Tennis betting tips: Wimbledon betting tips, outright preview and best bets

As the prestigious Wimbledon Championships approach, tennis enthusiasts and betting aficionados alike are gearing up for the excitement at the famed grass courts in London. From perennial favourites to rising stars, this year promises a spectacle of athleticism and strategy. Here’s everything you need to know before the first serve on July 1st, including best bets and selected bookmakers offers to maximise your betting value.

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Wimbledon Outright Bet – Men’s Single

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Wimbledon Betting Tips

Wimbledon Outright Bet – Men’s Single

Tournament Overview and Schedule

Wimbledon 2024 is set to commence on July 1st, marking the start of a prestigious two-week event that concludes with the Men’s Singles final on July 14th. The tournament, renowned for its illustrious history and meticulously maintained grass courts, holds a special place in the hearts of tennis enthusiasts worldwide. As players from across the globe converge on the hallowed grounds of the All England Club in London, anticipation is high for another chapter of exhilarating tennis action.

Players in the Spotlight

Leading the charge in the men’s singles category is Jannik Sinner, who arrives at Wimbledon riding high on his recent triumph at the Australian Open and a notable victory at the Halle Open on grass. Sinner’s commanding presence on the ATP Tour this season establishes him as a formidable contender, displaying both skill and consistency that make him a favourite among fans and analysts alike.

Carlos Alcaraz, the reigning Wimbledon champion and fresh off his impressive win at the French Open earlier this year, stands ready to defend his title on the iconic grass courts. His youthful energy combined with a powerful game has positioned him as a strong challenger to Sinner’s aspirations for Wimbledon glory.

Despite uncertainties surrounding his fitness following knee surgery, Novak Djokovic remains a pivotal figure in the Wimbledon narrative. With seven Wimbledon titles already to his name, Djokovic’s unparalleled experience and determination cannot be discounted, even as doubts persist over his ability to perform at his peak.

Form Guide and Recent Performances

For those deeply engaged in strategic betting, conducting a meticulous analysis of recent performances serves as a fundamental cornerstone. Jannik Sinner’s remarkable ascension throughout the ATP Tour this season stands as a testament to his burgeoning talent and unyielding determination. His resounding victory at the Halle Open, where he navigated past formidable opponents like Hubert Hurkacz with finesse, vividly underscores his adaptability and command over grass court dynamics. With each match, Sinner has demonstrated an innate ability to sustain momentum and deploy tactical variations, marking him as a formidable force poised to make a profound impact at Wimbledon.

In stark contrast, the trajectory of Novak Djokovic’s preparation for Wimbledon remains shrouded in uncertainty following his recent surgical intervention. While Djokovic’s illustrious career and unparalleled record at Wimbledon instill confidence, the aftermath of his medical procedure poses legitimate questions regarding his physical readiness and match fitness. The Serbian’s enduring competitive spirit and unparalleled mental fortitude have been pivotal in his past triumphs, yet the toll of rehabilitation and the challenge of facing younger, hungry adversaries may prove formidable hurdles on his quest for an eighth Wimbledon title.

Daniil Medvedev, celebrated for his tenacious baseline prowess and strategic finesse, emerges as a formidable contender in this year’s Wimbledon landscape. His recent breakthrough to the semi-finals of Wimbledon showcased his adeptness on grass, where his ability to adapt and impose his game plan has steadily garnered respect among peers and pundits alike. Medvedev’s formidable presence promises to disrupt even the most established contenders, leveraging his consistency and tactical acuity to forge deep into the tournament.

Meanwhile, Hubert Hurkacz’s compelling resurgence and stellar performance at Halle have positioned him as a dark horse to watch closely. The Polish player’s proficiency on grass courts was vividly illustrated during his captivating run to the finals at Halle, characterised by his commanding serve and astute court awareness. Hurkacz’s ability to unsettle higher-ranked opponents with his precise game execution and strategic nous makes him a potent threat poised to challenge the established order at Wimbledon. His recent successes not only validate his growing stature but also highlight his potential to spring surprises and advance deep into the prestigious tournament.


Turning attention to other contenders, the field at Wimbledon 2024 boasts a diverse array of talents primed to leave an indelible mark on the tournament. Rafael Nadal, renowned for his unmatched prowess on clay, has consistently demonstrated his ability to transition effectively to grass courts. While Wimbledon historically presents a more challenging surface for the Spaniard, his relentless determination and strategic acumen cannot be discounted, especially given his storied career and multiple Grand Slam titles.

