often setting up in a 4-2-3-1 formation. This formation allows them to maintain a compact shape while providing opportunities for quick counter-attacks through their wingers. Kvaratskhelia, in particular, has been a standout performer, utilising his pace and dribbling skills to trouble opposition defences.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, on the other hand, bring a more aggressive and high-pressing style of play. Their squad boasts a mix of seasoned internationals and emerging stars. The expected lineup for the Czechs includes Vaclík as the goalkeeper, with a back four likely comprising Coufal, Kalas, Brabec, and Novák. In midfield, Souček and Král are anticipated to anchor the team, with Jankto and Barák providing creativity. Upfront, the responsibility of leading the attack falls on the shoulders of Schick and Masopust.

The Czech Republic typically adopt a 4-4-2 formation, which allows them to press high and force errors from their opponents. This strategy has been effective in their recent fixtures, as evidenced by their ability to create numerous goal-scoring opportunities. Schick’s physical presence and clinical finishing make him a constant threat, while SouÄŤek’s aerial ability and defensive prowess provide balance to the team.

Key Players and Tactical Insights

Georgia’s Defensive Resilience

Georgia’s defensive solidity will be crucial in this match. Kverkvelia and Kashia have formed a formidable partnership at the back, capable of thwarting attacks through their positioning and tackling. Their ability to maintain a tight defensive line and coordinate with the midfielders will be essential in limiting the Czech Republic’s scoring opportunities.

Czech Republic’s Midfield Dominance

The Czech Republic’s midfield duo of SouÄŤek and Král is expected to dominate the centre of the park. SouÄŤek’s physicality and Král’s ball distribution skills can dictate the tempo of the game. Their ability to win aerial duels and intercept passes will be key in disrupting Georgia’s play and initiating counter-attacks.

Attacking Threats

For Georgia, Kvaratskhelia’s role on the wing cannot be overstated. His pace and technical ability allow him to beat defenders and create goal-scoring chances. On the other hand, Schick is the focal point of the Czech attack, with his knack for finding space and finishing ability making him a constant danger in the box.

Tactical Analysis: Deep-Dive


Offensive and Defensive Strategies

Georgia’s Approach

Georgia’s offensive strategy hinges on quick transitions and exploiting the flanks. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, their standout winger, is pivotal in this setup. His pace and dribbling ability make him a constant threat, as seen in their match against Turkey, where he consistently stretched the defence. Georges Mikautadze adds to this dynamic with his sharp movements and clinical finishing, evidenced by his historic goal against Turkey.

Defensively, Georgia employs a compact shape, often in a 4-2-3-1 formation. Their backline, led by the experienced Guram Kashia and Lasha Dvali, focuses on maintaining a high line to catch opponents offside. However, this strategy can leave them vulnerable to quick counters, as was evident when they were caught out twice by Turkey’s swift attacks.

Czech Republic’s Strategy

The Czech Republic, managed by Ivan Hasek, adopt a more direct and high-pressing approach. Offensively, they rely heavily on the physical presence and goal-scoring prowess of Patrik Schick. Schick’s ability to hold up the ball and bring others into play is crucial, while Lukáš Provod and Jakub Jankto provide the creative spark from midfield.

Defensively, the Czechs favour a 4-4-2 formation, with Tomas Soucek and Tomas Holes providing a sturdy midfield shield. Their strategy often involves pressing high up the pitch to force errors, which can be effective but also leaves gaps at the back. This was evident in their match against Portugal, where their pressing led to an unfortunate own goal and ultimately a loss.

Key Player Performances


Khvicha Kvaratskhelia has been Georgia’s most influential player, driving their attacks with his dribbling and vision. His BettingTips4you Expert Rating reflects his importance, consistently performing at a high level. Georges Mikautadze’s clinical finish against Turkey highlights his potential as a game-changer. In defence, Guram Kashia’s leadership and tackling have been crucial, though the team needs to improve on their defensive lapses.

Czech Republic

Patrik Schick remains the focal point of the Czech attack, and his ability to score from various positions makes him a constant threat. Tomas Soucek’s presence in midfield provides both defensive solidity and an aerial threat during set pieces. Goalkeeper Jindrich Stanek’s performance against Portugal, where he made seven saves, underscores his importance as the last line of defence.

Managerial Impact

Willy Sagnol’s management has instilled a sense of belief and organisation in the Georgian team. His tactical flexibility and ability to adapt mid-game were evident against Turkey, where despite the loss, his team showcased resilience and attacking flair. However, his aggressive tactics sometimes leave the defence exposed, which needs addressing.

In contrast, Ivan Hasek’s approach for the Czech Republic has been more conservative and rigid. His reluctance to adapt his strategy, even when trailing, has drawn criticism. The lack of fluidity in the Czech attack, particularly with the use of two immobile forwards, has limited their effectiveness. Hasek’s inability to maximise his squad’s potential could be a significant hindrance in crucial matches.

Expected Goals Analysis

Expected goals (xG) metrics offer valuable insights into the attacking efficiencies of both teams. Georgia’s xG against Turkey was relatively high, indicating their ability to create quality chances. However, their inability to convert more of these chances into goals remains a concern. Conversely, the Czech Republic’s xG against Portugal was lower, reflecting their struggle to create clear-cut opportunities, despite managing to score.

Comparative Analysis

Tactically, Georgia’s reliance on swift wing play contrasts with the Czech Republic’s direct and pressing approach. Player performances highlight Georgia’s strength in creative playmakers like Kvaratskhelia and Mikautadze, whereas the Czech Republic boasts robust midfielders and a reliable striker in Schick. Despite their differences, both teams share a common vulnerability in defence, often leaving gaps that opponents can exploit.

