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Online Betting Best Sites: A Guide

A question that is often asked is which are the best online betting sites and it is a question that has no real answer. A site favoured by one person may have little or no attraction for another. Gamblers’ tastes vary as to which sport they prefer and the sort of bet or bets they like. Site A may be strong for football betting but weak for American sports while the opposite may be the case with Site B. For this reason there can be no definitive listing for online betting best sites but there are certain things that should be looked out for and researched before opening an account with any online betting site.

What Should I Look For in an Online Betting Site?

First and foremost make sure the site is registered and legal. This is a given for the bigger and long-established companies like Ladbroke, Coral, William Hill, Paddy Power and others but may not always be true of new arrivals on the scene. Check the site’s home page (usually at the bottom of the page or under the “About Us” header) to make sure the company is properly registered with the relevant gambling authorities.

Are Online Betting Sites Safe to Use?

Following on to the last answer; reputable, licensed and registered gambling websites are safe to use. Your personal and financial details are encrypted and stored safely. This is one of the most important criteria when looking for online betting best sites.

How Do I Find the Best Online Betting Sites?

Word of mouth and recommendations from family and friends is an excellent starting point. If someone you know and trust has had good experiences with a particular betting site or sites, then the chances are that you will too. Also, there are numerous websites dedicated to searching for the current best online betting sites which are worth checking out. Bear in mind, however, that these sites may tend to favour those sites with which they have a business relationship.

How Do I Know If a Betting Site is Good or Bad?

Research. Once you are certain the site is legitimate then the next requirements are the sports covered and the number of markets available. If a lesser-known sport is your preference then visit the website to see if, and to what extent, your sport is covered, how extensively and what betting markets are offered on that sport. Websites vary greatly in the amount of attention they pay to various sports and researching each one is the only way to be sure a particular online betting site meets your requirements.


The best online betting sites are the ones that most meet your personal requirements. The big names in internet betting may have extensive markets on a huge range of sporting and other events but that matters little if your favourite sports have little or no coverage. An internet search using your favourite sports in combination with words like “betting”, “odds”, “betting markets” etc will help narrow the field but you can never be totally certain until you visit the actual site whether it is a candidate to be named one of the online betting best sites.