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Betfair Exchange: What Is Arbing and Matched Betting?

Betfair Exchange Arbing And Matched Betting - Betfair Exchange: What Is Arbing and Matched Betting?

The majority of punters use the Betfair Exchange for the popular functionalities like the ability to lay and the possibility to trade odds and potentially lock in a profit. Some other punters are using the Betfair Exchange for doing Arbing and Matched betting. 

What Is BettingTip4You.com Stands On Arbing And Matched Betting?

Given that this is a rather controversial subject, we immediately want to clarify what is BettingTips4You.com stands. Both Arbing and Matched Betting in our opinion are rather short-lived strategies and cannot be sustained long term to make consistent profits. Also, despite being normally advertised as without risks, in reality, they do have risks associated even if at first glance might not seem the case. 

What is Arbing?

Arbing is taking advantage of the variation in odds that might happen between different bookmakers. In theory, it doesn’t have to involve the Betfair Exchange, but in reality, since the odds are normally higher in the Exchange, there tend to be more opportunities that do include the Exchange. It is also a lot easier in terms of execution as you can back one outcome with a bookie and lay the same outcome on the Exchange. 

The concept of Arbing is pretty simple but let’s do an example to understand it better. Let’s say you find a betting site that is offering odds of 3.0 for Arsenal to beat Manchester City. On the exchange, you find that you can lay Arsenal at 2.60. That is obviously a good opportunity as you can back Arsenal with the bookmaker and lay it with the Exchange. In this case, you are locking the profit regardless of what will be the outcome. 

Is arbing legal?

Since it looks like an easy way to make money, many people do believe that there is some grey area around arbing. In reality, is 100% legal as you are just taking advantage of market variations. Having said that, bookmakers terms and conditions are clearly stating that if you are suspect of arbing, you can get your account suspended or limited. This is why here at BettingTips4You.com we believe it has more risks than benefits over the long run. 

How can you make money arbing?

Arbing takes lots of patience to find the right opportunities. You would also need to have a very good discipline to avoid the temptation of strictly gambling. It is very helpful to have a big bankroll so that you can take advantage of more opportunities. It goes without saying that the bigger is your stake and the bigger will be the end profits. 

On the other way, the more you will bet the more is the chance that a bookmaker will suspend or limit your account. Another risk is losing income due to miscalculation or misclick, which can cost you hundreds of pounds. Remember that even if in a different form you are still gambling, and you have to do it responsibly and never bet money you can’t afford to lose. 

What is Matched Betting

Matched betting is similar to arbing, but this time you are focusing on taking advantage of the many bookmakers’ welcome offers that are out there. With a matched betting strategy, you can effectively lock in a guaranteed profit. 

For instance, you sign up to a bookmaker and you place a qualifying bet and lay this one on the Exchange. At this point, you receive the free bet and you can do the same process to lock a profit. For instance, you sign up to Ladbrokes below and do some matched betting to get some advantage of their generous Bet £5, Get £20 offer. 

  1. You open a new account with Ladbrokes and make the first deposit of at least £5. 
  2. You place a £5 bet at odds of at least 1/2 on Ladbrokes, and then you lay the same result on the Betfair Exchange. In doing so, you try to get odds which are as close as possible. Unless you are finding an arb, you will make a small loss on this initial bet. 
  3. Once the bet has settled, you will be getting the 4 x £5 free bets in your Ladbrokes account. 
  4. You then repeat Step 2 with every one of the free bets by laying an amount that will give you a profit regardless of the outcome. 

If you find odds which are pretty similar together and also you are careful to your lay stake, you can get a £15 profit from these Ladbrokes free bets. Surely it is not bad for an hour’s work, the downside is that once the new customers’ offers are over, it does take a considerable amount of time to make a consistent profit from existing customers offers. This makes Matched Betting once again a very short-sighted profit strategy.