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Betfair Exchange: Basic Trading Guide

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In other sections of the Betting Guide we have seen some of the aspects of the Betfair Exchange. But what are the strategies that you can use to make a profit? Below we will show you a couple of popular strategies that are very popular amongst traders to exploit the benefits of the Exchange.

Lay the Draw Trading on Betfair Exchange

This is one of the most popular strategies for Betfair exchange. It is controversial if it is still profitable or not, but surely it is interesting and worth taking a closer look. As with everything linked to trading, patience is very important in lay trading. You would have to be able to wait for the right game and the right time. Jumping immediately on any situation can seriously backfire and burn your budget. 

What is Lay Betting? 

Lay betting is placing a wager that something won’t happen. For instance, if you lay a draw, this means that you are betting that a draw won’t happen. Let’s do an example to make things clearer.

Let’s imagine you have placed a £10 lay on the draw which is available at odds of 3.95. In this scenario, your liability will be £29.50. This is how much you are going to lose if the match ends with a draw. Let’s pretend that the home side has won 3-0. In this case, you get £10 profit!

In some cases, teams tend to draw towards the end of the match. To cover this scenario, you have the opportunity to cash out. Let’s do another example. Imagine the home side is holding an early lead. The odds on the draw would have increased significantly. By using cash out we can lock a profit. We click that button and secure the amount regardless of what will happen afterwards. 

But what are the most important things to look for when laying the draw? 

The most important thing is to check what is liquidity in the market. A market with big liquidity is likely to match our bets. To make a profit in the long run, you would have to do some research to figure out what are the matches that have a high chance of scoring plenty of goals. Here at BettingTips4You.com, you will find plenty of stats and analysis across most games in our betting tips section. Every article is completely free, so it is a valuable resource when researching matches. Our tips and analysis are written by experts and will save you plenty of time. 

Picking a match that has goals means that you will have situations during the game where a team has a substantial lead at some point. This means that our cash-out value will be higher. Trading on the exchange means that we are looking to maximise the possibility of profit. 

Our Over 2.50 section is another one that can be really useful when trading on Betfair exchange. It is updated every couple of days with a new article so make sure you bookmark that page and check it before starting any Betfair trading. 

Being a successful trader, it doesn’t mean that you will win every time. It means that you will make a profit long term and being capable of overcome losses which will occur from time to time. Your focus will be in winning more than losing and therefore generate a profit. 

Sometimes even the best-researched banker bet can go wrong. When this happens, what you should do?

When things don’t go in the right way, you have two options. You can either limit your loss, or you see the game through hoping that your selection will turn from a loser to a winner. Both those situations have their pros and cons, and it is ultimately down to the individual to decide which way to go. The most important thing when trading is to remember to be patient and also keep your emotions at bay. Do not just go ahead and lay the draw on the first match that you come across. 

You must do your research as this will improve your chances of being profitable over time. Also, only ever risk what you can afford to lose. Remember that even when trading, there is never guarantee money to be made. In our second part of the article, we will be looking at another possible way of making a profit on the Betfair Exchange. 

Correct Score Trading on Betfair Exchange

Correct Score - Betfair Exchange: Basic Trading Guide

In most exchange markets, we have two or three possible outcomes. For instance, when we are betting on the win, draw or lose we have three while if we bet on the under/over we have two. With the correct score market, we have 19! Surely getting it right in the Correct Score Trading is more challenging, but if you do it correctly, you can get fantastic returns. 

Predicting the correct score of a game is very challenging. For instance, how many of you would have predicted that Man City would beat Watford with an 8-0 scoreline? Not many. But one way to approach this market is to group some scorelines together. Then things become immediately more appealing. You could have expected that Man City were likely to win big against Watford and group all those types of results and still make a profit. 

The Betfair Exchange provides you with all the possible scorelines starting from 0-0 to 3-3. You can also select ‘Any Other Home Win’ and ‘Any Other Away Win’ or ‘Any Other Draw’. By backing Man City to win 3-0, 3-1 and ‘Any Other Home Win’ you could have made an exciting profit and even lock the profit before the end of the match by using the cash-out functionality. Surely, after the first few Man City goals, your cash out position would have looked rather interesting. Selecting a group of correct scores based on what you expect it will happen during the game will give you a bigger chance of finding the correct score and turn this into a profit. 

Half Time Correct Score

Another way of using the Correct Score markets to trade is to look at half time correct score. In this case, you will find 10 different options on Betfair Exchange. Even though odds will not be as high as the Correct Score full-time market, the chances of winning are significantly higher. Another way is to trade on the second half-correct score. This is, however, more difficult as it is more unpredictable with teams that get desperate to score before the end of the match and players that start to get tired. 

What should you look when predicting a correct score?

Several things can give you insights when predicting the correct score. For instance, the recent form of the teams and their key players is a good indication. Head to head results between the two clubs can also provide useful trends. Another thing to consider is the starting line ups for the two sides and the motivations. For instance, if Man City are missing several top players like de Bruyne are probably less likely to create the same numbers of goals opportunities. If Liverpool is missing van Dijk they are more likely to concede a goal and so on. All those things will have an impact on the final result so you should take them into account when deciding your correct score trade. 

In conclusion, we can say that trading on betting exchange has lots of potentials and is a different way to gamble. There are, of course, risks associated with it, so it is important that you have a clear mind and that you are sticking with your strategy. Always gamble responsibly and never bet what you cannot afford to lose.