Stefanos Tsitsipas, another formidable force in men’s tennis, enters Wimbledon with a burgeoning reputation for his electrifying play style and mental resilience. His recent successes on various surfaces, coupled with his impressive run at the French Open, underscore his capacity to thrive under pressure and adapt his game to different challenges. Tsitsipas’ aggressive baseline game and formidable serve make him a dangerous opponent on grass, where his ability to dictate play and seize crucial moments could propel him deep into the tournament.

Additionally, Matteo Berrettini’s powerful game and commanding presence on court make him a contender to watch closely at Wimbledon. The Italian’s success at Queen’s Club, where he showcased his formidable serve and attacking style, positions him as a genuine threat capable of challenging the established hierarchy. Berrettini’s ability to maintain composure under pressure and execute decisive shots at critical junctures bodes well for his prospects at Wimbledon, where his performance could potentially elevate him to new heights in his career.

As the countdown to Wimbledon intensifies, anticipation mounts for an exhilarating fortnight of tennis excellence at the iconic All England Club. With a stellar line-up featuring the likes of Sinner, Alcaraz, Djokovic, Medvedev, Hurkacz, Nadal, Tsitsipas, and Berrettini, spectators can anticipate riveting matches, unforeseen plot twists, and the crowning of a worthy champion against the backdrop of Wimbledon’s enduring tradition and storied legacy. Let’s see now where is the best bet for this year’s tournament.

Predictions: Wimbledon Men’s Single Best Bets


Best Bet: Jack Draper to Win

After evaluating player statistics, recent performances, and betting odds, Jack Draper emerges as a compelling prediction to win Wimbledon 2024. His breakthrough victory at Stuttgart, coupled with strong showings on grass leading up to the tournament, positions him favourably to make a deep run. While seasoned champions like Sinner and Alcaraz remain formidable, Draper’s momentum and adaptability on grass court give him a competitive edge.

Player Statistics

Jack Draper’s recent statistics underscore his potential. With an impressive win-loss record on grass courts, his serve and volley game has significantly improved, reflecting his growing confidence and skill. Draper’s ace count has risen, and his first serve percentage is among the highest on tour, demonstrating his ability to dominate service games. His return game has also seen substantial progress, allowing him to break opponents’ serves more frequently. These statistics collectively suggest a player in peak form, ready to challenge the best in the world at Wimbledon.

Recent Performances

Draper’s recent performances further bolster his candidacy. His victory at the Stuttgart Open, where he defeated top-10 players and showcased his grass-court prowess, marks a significant milestone in his career. This win is not an isolated success; Draper has consistently reached the later stages of tournaments, indicating a level of consistency necessary for Grand Slam success. His matches leading up to Wimbledon have displayed a blend of power, precision, and tactical intelligence, essential qualities for triumphing on the grass courts of the All England Club.

Betting Odds

Betting odds also reflect Draper’s growing reputation. Initially considered an outsider, his odds have shortened dramatically following his recent successes. This shift indicates increased confidence from bookmakers and punters in his ability to perform well at Wimbledon. The betting markets, which consider a myriad of factors including player form, historical performance, and head-to-head records, now view Draper as a serious contender. This change in odds is a testament to his rising status in the tennis world and his potential to win the tournament.

Competitive Edge

While seasoned champions like Sinner and Alcaraz remain formidable, Draper’s momentum and adaptability on grass courts give him a competitive edge. His ability to adjust his game to suit different opponents and conditions is a crucial advantage. Draper’s mental toughness, honed through challenging matches and crucial victories, equips him with the resilience needed to navigate the pressures of Grand Slam tennis. His strategic play, combined with his physical attributes, positions him uniquely to outmanoeuvre seasoned competitors.

Wimbledon Outright Bet – Women’s Single


The discussion around the homogenisation of court surfaces over the past two decades is well-documented. Nonetheless, grass courts still pose distinct challenges. Iga Swiatek, a four-time French Open champion, can attest to this. While her dominance on clay is undisputed, her performance at Wimbledon has been less stellar.

Her best effort at SW19 was a quarter-final finish last year, where she was defeated by Elina Svitolina. The faster, low-bouncing conditions on grass have proven difficult for Swiatek, despite her formidable form on other surfaces. Bookmakers have placed her as the second favourite behind Aryna Sabalenka, yet her struggles on grass make her a less secure bet.

Quarter One Analysis

In the first quarter, Swiatek faces a tough opening match against former Australian Open champion Sofia Kenin, followed potentially by Birmingham winner Yulia Putintseva in the third round. However, the real threat might come from Jelena Ostapenko, who holds a 4-0 record against Swiatek, including a recent win at the US Open.

