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Cricket Betting Odds

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Cricket Betting

Cricket is played all year round, and there are plenty of betting opportunities every week for punters. We do provide weekly cricket betting tips as there are a host of outright betting markets you can take advantage of. Matches typically last rather long-time which means that there are also opportunities for in-play betting. Regardless if you are looking to bet on an English domestic cricket match or an international cricket one, you will find on BettingTips4You.com both best odds and cricket tips.

Latest Cricket Betting Tips

The Ashes Betting

England v Australia Test Series to win the urn is one of the biggest events in cricket. It drags the attention of the two nations in what is always an epic battle. It is therefore not surprising to see that there is such a great betting interest around it. The Ashes Series is contested throughout the Five Test matches with bookmakers that will provide several odds for every Test. 

4th Ashes Test Odds

5th Ashes Test Odds

International Cricket Betting

Test Cricket

With Test Cricket that is a very long format, there are always opportunities for twists and turns. After all, a test can last five days, and there are many betting markets available. Test Cricket is played throughout the year, and therefore there are lots of betting opportunities.  

In addition to Test Cricket there is also the shorter 50-over format of the game in addition to the one-day international cricket. Both those versions of the sport are very popular amongst punters. 

Twenty20 Cricket

The most popular shorter version of cricket is the Twenty20 version. This is a breathless form of cricket and does attract lots of betting interest.

Domestic Cricket Betting

Country Championship

In addition to international cricket there is also the English domestic cricket which attracts lots of betting interest. The Country Championship is based on the four-day format of the game. 

Royal London One Day Cup And Vitality T20 Blast

In addition to this, there is also the Royal London One Day Cup and the Vitality T20 Blast. So if you are betting on cricket, there is hardly a dull moment during the summer.

Vitality T20 Blast

Indian Premier League And Big Bash League

At the beginning of the English summer there is also the Indian Premier League and the Big Bash League. Those do attract all the best cricket players in the world. Fans and punters love the tournament with bookmakers that are going the extra mile in offering a wide range of specials and odds.

Most Popular Cricket Bets

Cricket Match Betting

As you would expect, the most popular form of betting on cricket is to predict who is going to win the match. Being this a test match, a twenty20 game or one-day. Three outcomes are available although the draw is very rare on the one-day formats. It is always important to check the form of the two teams and also before placing a bet to wait for the teams to be announced. Always check what is the team that is winning the toss as it can be significant especially in one-day matches. 

In-running betting on Cricket

The vast majority of the bets that can be placed on cricket before the match can also be placed after the encounter has started. So you can bet on markets like total score, top batsman, winner and many more. In-running you will also find some additional markets like ‘Next man out’ and ‘method of next dismissal’. 

Cricket Odds

If you are betting on test series matches, you will get odds for the highest-scoring batsman, most wickets and even match bets. Make sure you take full advantage of Free Sport Bet offers. You will find those in the free bets dedicated section and will add value to your cricket betting.

On every cricket game, you will find a market for the highest scorer on every side. You can also bet on runs in the first innings and runs for section, how the next wicket will fall, next man out and more.

So if you love betting on cricket, you will find that there are always opportunities to keep you interested. All the best bookmakers we have selected on our site are offering excellent cricket pre-match and in-running betting markets.

Betting On Cricket Guide

Cricket has become more and more popular across the world. As a result, the number of people betting on cricket has increased significantly in the last few years. Betting opportunities on crickets have raised exponentially, and nowadays punters can bet on the sport nearly 365 days a year. 

The game itself has also gone through some radical changes: modern-day cricket is a completely different thing compared with the humble beginnings in the late 16th century. It has become lots quicker with flashing lights, coloured clothing and so on. Very different from traditional red-ball cricket that was played on long English summers afternoon with players all dressed in white. If you are interested in betting on cricket, below we have provided some advice from our experts that might help you become a successful cricket punter.

1 – Betting On Cricket Online

First of all, you need to understand that cricket is divided into domestic and international. There are three main types of international cricket which are Test Cricket, One Day Cricket and T20 Cricket. 

Betting On Test Cricket

Test Cricket is the oldest version of the game, and it is played over five days. This allows cricket punters to deploy a cricket betting strategy. Every Test match is played over fifteen sessions and players have to be prepared to face different conditions. For instance, batting could be easy to do on the first day, but by day four things could have changed significantly. The pitch could become scuffed up, giving the advantage to spin bowlers. Changing weather conditions will also likely to cause different outcomes. From a betting perspective, all those things will have to be seriously considered. 

Betting On One Day Cricket

Even though ODI and T20 cricket are still seen to be less important cousins to Test cricket in the UK, this form of the game is preferred by most spectators let alone players and TV channels. One Day Cricket game is played in just one day, with 50 overs for every team. 

