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Football Betting Websites: A Guide

At any given moment of the day or night there is most likely a football game in progress somewhere in the world and, with it, an opportunity to have a few small (and hopefully winning) bets. Any reputable football betting website will have an extensive football platform covering games in all parts of the world but which are the best football sites and how do you choose one over another? A few questions that need to be answered include:

Is The Football Betting Website Legitimate?

For the protection of your personal and financial details the football betting site should be fully licensed to operate and registered with the relevant gaming authorities. This information can usually be found on the website’s homepage or under the “About Us” tab. If the football betting site is a newcomer to the marketplace and you cannot find licence information it would be better and safer to look elsewhere.

Does The Football Betting Site Have a Good Reputation?

Research any football betting site that you are interested in joining before committing yourself. Read online reviews to see if the website receives positive or negative feedback. This will include the range of sports and markets covered, whether the football betting site offers competitive odds and the speed and ease of making deposits and withdrawals to or from your account.

Are Your Personal Details Safe and Secure?

Data theft is a major problem on the internet these days and, although the biggest online football betting websites are secure, it is worth checking how and where your personal and financial details are stored. The best security systems will have data encryption and the details should preferably be stored on separate servers to that of the football betting website.

Which Methods of Deposit and Withdrawal Are Available?

The best football betting websites should have a range of payment and withdrawal options available. Be sure your preferred payment method is offered and also check out the processing times, minimum deposit amounts and maximum limits for withdrawals.

What Range of Football Events Are Covered?

Once you are satisfied with security and reputation issues the biggest thing to consider is how extensively football is covered on the website. Most UK based football betting sites will (naturally) concentrate on English games but you may be more interested in Spanish, Italian, South American or Australian games. Whatever your preference, be sure that it is covered adequately on the football betting website you are considering.

How Good Are the Odds Offered by the Football Betting Website?

A football betting site that regularly offers shorter odds than its competitors is of little use. There are numerous odds comparison sites on the internet and these should be used to compare the quality of odds generally offered by the football betting website you are considering.


Safety and security on any football betting website is vital. After this comes the question of how well the sport is covered, the number of markets available on any football game, and the quality of the odds on offer. Research is key to choosing the best football betting website and time taken to check out a site is time well spent. The best football betting site is very much a matter of personal preference and will be the one that best suits your own requirements.