Suggestions for Improvement

For Georgia, tightening their defensive structure without compromising their attacking flair is crucial. More disciplined positioning and avoiding unnecessary risks, such as the one that led to Turkey’s third goal, can enhance their defensive solidity.

The Czech Republic need to inject more pace and creativity into their attack. Replacing one of the immobile forwards with a more dynamic player could provide better balance and increase their goal-scoring potential. Hasek must also be more flexible with his tactics, adapting to the flow of the game rather than sticking rigidly to his initial plan.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Georgia’s Strengths

  • Attacking Flair: With players like Kvaratskhelia, Georgia can quickly transition from defence to attack.
  • Resilience: The team’s ability to push forward even when trailing shows commendable mental strength.

Georgia’s Weaknesses

  • Defensive Vulnerabilities: Their high line and occasional lapses in concentration leave them open to counter-attacks.
  • Inexperience: As a debutant in the Euros, their lack of experience at this level can be a disadvantage.

Czech Republic’s Strengths

  • Physical Presence: Players like Schick and Soucek provide a significant aerial and physical advantage.
  • High Press: Their ability to press high and force errors can disrupt opponents’ play.

Czech Republic’s Weaknesses

  • Lack of Pace in Attack: The use of two slow forwards hampers their counter-attacking potential.
  • Rigid Tactics: Hasek’s inflexibility in changing tactics during the game is a critical weakness.

Controversial Critique

Ivan Hasek’s management style comes under heavy criticism for its lack of adaptability and creativity. The decision to field two immobile forwards against Portugal, despite clear evidence of their ineffectiveness, raises questions about his tactical acumen. Hasek’s stubbornness in sticking to a failing system could be the Czech Republic’s downfall, and it is high time he considers a more fluid and dynamic approach.



Best Bet: Both Teams to Score

Analysing the recent form and playing styles of both teams, the prediction that both teams will score appears to be the most promising bet. Georgia have demonstrated their ability to break down defences, particularly through the brilliance of Kvaratskhelia, who has been a consistent attacking threat.

Meanwhile, the Czech Republic’s high-pressing game often leaves them exposed at the back, but it also ensures they create numerous chances in attack. Given Georgia’s ability to exploit defensive lapses and the Czech Republic’s offensive capabilities, it’s reasonable to expect both sides to find the net. This scenario aligns well with the patterns observed in their recent performances, making it a strong bet for this fixture.

Correct Score Prediction: Georgia 1-2 Czech Republic

Building on the best bet that both teams will score, a 2-1 victory for the Czech Republic is a plausible outcome. Georgia’s defensive unit, while resilient, has shown susceptibility to quick, incisive attacks, something the Czech Republic excel at. Schick’s form and the creative support from players like Jankto and Barák suggest that the Czechs will likely score more than once.

On the other hand, Georgia, bolstered by their home supporters and the attacking flair of Kvaratskhelia, should be able to register at least one goal. This prediction is underpinned by the observed strengths and weaknesses of both teams, aligning well with their recent match outcomes.

Goalscorer Prediction: Patrik Schick

Patrik Schick stands out as the most likely goalscorer for this match. His prowess in front of goal and recent scoring form make him a significant threat to the Georgian defence. Schick’s ability to position himself in key areas and his sharp finishing have been evident throughout the tournament.

Given Georgia’s defensive vulnerabilities, especially against well-organised attacks, Schick is well-placed to capitalise on any chances that come his way. His performance metrics, including shots on target and goals per game, support this prediction, making him a solid bet to score at least once in this match.

Corner Prediction: Czech Republic to Win Most Corners

The Czech Republic’s aggressive, attacking style of play is likely to result in them winning more corners than Georgia. Their tendency to use the width of the pitch and push forward frequently means they create numerous set-piece opportunities. Players like Coufal and Novák, who often advance up the flanks, contribute to this dynamic by delivering crosses and pressing high.

Georgia, while capable in their defensive duties, may find themselves under sustained pressure, leading to a higher number of corners for the Czechs. Historical data on corner counts in similar matches supports this expectation, making it a viable prediction.

Shots on Target Prediction: Khvicha Kvaratskhelia

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia is expected to be Georgia’s most prolific shooter on target. His ability to create chances, coupled with his precise shooting, makes him a constant threat. Kvaratskhelia’s dribbling skills and knack for finding space in and around the penalty area suggest he will be able to test the Czech goalkeeper multiple times.

His performance in previous matches, where he has consistently managed to get shots on target, reinforces this prediction. Given the Czech Republic’s defensive style, which can sometimes leave gaps, Kvaratskhelia is well-positioned to exploit these opportunities and register shots on goal.

Yellow Card Prediction: Jaba Kankava

Jaba Kankava, known for his aggressive style of play and role as a midfield enforcer, is a likely candidate to receive a yellow card. His primary responsibility in breaking up the opposition’s play often sees him involved in physical challenges and tactical fouls.

The intensity of this match, coupled with the Czech Republic’s high-pressing game, is likely to see Kankava commit several fouls in an attempt to disrupt their rhythm. His disciplinary record, which includes multiple bookings in high-stakes games, makes this a strong prediction for the match.

Assist Prediction: Jakub Jankto

Jakub Jankto is a key creative force for the Czech Republic, and his ability to deliver precise crosses and through balls positions him as a likely provider of an assist. Jankto’s vision and passing accuracy have been instrumental in setting up goal-scoring opportunities for teammates like Schick.

His role in the team’s attacking play involves frequently getting into advanced positions and delivering the final ball. Considering Georgia’s defensive setup, Jankto’s ability to exploit spaces and create chances is likely to result in at least one assist during the match. His assist statistics in recent games underline his capability in this regard, making this prediction well-founded.

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