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Biggest Betting Companies: A Guide

It would be very easy to simply list the biggest betting companies currently operating on the internet but probably a pointless exercise. The big, well-known operators such as William Hill, Coral, Ladbroke, Bet365 and Paddy Power would obviously figure prominently in any top twenty list but other firms like Betfair, Marathon, Skybet, BetVictor and a host of others could also lay claim to an honourable mention as being among the biggest betting companies. The real questions, and the answers that matter, are which are the best of the biggest betting companies and what can they offer their clients.

Does Biggest Mean Best?

It ain’t necessarily so! While the biggest betting companies have attained their status due to being highly competitive and honest in their dealings with account holders there are a number of relative newcomers that are also worth checking out.

Can I Trust Smaller Betting Companies?

As a general rule, smaller betting companies and newcomers to the marketplace can be trusted but it is something that should be checked first. If the company is a complete newcomer that you have never heard of then online reviews should be consulted first before even considering opening an account and passing over personal and financial details.

So, the Biggest Betting Companies Can Be Trusted?

The biggest gambling companies turn over millions (if not billions) of pounds each year and are not going to jeopardise their market share by cheating even one customer out of a few pounds. Bad publicity is highly damaging and bad word spreads quickly. So, yes! The biggest betting websites can be trusted.

Should I Only Consider Joining the Biggest Betting Companies?

If this is the first time to register an online betting account it is probably best to stick with tried, tested and reputable gambling companies. Over time, as you become more familiar with what to expect or get a good recommendation from a trusted source, you can move on and either move to another gambling website or open additional accounts with other betting companies to get more value for your money.


The biggest betting companies are not necessarily the best but they have earned their place at the top of the heap for good reasons. The biggest players can generally offer better promotions or signing-on bonuses which make them a very attractive proposition for online gamblers. While no gambling website can be dismissed out of hand, the biggest betting companies are tried and tested over a long period of time and always a good starting point for those gamblers new to online betting.