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Greyhounds Racing Betting Guide

This page is dedicated to providing you with the latest betting news on greyhound racing. We have a team of greyhound experts that every day are providing you with the best betting opportunities and betting tips across the greyhound tracks in the UK and Ireland. We recommend that you bookmark this page and below you will find links to the most important races. In the dedicated pages, you will also find the best odds and the verdicts of our experts. Not only that, but you will also find the best betting offers from leading bookmakers.

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Derby Lane - Greyhounds Betting
15 Races from 17:30 to 21:28
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15 Races from 18:00 to 21:58
Sandown Racecards scaled - Greyhounds Betting
12 Races from 7:54 to 11:47
Albion Park - Greyhounds Betting
12 Races from 8:37 to 12:34
Cannington - Greyhounds Betting
12 Races from 10:06 to 13:55
Bullli - Greyhounds Betting
10 Races from 10:21 to 13:20
The Meadows - Greyhounds Betting
12 Races from 9:33 to 13:15
Richmond - Greyhounds Betting
10 Races from 10:24 to 13:40
Angle Park - Greyhounds Betting
11 Races from 10:11 to 13:38

How To Bet On Greyhound?

Below you will find some suggestions on how you can bet on greyhound to increase your chances of being successful. Always remember that greyhound betting is always gambling so do it responsibly and check the information at the bottom of the page for more details on this crucial topic.

Check conditions

Track conditions can affect greyhound racing, especially when we have wet weather. It is suggested that you watch the first couple of races on a card to figure out the situation. Normally when there is wet weather, wide runners are favourited. This is because, with the contours of all tracks, the inside rail can be a lot more challenging. Also, being in front can be an advantage during wet weather. During winter when conditions in the evening are often freezing, lots of tracks get compacted and inside runners can have a substantial advantage.

Look for well drawn dogs

Many dogs are starting with very short prices after suffering unlucky defeats. Usually, those dogs have lower odds as people have seen what happened and bookmakers are covering their back. It is, therefore, it is better to look for those dogs that are well-drawn. Most greyhound races are won by those dogs that can get the cleanest run. After all the first 100 yards out of the traps are normally very significant to the result of the race.

Keep a close eye on the young pup that can improve

Go for the youngsters. Even if they are inexperienced. Any greyhound that has not yet been competing over 20 runs or more still have a room for improvement, to learn how to trap better and run more smoothly. They have a lot more pace, and more motivations and prices are usually more valuable on them.

Find value in early prices

Once you have got a good understanding of the form at a track, you will also feel where are the better values. Some bookmakers might price dogs incorrectly, and if you can get the feeling of where the value odds are, you can get great results out of your betting activity.

Specialise at one or two tracks

Some punters make the mistake of betting everywhere and on everything. Dog betting can be dangerous if done like this as there are lots of meetings every day. If you want to have a chance to be successful, you should focus on only one or two tracks and become an expert. Lots of stadium have very good websites where you can watch past races, so you can really become a well-informed punter that will increase your chance of spotting value overtime.

Look for the run style that might be effective in some races

Some races might be more suitable for some dogs than others. Look also for the race composition and the field as the type of dogs that will take part can also affect how the race will pan out.

Study how trainers are operating

Some trainers are better than others, and some are better with young puts. Certain trainers also have better results in some tracks than others. All those are important information that you should take into account, and that can help you understand if there is value on certain prices.

Do not take too many risks in one race or chase your losses

There is so much dog racing that there are plenty of opportunities for clever punters. For this reason, there is no reason in taking any big risks on a single race but it is better to limit your staking to a level that is not damaging for your betting budget. You will not always win, the important is the long term scenario. Avoid betting more just because the price is shorter as you need to look at the value when assessing odds if you want to have a better chance of success