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Betting Offers for New Customers

Betting Offers for New Customers

In an ongoing effort to attract new business, most (in fact almost all) online betting sites offer all sorts of promotions and betting offers for new customers. These range in value and can cover a multitude of sports and betting markets. Some are good, some bad, and some downright ugly.

Are There Good Betting Offers for New Customers?

Most definitely! When thinking about opening a new online betting account it is probably best to stick with the bigger and better known sportsbooks as you can be almost 100% certain the offers are genuine. That’s not to say that smaller companies or newcomers should be totally discounted as everybody has to start somewhere and there is also value to be had here but always research unknown sports betting sites carefully.

Which Gambling Websites Have the Best Betting Offers?

The answer to that question can vary from day to day. In general, the best betting offer totally depends on your preferred betting medium and whether the offer suits your needs or not. There isn’t much point in receiving an offer of free football bets if you know little or nothing about the sport. Also, the best betting offer today could easily be surpassed by a rival sportsbook tomorrow so luck and timing also play a big part in getting the best offer.

What Should I Be Wary of When Looking for a Good Betting Offer?

Simple is Best! Promotions and betting offers for new customers should be easy to understand and easy to use. Some companies make the terms and conditions for betting offers almost impossible to understand and hard to use. Minimum stakes requirements and bet rollovers can be complicated and may not be worth the effort required to take advantage of the betting offer. Look for simple and clear betting offers with instructions that don’t need a lawyer to unravel.

Should I Read the Terms and Conditions?

Yes! Definitely! Always read the T’s & C’s and be sure you fully understand the rules governing your betting offer or promotion. These should be written in plain English and easy to understand. If you cannot understand exactly what you are supposed to do and what benefit the betting offer is to you then it’s probably best to look elsewhere. Never sign up to a new account to avail of a betting offer that might turn around and bite you in the backside.


Betting offers for new customers are offered to attract new customers and most are designed to be uncomplicated simple to use. The sportsbook company doesn’t want to lose any potential new business by offering poorly explained or overly complicated methods of use. The trick is to do a bit of research and select the betting offer that best suits you. This may not be the one that offers the biggest amount of money or free bets but it should be the one that gives you the best chance of making a small profit to boost your new customer account.