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Best Free Online Betting Offers

Best Free Online Betting Offers

Any free offer is usually worth having and that applies to online betting offers in spades. In an effort to attract (and keep) new customers many gambling websites offer incentives such as FREE BETS or DEPOSIT BONUSES. The value of these offers vary widely from sportsbook to sportsbook and it might take a little research to determine which are the BEST free online betting offers.

What Are the Most Common FREE Online Betting Offers?

The marketing people are always trying to come up with different betting offers that they believe will attract new customers but with varying degrees of success. Some of the newer promotional offers will appeal to a niche market such as lovers of bingo or slot machines but there are always the standard football offerings of:

  • Bore Draw – Money Back. An insurance against your fancied team struggling to break down a stubborn defence – sound familiar to Liverpool fans? Should this prove to be the case then the sportsbook will refund your original stake money although usually in the form of a free bet rather than a cash refund.
  • Accumulator Bonus. Fairly standard nowadays with the major sporting websites is a bonus payable on a winning accumulator. This usually must comprise of four selections at a minimum but can go as high as ten and more. The bonus payable can range from 5% right up to 100% depending on the site’s terms and conditions.
  • Acca Insurance. How often has one team or one result blown your accumulator out of the water. Too often is the usual answer! With an Acca Insurance you will get your money back if this happens but, once again, usually in the form of a free bet. Better than nothing I suppose!

These three are amongst the most common online betting offers but there are others that regularly appear on the various gambling websites and it pays to check around every few days to see what’s on offer.

Which Online Betting Offers are Best

The best free online betting offer for one person might be of little or no interest to someone else. Rather than focus on betting offers it is far more worthwhile to research the quality of the odds offered and does the sportsbook compare favourably with its competitors. One thing to look out for is the:

  • Best Odds Guarantee. Getting the best and biggest odds available on any sporting event is crucial to maximising profits. A tenner bet on a 5/1 winner is nice but so much nicer if the odds were 7/1 on a competing sportsbook and you get paid at the bigger price. Some sites now offer a Best Odds Guarantee and it can make a huge difference to your winnings.


There is no real way of knowing which are the Best Free Online Betting Offers as each will appeal to different punters. Any free online betting offer is worth checking out. However, be careful that it doesn’t come with too many complicated terms and conditions attached.