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Football Betting Predictions

Football Betting Predictions

Who are the betting experts at BettingTips4you.com?

Our betting tips experts have been working for our web site for many years now by contributing with their writing to the coverage of many different football competitions all over the world. They have proven to be very devoted to the job. However, the most important thing about our experts is the fact that they have proven to be very successful when it comes to the predicting the outcomes of the games. We are constantly working on bringing new football experts in order to provide our readers with as many football betting tips as possible for many different competitions all over the world.

Are you on social media?

Yes, we are. You can find out on Facebook under the name Betting Tips Crew as well as on Twitter @BettingTips4yo or by clicking here. On Facebook and on Twitter we provide our followers with the live coverage of the most interesting games in a given moment and our experts are also providing live betting tips for the games that we are live covering on our social media. Twitter is the main social network that we are currently using because we think that Twitter enables us to reach far greater number of people currently. Our Twitter feed is witnessing the success that our writers had when it comes to the football betting tips.

How often do you post football betting tips on your web site?

Our writers are providing football betting tips that are uploaded on our web page on a daily basis. Since we are covering huge number of competitions it is really important to have those football betting tips on the web page as soon as possible. Our usual practice is to post the football betting tips at least 24 hours before the beginning of the game so that our readers would have enough time to analyze those betting tips.betting tips.