£25 to £1,000 Challenge

One of the most popular games among punters is to start betting with small, fixed amount of money and turn it into the huge pile of profit by successfully predicting ten or fifteen consecutive bets. It is definitely not an easy task, so the best idea is to focus on placing bets with very high chances of winning. Our team of writers and sports experts will be working on new £25 to £1,000 Challenge project and hopefully we will see the first winner very soon! So, we will be placing £25 bet and all winnings will be used for the next bet until we reach £1,000

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The best strategy for £25 to £1,000 challenge?

There is no such thing like the best strategy to make £1,000 easily. The majority of punters are starting the challenge by placing bets on low, 1/10 to 2/5 odds on events with very low chances of letting us down. For example, if we place a bet of £25 on 1/5 odds and our bet is successful, we are getting a return of £30. After that, we are searching for next “safe” bet and place the £30 bet. Consecutive winnings will eventually take us to the goal of £1,000

How many bets do we need to reach the goal?

This heavily depends on the offer, but you will need around 20 consecutive winners at 1/5 odds to reach £1,000. Our recommendation is to bookmark this section and join us in this exciting challenge. Hopefully we will be celebrating huge profit before the end of 2016.

Tips & results will be updated daily

Our picks will be posted in this section every second day. For example, you can find our Monday picks in this section, while on Tuesday we will make an update what happened day before and post the bets for Wednesday.

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