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Best Site for Sports Betting: A Guide

Ask a dozen different people to name the best site for sports betting and you will probably get a dozen different answers. The best site is the one that suits your needs while offering good odds and decent promotions and offers to customers. There are, however, several things you should look out for when looking for your personal best site for sports betting.

What Sports are Covered?

There’s not much point in opening an account with a sportsbook that doesn’t cover your favourite sport and cover it well. If, for example, American football is a personal favourite and you can use your knowledge to your advantage it would be pointless to sign up with an online gambling site that pays little or no attention to the sport.

How Well is Your Favourite Sport Covered?

Most UK-based gambling websites have extensive markets for football and horse racing but sometimes less “mainstream” sports are paid little regard. Without having to open an account it is quite simple to go to any sportsbook and see exactly what sports feature regularly and if your particular favourite is well represented in terms of events and markets.

What Odds Are on Offer?

Having determined which site covers your preferred sports at least reasonably well it is time to narrow the field. The most important factor in successful betting is getting the best odds you can on any event or result. Check the websites you are interested in on one of the many odds-checking websites to see if the company regularly offers the best (or worst) odds on sporting events. It only makes common sense to ignore a bet at 2/1 when you can easily get 5/2 or better elsewhere.

Has the Site Got a Solid Reputation?

Before you register an account with any gambling website and give out your personal details, make sure that the site has been up and running for a number of years and has built a good reputation for honesty and integrity. Admittedly, every site has to start somewhere and most are totally honest and above board but why take unnecessary risks?


To state the obvious, the best site for sports betting is the one that fulfils your needs and offers the best (or at least competitive) odds on events. It is often the case that one site offers great odds but poor coverage of your favourite sport while the exact opposite may be true of another sportsbook and, for this reason, the best site for sports betting may actually be a combination of two or more different sites.