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Asian Handicaps Betting Guide

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Asian Handicaps Betting

Asian handicaps are a popular type of football betting market. As the names indicate, it is initially coming from the Far East, but it is now widely offered by all the major UK bookmakers. Even if Asian Handicap betting might be initially a bit confusing for beginner punters, it is, in fact, a very straightforward concept.

Asian Handicap Explained

The main aim of Asian handicap betting is to get rid of the draw from the final outcome of a football match. To do so a handicap is applied to one of the two teams in a match. Doing so means that for the purpose of the bet it is not possible to have a draw. The bet will either be a winning one or a losing one. The way this is done is by applying a goal or more handicap to the team that is the favourite to win the match. So for instance, they will have to win by more than a certain number of goals which are stated in the handicap. The perceived probability of the favourite would determine the number of goals handicap that will be assigned to the favourite.

Asian Handicap Example

To get this concept clear, let’s make an example. Let’s say that Manchester United are facing Watford at home. Bookmakers will expect the Citizens to win this match comfortably. In the Asian handicap betting, the betting site will give Watford a +2 goal start. This means that Manchester City would need to win by three or more goals for the backers of Man City handicap bet to get a return. For those who have backed Watford to win with a +2 advantage, a return will be given if City will fail to win by two or more goals (for instance a Watford defeat by 2-1 would be enough for them to win the bet). If Manchester City wins by 2 goals, then the stakes will be refunded.

One main attraction of all Asian handicap markets is that odds are always close to even money for both teams. This is particularly appealing to those punters that want to back the favourites but are not incentivised by very skinny odds.

A variation of the Asian handicap is the double handicap. In this case, the bet is split into two parts. For instance, you can have Tottenham (-1/2, -1) v West Ham (+1/2, +1). If the game is ending 2-1 for Spurs, backed of Tottenham would get 50% of their sake back. West Ham backers would get a full stake and also half of the stake as profit. In case the handicap has been wholly cleared then the bet would be either a complete win or a total loss.

Recommended Asian Handicap Bookmakers

Before betting on Asian Handicaps make sure you fully understand the mechanics, and you have done some tests with small stakes. Once you have acquired some experience, you will find that this is a brilliant alternative to traditional football betting markets. Bookmakers like William Hill, BetVictor and Coral all are offering plenty of Asian handicap betting not only on football but also on other sports. In addition to that, you will also find some useful betting guides on who much you could win or lose based on the stake you are planning to bet.