Ostapenko, a semi-finalist at Wimbledon in 2018, is known for her prowess on grass. Despite her inconsistency, her big-hitting game makes her a formidable opponent. While Marketa Vondrousova, the defending champion, is also in this section, her recent hip problems cast doubt on her chances. Beatriz Haddad Maia, despite a strong history on grass, has struggled for form this year, making her a less likely contender.

Quarter Two Analysis

The second quarter is led by Elena Rybakina, the 2022 champion. Despite her powerful serve, Rybakina’s recent abdominal issues and her history of physical setbacks make her a risky bet. In this section, Ons Jabeur stands out. Jabeur has reached the Wimbledon finals in the past two years, showcasing her unique style of play that suits grass well.

Her ability to mix up shots and maintain her opponents’ uncertainty, along with her strong baseline power, makes her a serious contender. Jabeur’s recent form, including a quarter-final finish at the French Open and strong performances in Nottingham and Berlin, further bolsters her prospects.

Quarter Three Analysis

Aryna Sabalenka, the tournament favourite, heads the third quarter. Sabalenka’s powerful serve and groundstrokes are well-suited to grass, and she has consistently reached the semi-finals at Wimbledon in her recent appearances. Despite a recent shoulder issue, her performance in practice suggests she’s in good form.

Sabalenka’s draw includes potential challenges from players like Donna Vekic, who has a good track record on grass, and Daria Kasatkina, who has shown excellent court craft. Emma Raducanu, another notable player in this section, has shown promise in the warm-up events, though her inconsistency and market odds make her a less attractive bet. Mirra Andreeva, who impressed at the French Open, also poses a potential threat.

Quarter Four Analysis

Coco Gauff, the second seed in the fourth quarter, has a favourable draw. Known for her breakthrough performance in 2019, Gauff’s status as the US Open champion gives her a solid foundation. Despite a lack of a grasscourt title, her overall potential makes her a strong contender. Jasmine Paolini, having reached the French Open final and showing improvements in her game, could surprise some.

Naomi Osaka, returning from injury, also warrants attention, though her lack of success on grass courts could be a hindrance. Emma Navarro is having a stellar season, but her tough draw makes her a long shot. Madison Keys, a quarter-finalist last year, remains a solid bet given her recent performances and natural power.

Predictions: Wimbledon Women’s Single Best Bets


Best Bet: Ons Jabeur to Win Wimbledon

After a thorough analysis of the players and their form, Ons Jabeur emerges as a strong contender to win Wimbledon. Her consistent performances on grass, including back-to-back finals in the last two years, highlight her adaptability to the surface.

Jabeur’s ability to vary her play, mixing powerful baseline shots with deft drop shots, makes her a difficult opponent to predict and counter. Her court craft, a blend of tactical intelligence and technical prowess, sets her apart in the women’s game. This ability to keep opponents guessing is particularly effective on grass, where the surface’s fast and low-bouncing nature can make it challenging for players to respond to such varied shot-making.

Her recent form, with solid showings at the French Open and in the grasscourt season, further strengthens her candidacy. At Roland Garros, she showcased her resilience and skill, advancing to the quarter-finals before losing to Coco Gauff. This performance against top-tier competition demonstrates her readiness for high-stakes matches. Additionally, her play in the Nottingham and Berlin tournaments, where she reached the quarter-finals despite battling illness, underscores her tenacity and capability on grass.

Jabeur’s court awareness and strategic acumen are complemented by her physical attributes. She combines agility with a powerful baseline game, allowing her to cover the court efficiently while delivering potent groundstrokes. This combination is particularly lethal on grass, where quick reflexes and strong baseline play are crucial.

Her ability to mix up her shots, employing a variety of spins and angles, makes her a versatile and unpredictable opponent. The drop shot, a significant weapon in her arsenal, is particularly effective on grass, as it forces opponents out of their comfort zone and disrupts their rhythm. Many players struggle with lateral movement on grass, making Jabeur’s tactical use of the drop shot even more advantageous.

While her nerves in previous finals are a concern, it is important to note that each experience contributes to her growth and resilience. Competing in high-pressure situations has likely fortified her mental toughness, preparing her for future challenges. This mental fortitude, combined with her tactical and technical skills, makes her a formidable contender.

Jabeur’s journey to the final in the past two Wimbledon Championships is a testament to her proficiency on grass. Each run deep into the tournament has provided invaluable experience and confidence. Her ability to navigate the draw, overcoming various styles of play, highlights her adaptability and strategic depth.

Her overall skill set and current odds make her a value bet. At 14/1, Jabeur offers a promising bet for those looking to maximise their returns. The odds reflect a combination of her proven track record on grass, her recent form, and the potential for further improvement. Betting on Jabeur not only offers the potential for a substantial return but also aligns with a well-reasoned analysis of her capabilities and current trajectory.

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