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NHL Predictions, Betting Tips & Picks

NHL Betting - NHL Predictions, Betting Tips & Picks

If you are looking for the best NHL betting tips and predictions which are also free, then you have come in the right place. Regardless if you are looking to place just a single bet on the NHL or if you are planning to place a big accumulator, we got it covered. Our experts are providing regular tips on the NHL so that you can make the most of this exciting season.

With so many games and so many betting sites that are offering great odds the opportunities are certainly there to be taken. And remember on BettingTips4You.com we always provide detailed reasoning as to why we are picking some selections. In this way, you can make your mind if it is worth following the tipster or if you just use the analysis and go in your way. 

Latest NHL Betting Tips

NHL Betting Free Bets

Taking advantage of bookmakers offers when betting on the NHL is a must. In our free bets section, we have more than £400’s worth of NHL Free Bets. Make sure you take full advantage of those when opening a new account with a bookmaker. 

NHL Betting Terms Explained

Even though betting on American Sports is more and more popular, we still get lots of questions about the types of betting markets that are available. Below we have provided a small guide for those of you that are new to betting on the NHL. 

  • Money Line – this is a betting term that you will find in most American sports and it means ‘To Win’. If you are backing a team on the money line it would have to win for you to get a return. For instance, Chicago Blackhawks Money Line is the same as saying Chicago Blackhawks To Win. 
  • Puck Line –  this is like as the handicap in football betting. For instance LA Kings -1.5 @ Boston Bruins + 1.5. In this case, the Boston Bruins will have to win the game or lose by 1.5 or less for you to win the bet. If the LA Kings win they would have to do it for more than 1.5 runs for your bet to win. If the spread is set as a whole number, your stake will be refunded if your team wins or loses by that exact number. 
  • Alternative Puck Line –  this is the same as the above but we can alter the standard run line to a different number of runs. Not many bookmakers offer this opportunity but the best ones do. 
  • Game Totals – here you are predicting the goals scored in the game by both teams. If we are in the Over/Under 5.5 goals we need at least 6 goals for the Over to win or less than 6 for the Under to win. 
  • Alternative Game Totals –  this is the same as above but just with a different number of goals. 
  • Parlay – this is the American’s way of calling an accumulator

We hope you will enjoy betting on the NHL with our NHL betting tips. We are trying to provide you with free tips every week. Have fun and always gamble responsibly!