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Boxing, MMA, UFC Betting Tips & Predictions

Want to bet on Boxing or MMA/UFC this weekend, and you want to get the best tips, odds and analysis from our experts? You are on the right page. BettingTips4You.com features the biggest Boxing and MMA/UFC bouts with the latest odds and betting offers from the top bookmakers in the UK. Simply scroll below, and you will find the latest betting tips and predictions on the latest fights. Enjoy your boxing/MMA betting and good luck!

When Are Your Boxing/MMA Tips Posted?

Differently from other sports like darts or cricket, boxing doesn’t have a firm calendar as bouts are agreed between the WBO, WBA, WBC and other organisations. The majority of fights, however, tend to happen during the weekend and we usually update our boxing betting tips page at least by the Thursday before. This includes our full analysis and will give you plenty of time to place your boxing bets at the best possible odds.

Predictions for Boxing/MMA Title Fights

There are lots of different weight classes in boxing, and for this reason, we usually have at least one major title fight every single month of the year. Some fights will attract a lot more attention than others. For those, we will offer a vast range of betting predictions to cover several betting markets and also best betting offers and free bets as they become available.

Regardless if you only bet on boxing when Anthony Joshua is around or if you follow every boxing weight division every weekend, you will find in our boxing betting tips all you need to make the most of the opportunities. Even though boxing tips will be fewer compared with football tips, you will find plenty here to suit all your needs.

Boxing Predictions for Major Boxing/MMA Events

Every time there is a major boxing event, you can count on our boxing tips. We are covering all the biggest fighters like Anthony Joshua, George Groves, Deontay Wilder, Gennady Golovkin and many more.

Tips for Undercard Fights

When there are big boxing fights, there are also lots of undercard fights which do offer additional betting opportunities and great entertainment for viewers. In these fights are involved up and coming boxing stars and with some excellent research, there are great opportunities to get great value from betting sites. Our tipsters are tasked and have vast experience in doing so, and the results have been great in the recent past.

Weekly Boxing/MMA Tips

At BettingTips4you.com we always prioritise quality over quantity. We might not give boxing tips every single week, but you can be sure that we will post boxing tips when there are excellent opportunities to beat bookmakers. Even if there might not be headline bout every single weekend, there are lots of other boxing events and opportunities. For this reason, you should always check this page to ensure you are not missing out anything. Don’t assume that just because there isn’t a huge bout, there won’t be great boxing tips available.

The Top Boxing Betting Odds

Our tipsters don’t just give you excellent boxing tips and analysis. They go well above and beyond to help you make the most of your boxing bets. For instance, they also point you towards the bookmakers that are offering the best odds for the selections given. In this way, you will ensure the maximum possible payout if our tips will be correct. Betting with very good odds is very important and can well make the difference between a losing and winning punter over time. So all you need to do is just visiting our boxing betting tips pages. In our analysis, you will also be pointed towards the best value odds available.

In addition to this, make sure you also visit our Free Bets page where you will find plenty of bonus deals for new customers. By taking advantage of those offers, you will extract even more value from our boxing tips.

Boxing Betting Predictions Guide: How to bet on Boxing/MMA?

Boxing is one of the most popular sport to bet on. One of the reason is that bookmakers are offering a considerable number of betting markets for every significant fight but also for the big domestic bust-ups. The big selection of markets available gives you plenty of opportunities to get an edge over the bookies, especially if you come prepared. Here at BettingTips4You.com you will find the best boxing betting tips on several markets. Let’s take a look at what those are in more details.

Method Of Victory

This market is pretty straightforward as you just need to predict who is going to be the winner of the fight. In some cases, this market is not valuable, especially if there is a strong favourite. We suggest betting on the method of victory in those bouts where there is uncertainty on the winner. In this case, if you can make the right call, you can find very valuable odds as bookmakers are competing with each other in this popular betting market.

Total Rounds

The Total Rounds market allows punters to predict how many rounds the fight will last. For instance, if you are backing Joshua to win in three last three rounds, you could back the Over 8.5 Total Rounds which might be priced at 11/8. In this case, regardless of who will win the fight, you will get a return if the bout will last at least 9 rounds. There is great flexibility in this betting market as it covers every round from 1.5 Total Rounds up to 10.5 Total Rounds. Lots of options.

Round Betting

This is a very popular way to bet on combat sports. Here you have to predict on which round the fight will end. Surely it is more difficult to win, but the odds are very high, and sometimes it is possible to have some indications on when the fight will end. This is especially true when there is a strong favourite. If you are looking for a bang, this is the market for you.

Round Group Betting

Some bookmakers will make things a bit easier for you by grouping together three rounds at a time. Obviously, the odds will be lower, but the possibilities to win will be higher. It is entirely up to you which one is most suited to your boxing betting style. So, for instance, you can bet that the fight will end between Rounds 7 to 12, 10 to 12 etc. Even if the price is shorter, there are great opportunities to make an excellent return with a winning bet from this market. We will highlight those kinds of opportunities on our boxing betting tips articles.

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