Betting On T20 Cricket

T20 cricket is the shortest version of the sport, and it is growing at a tremendous rate. This trend is confirmed by many international teams that ate dropping ODI’s and even Test match to schedule more T20 games. Televisions also support this version as it fits better in their scheduling. Players that are successful in the shorter formats have different skills compared to those that do well in Tests. Nowadays most cricket nations are holding their annual tournament. Cricket punters have fantastic opportunities to bet on games being played across the world.

2 – Cricket Betting Odds Guide

It is important that you always only bet what you can afford to lose. Never try to chase losses as this might incur in further losses. 

What Do Cricket Betting Odds Mean?

Let’s say for instance, that India are playing against England in an ODI. You get India at 1.70 to win the match. Odds are made by bookmakers and represent the chances that India will win this cricket game. From the odds you can calculate the probability via a simple mathematical formula. 

Implied probability = 1 / decimal odds

So in our example, the chances that India will win the match at odds of 1.70 are:

1 / 1.70 = 0.59 = 59%

To be a successful cricket punter, you have to have a very good understanding of the probability expressed in the betting odds. Exploiting valuable odds is the best way to try and gain an edge against bookmakers.

How Do Cricket Betting Odds Work?

Let’s say you have placed a bet on a cricket match. To calculate how much you can win, you just need to do this simple calculation: 

Your Profit = (Stake * Odds) – Stake

In our previous example, if you bet £10 on India to win at 1.70, your return would be £16.70 and the Profit will be £16.70 – £10 = £6.70.

So if India win you will make a profit of £6.70 and if they don’t you will lose £10. 

3 – Cricket Value Bets

To be a successful cricket betting punter, you have only to place bets when you can identify betting value. But, let’s take a closer look at this concept. 

What Is A Value Bet?

A value bet is easy to calculate

Value = (Decimal Odds * Your Assessed Probability) – 1

So, for instance, we want to bet on Australia to win against South Africa. Bookmakers are offering odds of 3.00 for Australia to win. We have done our homework tough, and we believe that there is a 40% chance that Australia will beat South Africa. Are the 3.00 odds valuable for us or not?

By using the odds/probability formula, we can see that there is just 33.3% value in the 3.00 odds. This is a value bet as we believe the probabilities that Australia will win the Test match are bigger than the probability that the bookmakers have used to build the odds.

4 – Cricket Betting Explained

Nowadays there are lots of different ways of betting on cricket regardless if you betting on test cricket, ODI or the T20 format. For instance, you can bet on the match outcome or the series winner. During a game, you can also place a flutter on who will be the leading runscorer and leading wicket-taker. Popular cricket markets are also the highest opening partnership, man of the match, number of boundaries and so on. 

5 – Best Cricket Betting Strategies

The best way you have to try gaining an edge over betting sites is to develop a range of cricket betting strategies. Below are some tips on how to do it

Read News and Research Likely Conditions

Playing conditions do affect cricket significantly. The weather, for instance, has to be checked carefully and the impact it can have on the game has to be understood before placing any cricket bets. For instance, when there is lots of rain forecast in a Test match, the draw is a very likely result as less cricket will be played. 

Ground History & Pitch

The venue and the pitch also influence the result of a cricket match. Together with the weather, the type of surface is another critical factor to consider. Even though the pitch will not be exactly the same the following year, certain wickets tend to be the same due to the soil or grass type. So specific grounds can be traditionally slow making batting easy during a Test match. Other grounds are better for faster bowlers as they are harder and do deliver a certain pace. 

The Toss

In cricket, the flip of a coin can have a significant impact on the result of a Test Match, ODI or T20 match. By having the opportunity to bat first and set up a big score, a team can take out the chance for the opposition to win. In other situations losing a toss could be good. This is when a captain is not sure how a pitch will play (due to live green grass or overhead cloud cover). 

Form of Teams & Players

Similarly to any other sports you should research how a team and their best players are performing. This will give you further insights and help you make a sound betting decision. 

In Play Value

Cricket in-play market tend to over-react to things that are happening during the match. This offers the opportunity, in certain situations, of capitalising on big odds movements during the game. Especially during long Test matches, punters can take advantage of the volatility of odds. After all five days is a long time for a team to keep a consistent focus, and there are twists and turns in every match. 

6 – Cricket Betting Spreadsheet

As for other sports, you must keep track of your cricket bets. In this way, you will be learning from your mistakes and improve your cricket betting strategy overtime. 

7 – Open Several Bookmakers Accounts for Cricket Betting

It is always suggested to have a range of betting accounts with the top bookmakers when betting on cricket. In this way, you will have access to a wider range of betting markets and ultimately have more opportunities. In addition to that, you will be able to pick, for every single bet, the bookmaker that has the best odds for the selection you have chosen.

By doing this consistently, you will increase your earnings from your betting activities. When signing up to a new betting site ensure you are getting the best possible welcome bonus. To do so check our dedicated free bets section. When the sign-up offer is over, always check for loyalty offers that top bookmakers are giving out to their customers. This extra value will help you over time to become a successful cricket punter.