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American Football Odds

In the last few years, the popularity of American Football has significantly increased in the UK. This has been achieved with the increase in coverage that the sport is getting from mainstream TV channels like Sky Sports and Channel 5. Lots of fans are now following the NFL season. The demand has grown to the point that in the UK there has been at least one regular-season game played at a London Stadium since 2007. More and more people are betting on the NFL, and you can find all most important odds and tips on our dedicated pages:

NFL Odds
Super Bowl Odds

When is the NFL season?

The NFL season is running from September to January. The most important and decisive game is the Super Bowl. This match is contested between the best team of each of the NFL’s two conferences (the NFC and the AFC). 

When are NFL regular games on Sunday?

Most games are taking place on Sunday afternoon in the US. In the UK you will be able to see at least three games every week and, considering the time difference with the States, are shown on Sunday evenings. The first of the three NFL encounters is starting at 6 pm UK time, the second is at 9:15 pm and the last one is at 1:20 UK time (Monday morning). You will be able to see the first two Sunday games live on Sky Sports with the late game that is usually on Channel 4. On ESPN you will also find ‘Monday night football’. This program is running every week during the season and is broadcasted in the early hours of Tuesday morning in the UK. 

From middle November games are also shown live every Thursday and also some Saturday nights. All the play-offs games and the Superbowl are live for the pleasure of all British and European American Football fans. 

Why NFL is so attractive to UK sports fans? 

The majority of UK fans is finding this sport to be strategic and tactical. This, coupled with the athleticism of the players and excitement of ‘big games’ have hooked to this sport lots of UK sports fans. 

Popular NFL Bets

Considering the growing popularity of American Football in the UK, British bookmakers have significantly increased the number of available betting opportunities. Similarly to football matches, you can bet almost on every aspect of an American Football game. The most popular type of bets, however, are the handicap bet, total points betting and of course accumulators.

Handicap Betting

Similarly to other major American sports, the overtime ensures that virtually every NFL match will end with a win or a defeat. In the betting, you will not find a draw or tie as a possible option. Since only one of the two teams can win, things are a bit more straightforward from a betting point of view. Usually, there is a strong favourite in NFL regular-season encounters.

For this reason, lots of punters are going for handicap betting. In this type of bet, the underdogs receive a given number of points. If you are backing the favourite team to win, he would have to overcome that gap. 

Points Betting

Another very popular type of American Football bet is the number of points that are scored by one or both teams in the game. American football is divided into two very distinct units: defence and offence. Some teams are famous for scoring big while others to have a solid defence. Punters that are following stats can find good opportunities when betting on this NFL market. For instance, the number of points are expected to be greater when two teams that are particularly strong in offence meet each other and the other way around. 

NFL Accumulators

The majority of the regular season games are played on Sundays in the NFL. This allows for many accumulators opportunities with fans that are backing multiple selections to win. American Football lands itself particularly well to accumulators with punters that can follow their selections throughout the Sunday. 

If you are new to NFL and American Football, we suggest that you spend some time to assess the best teams. It is also useful to understand how the game dynamics operate before placing a bet on this sport. Once you understand the rules and how the sport is working, you can get great entertainment by betting on American Football.

2019 NFL Super Bowl Winner Odds

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Latest NFL Betting Tips

How To Bet On American Football: Betting Strategies

If you want to get consistent profits coming in, you have to know that American football is one of the most difficult sports to achieve that. The NFL and NCAA season are very brief, and with players moving teams every year, it is very tough to establish team potentials. 

Having said that, there are still several punters who managed to get consistent profits by betting on the NFL and NCAA. We have a team of experts that have been betting on American Football for years and have provided their suggestions on how you can increase your chances of being one of the few American football punters that will end the season with a profit. 

1. Bet Only When There Is Value

This is important for any sport and surely does apply to American Football. If you are betting on the NFL or NCAA without looking at value, you are going to lose money in the long run. 

2. Be Prepared To Learn

Understanding American football and understanding how to bet on American football are different things. Surely a deep knowledge of the sport will help and will be the first step of creating a successful American football betting strategy. You need, however, go through a learning process. Only with experience, you will see what the opportunities on the different NFL and NCAA betting markets are. This will help significantly in finding an edge. 

3. Understanding American Football Markets

You might well be able to determine if a particular NFL game is likely to be a high scoring contest. This is great, but it is different from deciding how valuable are the odds the bookmakers are offering you. Lots of punters are approaching American football betting thinking that they know it all and that they will never lose. This usually ends up in tears! One thing is talking about sports knowledge another thing is being able to get a consistent profit from your American football betting. So be prepared that there will be set-back and be humble enough to learn from those. 

4. Start By Betting The Teams You Know

One thing we suggest is that you start betting on the teams that you know better. Surely over time, your aim should be to cover the entire NFL and the NCAA to ensure you have wider betting opportunities. Especially if you are new to American football betting, it is best to narrow down the opportunities. Starting with the team’s you are most familiar with is a logical first step. 

5. Bet The Markets You Know

The most popular American football betting markets out there are Point spreads, Moneylines and Point Totals. Surely there are lots more available, but the majority of American football bettors tend to focus on at least one of the above markets. They are the most requested so you will also get better odds with bookmakers that are competing with each other.

One thing you need to know is that the most successful NFL and NCAA bettors tend to focus on one, maximum two betting markets. You want to become a specialist and find an edge. For this reason, do not spread yourself too thin. 

6. Betting Stake Management

Like any other betting activities, you have to be able to manage your betting budget. You have to know how much to stake on a single bet taking emotions out of the equation. To stand a chance to make a consistent return, you have to be very serious about managing your budget. If you bet randomly just following your ‘gut instinct’ you will be in a very risky situation. You will need to be prepared to go through losing streaks and still have a decent bank to move forward.

7. Keep A Record Of Your Betting

If you are serious about betting, regardless if you just bet on the NFL, NCAA or any other American football league, it is important to keep a record of your bets. You will need to learn from your mistakes, and without having a system to record what you are doing, it will be challenging to improve over time. Reviewing your bet history is a vital part of the process of improving your future betting returns. You will have immediate visibility of what is working and what it doesn’t and use those insights to make better predictions.

8. Assess Team Performance Accurately

To identify the betting value, you have to be capable of assessing teams performances. Unfortunately, this is not easy to do as you are competing against bookmakers that have the best analytical tools and have a team of experts at their disposal. The good news is that bookmakers are not always right. Over a season they might well underestimate or overestimate two or even three NFL teams. This is where your edge is. If you can spot those ‘errors’, you will be profitable.

9. Bet Against Favourites

As we have said earlier, the key to have success betting on American football is to identify value betting opportunities. Bookmakers odds are normally skewed towards favourites as those are the teams that most people are backing. Odds on favourites are usually shortened not because of analysis but because the ‘casual punters’ are betting on those lines. Being able to identify this will give you an edge, so betting against the favourites is a strategy that can be used successfully in many cases.

10. Have Several Bookmaker Accounts For Betting

Maybe betting with the same bookmaker on American football will be convenient but in terms of value, it will not be. If you are looking to be a successful NFL or NCAA bettor, you have to have at least three accounts to use for your American football betting. The reason for this is that you will be able to flexibly use the bookmaker that is providing you with the best odds. You can pick the most valuable bookmaker bet by bet ensuring your return will always be the best it can be. Over time the difference of betting with the same bookmaker or to pick and choose the best odds will be significant. It can well be the difference between being a successful American Football punter and a losing one. 

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