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Best Betting Offer: A Guide

Best Betting Offer: A Guide

What is the best betting offer on the web today could well be surpassed tomorrow as bookmakers update their offers constantly to outdo the competition. However, some of the best betting offers appear regularly and can generally be found in some form or another on most betting websites.

What Betting Offers are most Common?

Round up the usual suspects! There cannot be many betting sites that don’t have a few betting offers in common. Football is a favourite platform for betting offers and the following (or variations thereof) can usually be found:

  • Accumulator Insurance. If one leg of a football accumulator lets you down, the bookmaker will return your original stake money as a free bet. Sometimes this applies to a minimum of four selections in the acca but can be five or even six depending on the sports selected and the individual bookmaker’s terms and conditions.
  • Accumulator Bonus. Another popular betting offer is an accumulator bonus where a percentage bonus, ranging from 5% to 100%, is paid on the winnings.
  • Bore Draw Money Back. A newcomer on the scene but one of the best betting offers is the “Bore Draw Money Back” whereby your stake money is refunded if a match ends in a scoreless draw.

These are just a few of the most common betting offers usually on offer but there are many more to be found for most sports and in most betting markets.

Which Are the Best Betting Offers?

The answer to that question depends largely on which sport you prefer to place bets. However, two offers that deserve attention are to be found in horse and greyhound markets and, occasionally, football and other sports.

  • Best Odds Guarantee. Whether you back a winning horse or dog it is nice to know that you are getting the best odds. A best odds guarantee does exactly that as if the odds on your selection go up or down between placing the bet and the result is declared you will receive the higher odds available.
  • Price Promise. Similar to the best odds guarantee, the bookmaker promiseS to match the best odds available with other firms so you get the best value for your money. This offer is not all that common but is worth looking for when choosing where to place your bets.


Pretty much any betting offer is the best if it suits your needs and increases your chances of winning or boosts your profit. The Best Odds Guarantee and Price Promise offers are probably the best two as you know you are getting the best odds available but these are not standard offers and have to be grabbed when they appear.